Reviews of The Best Led Grow Lights For Cannabis

Reviews Of The Best LED Grow Lights

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights: Which Is The Best?

Best Grow Lights

The following are reviews for the best, beginner friendly, cheap LED grow lights, and the the best lights on the market. To be on this list, and be considered the best, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Cost: Cheap LED  lights for weed will cost less than $370 and the best on the market will be more than $370.
  • High Ratings: Amazon reviews should, at the time of this review, be at least four out of five stars. However, the majority  reviewed will have 4.2 stars or more.
  • Full Spectrum: Full spectrum are the best lights for beginners as  they allow you to cultivate marijuana or other plants without needing to use specialized lighting. This simplicity can be quite important for newbies.  For further info on the value of full spectrum bulbs, click the following: Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • Growth Stages:  Many LED lights work best in either vegetation or flower mode, and some are superior in either veg or flower mode. The best, all around  work well in all stages of growth.  Be aware, most full spectrum LED light manufacturers, claim to work well for all growth stages.  However,  many top, LED grow lights fall short in that they only work well in either the vegetation or flowering growth stages.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, click the following: LED Cannabis Grow Lights And The Stages Of Growth

Concerning Quality

Sometimes the reason for poor reviews are because of unreasonable customer demand, and that irrational people tend to be vindictive.  Additionally, a defect could be a fluke or the fault of shipping. To take the above into account, I will note trends, and if a complaint is uncommon but noteworthy, I will be sure to mention it in my review.  The products that are reviewed here are all highly rated and have very few one or two-star reviews.  Additionally, I will mainly review the top-rated LED grow lights that a consumer or hobbyist grower (who only wants to  could likely afford.  All of these products have excellent reviews. As a result, it can tough to choose the best grow light for you.   Therefore, I’m going to be nitpicky; so, I can help you choose the best LED  light for your particular situation.

When it comes to cost, if you are a hobbyist grower (who is only planting a few plants) the price difference between a so-called, cheap lamp for weed and the top Chinese made LED grow lights only amounts to a little over $100. The significant added expense occurs when you have to buy multiple ones. So, if a more expensive light suits you better, you should consider paying the extra money because in the long run $100+ isn’t much to pay if it will result in you having a better cannabis yield.

Our Expert Reviews Of The

Best LED Grow Lights






Coverage Area




(Price Not A Factor)

Advanced Platinum Series P300

Click Image For BEST Price

400 Watts4.5’x 3.8”$$$$BEST  For The Money-Buy It, If You Can Afford It, And If It Covers Your Growth Area1


Click Image For More Info

2000W7.8′ x 7.5′$$$Best For Large Growing Areas and Limited Budgets4


Click Image For BEST Price

300W2′ x 2′$$Multiple Complaints Concerning That The Galaxy Is Only Good For Flowering7

King Plus 3000w

Click Image For BEST PRICE

3000W7’8” x 8’

Best Growth Coverage


King Plus- Not the Best


Mars Hyro Reflector 720 W

Click Image For BEST Price

720W2’.5”x 4’.5”$$$Best Value For Newbies3

G8LED-By DormGrow

Click Image For BEST Price

540W6’by 4’ for both veg and flowering$$$$$2016, 207, High Times Winner.

ONLY a two year warranty



Click Image For BEST Price

2400W6’ x 6.5’$$$Durability Problems, Low Ratings With Low Number of Reviewers6
Apollo Horticulture GL60LED

Click Image For BEST Price

180W2.5’x 2.5’$Good Light for the money. But, it is not a top  light.  However, I recently discovered a better one.   Click the following link for Info: Bloomspect 600W Led Grow Light Review5

Click Image For BEST Price

600W2.5’x 2.5’$$$Multiple Complaints Concerning That It Is Only Good For Flowering8

Cost Range


To $100










Advanced Platinum Series P300

The Advanced Platinum Series P300  (“P300”) is American Made, and is manufactured in Hawaii by PlatinumLED. It is one of the most expensive lights that I am reviewing and, compared to other, lower priced, LED lamps, it has a small growing area. However, if you have a small coverage area, and you can afford the extra cost, this is my choice for the best LED  light on the market.

If you want to save additional money or you have a small grow tent you can purchase the P150  Model.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 Led Grow LIght


  • CHIPS: United States Made, 3 Watt LED
  • Energy Savings: This lamp, can substitute for a 400-watt HPS  light with it only consuming 93 watts for vegetation and 180 watts for blooming.
  • Coverage Area: Maximum coverage is 4.5’x 3.8”.
  • Reported Life: 100,000 hours claimed.
  • Included Equipment: The Lamp is only thing listed
  • UV and IR Lighting: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty and a 90-day return guarantee

Customer Review Summary


  • Veg and Flowering: According multiple purchasers, the P300 lworks well on both veg and flowering stage of growth.  However, one reviewer specifically praised this lamp for using in flowering.
  • Five Year Warranty: This is the most extended warranty that I have seen for any LED grow lights.
  • Customer Service: Platinum LED’s customer service is praised.  I was especially impressed that a verified purchase claimed that Platinum LED replaced a lost power cord for free.
  • Quality: Reviewers raved about the overall quality of the P300, which based on Advanced Platinum’s five-year warranty, is believable.
  • Good For Home User: According to many reviewers, the P300 is the best top-of-the-line LED grow light that is affordable to a hobbyist or home grower.
  • Great For Small Spaces: Perfect for a small growing space.
  • Runs Cool: It runs very cool and uses minimal power.
  • Penetration: Exceptional light penetration
  • Certified: ETL Certified


  • Price: They are pricey, and the coverage area is quite small. So, if you are home or hobbyist grower with a large growing area, the P300 LED may not work out as you will need to purchase multiple lights.   Also, a few reviewers stated that the P300 is not worth the premium price.
  • Minimalist:The P300 LED light is missing several features (I.E., dimmers, piggybacking) that should, based on the premium price of this light, be included.
  • No Hanging Kit:  As the P300 is not  cheap, at the very least, a hanging kit and UV glasses should’ve been concluded.


The Advanced Platinum Series P300, not taking into account the price, is the best  light available for the money. It is also the most beginner friendly LED light that I’ve reviewed.  First of all, the P300 is a “true” full, 12 band, spectrum light as it works well in both the flower and vegetation growth stage for weed.  So, with the P300 you won’t need to worry about purchasing specialized lights for the veg or flower stage.

The P300’s five-year warranty, ETL certification, stellar reviews, (P300 only has 23 one-star reviews out 326 reviews and 250 five star reviews) indicates that Platinum LED’s  grow light is among the top LED lights around.

In conclusion, if you can afford this light, and have a compact growth area, the Advance Platinum series P300 is among the top grow light for money and is well worth the purchase.


4.5 out of 5 starts based upon 326 reviews

MarsHydro 720W LED

The MarsHydro Reflector 720W (”MarsHydro”) is Chinese manufactured, which based upon reviews, is our choice for the best cheap LED full spectrum grow lights for weed.


CHIPS: EPISTAR, 5 Watt ChipsLighting: Full SpectrumEnergy Savings: Replaces a 720 watts HID or MH lighting using only 350WCoverage Area: Veg- 2’.5”x4’.5”; flowering: 2’ x 4’Reported Life: 50 to 100,000 hoursIncluded Equipment: 1-Light, 1-Hanging Kit, 1-Power CordUV/IR: YesWarranty: 3 Year Warranty

Best For Beginners: Mars Hydro 720W

Customer Review Summary


  • Great beginner light
  • Good For Small Spaces:Fits perfectly in a 2’ x 4’ grow tent
  • Durable: Purchaser stated light is still running great after three years and four years
  • Great Value: Numerous reviewers have noted that the Marshydro is a great value.
  • Good Reviews: Only 29 critical review


  • No instruction manual: However, customer service is said to be quick to send instructions concerning specific settings for the various stages of growth


The MarsHydro Reflector 720W is a good choice for a newbie Marijuana gardener.  First of all, the Mars Hydro is very durable as there were very few complaints (compared to other comparable grow lights manufacturers) concerning the light bulbs dying out too soon or other quality problems.  Sure, there were a few disgruntled customers who complained about the lights dying out prematurely. However, those complaints were few and far between.  Also, many claims concerning the quality were, in my opinion, not fair as the reviewer gave a bad review even after they admitted that the problem likely occurred during shipping. Another quality indicator indicating MarsHydro is a top model is that it is ETL and CE certified, which suggests that MarsHydro is so confident in their product that they voluntarily allow their lights to be inspected by an outside organization. One legitimate criticism is that Marshydro does not supply a users manual.  This would be inexcusable. However, Marshydro has excellent customer service, and they’ll email you detailed instructions concerning the light hours for each growth stage and other helpful information. Also, the  coverage is rather small for a top LED grow light. However, the coverage is likely sufficient for a beginner.

It is best for a beginner to follow the KISS (” Keep It Simple Stupid”) rule when they are starting out. That’s why I was especially impressed that I did not see any complaints concerning the Marshydro  not working well for vegetative or for flowering. Numerous other  lights, even the highly rated ones, have multiple reviews stating that they are only were suitable for flowering or vegetation. For example, many verified purchasers complained that the VIPARSPECTRA did not work well for flowering. Of course, you can use additional lights to help with your vegetation or the flowering stage of growth, and other ones, may work better for vegetation or flowering. However, you can be confident that the Marshydro will work well for all stages of plant growth; so, you won’t have to worry about using supplemental lighting. In conclusion, you can buy better lights, but you’ll pay a lot more, as  Marshydro is among the best well rounded,  lights available in its price range.

Review Results

4.3 out of 5 Stars out of 278 reviews


The BESTVA 200W (”BESTVA”) is a Chinese manufactured, full spectrum, LED grow light that is considered to be among the best cheap grow lights for weed; yet, it offers numerous features that even some expensive, so-called, higher-end commercial grow lamps don’t provide.


  • CHIPS: 200 PCS, duel chip, 10 Watt LEDs
  • Coverage Area:  Not listed but other reviewers have claimed that it is suitable for  7.8′ by 7.5′
  • Lighting: Full spectrum, 380 to 780 , which makes it suitable for all stages of marijuana growth. Also, they claim it is engineered to strike a balance between high lumen output and coverage area.
  • Energy Saver: Replaces a 1400 watt HID lighting and only uses approximately 390 Watts, which could definitely help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Reported Life: 100,000 hours
  • Included Equipment: 1-light, 1-6’ Power Cord, 1-hanging kit (Includes an adjustable rope) and Glasses
  • Warranty: Three years, 30 day Return

Best Grow Lamps-Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light

Is the BESTVA the Best?

The Bestva 2000w In Action: Is It the BEST?

Verified Purchasers Review Summary


  • Very Bright: Verified buyers have noted that it is at least twice as bright as other popular LED  lights, like the VIPARSPECTRA 1200w.
  • Low Temperature
  • Customer Service: Buyers who have had problems have noted that BESTVA has excellent customer service.
  • Highly Praised: Some, verified purchasers, feel that the BESTVA could be the best LED grow light for the money.


  • No Timer: So, you’ll need to buy a separate timer
  • Durability: Many recent reviews, on Amazon, have complained that the LED chips prematurely burn out.
  • No Veg and Flower Switch: If you desire to exclusively use blue or red lighting during the vegetative or flowering stages while growing weed you’ll have to buy supplemental lighting.


Overall, based upon purchaser reviews, the BESTVA 2000W, is a good LED grow light. First of all, most of the reviews are glowing.  For example, some reviews mention how good of a deal this grow lamp is:

I know another gardener who paid 1800 a piece for his LED lights that are twice the size of these and they don’t put out half the light that these give off and aren’t full spectrum. A great bargain in my opinion.

Nasty B-Amazon Reviewer

What is most important though is that the majority of reviews claim that the BESTVA 2000W works best well in its number one purpose: growing weed. However, there are quite a few recent reviews, concerning the LED lights prematurely burning out. For example, a review, in December 2018, states that, after 12 to 18 months, multiple rows of LED lights burned out.  Because of Marshydro’s recent quality control complaints, it is not my choice for being the best LED grow light.

Overall, three reviewers complained, from late 2018 that the LED lights burned out quickly. The BESTVA 2000w does have a 4.6 rating with 296 reviews; (this is among the best) so, any complaints concerning its durability could just be a  fluke.  However, as these complaints happened recently, it could be a sign that BESTVA is cutting corners, which is resulting in quality problems.  However, the majority of reviews praise BESTVA’s customer service.  So, if you do have an issue, you should feel confident that they will fix your problem ASAP.

Review Results

4.4 out of 5 Stars, Based Upon 310 Customer Reviews


The Morsen 2400 LED (”Morsen”) is a Chinese LED grow light that like the BESTVA looks great on paper as it has numerous features that once were only available on expensive commercial grow lights.


  • CHIPS: 10 Watt, Double Chip, Epileds
  • Energy Savings: This lamp, according to Morsen, can substitute for a 2400 HPS grow light with it only consuming 450 Watts.
  • Coverage Area: 6’ by 6’.5”
  • Reported Life: 100,000 hours claimed.
  • Included Equipment: 1 light, 1.5-meter power cord, and 1 hook for hanging
  • Warranty: Three Year Warranty
  • UV and IR Lighting: Yes

Best Grow Lights -Morsen 2400W Grow Light

MORSEN 2400W LED Grow lamp Unboxing Video

Customer Review Summary


  • Newbie Friendly: Easy to install and detailed guidelines concerning coverage area are listed online.
  • Extremely Bright: This brightness likely results in MORSEN’s reputation for having suitable results for all stages of cannabis growth.
  • Great Overall Results: Verified purchasers state that MORSEN gives good results in both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth for weed.
  • Quiet: The fan is said to be as quiet as a laptop computer fan.
  • Amazon Fulfillment: Amazon does the shipping. So, you won’t have to wait for weeks to get your purchase.
  • Customer Service: A reviewer stated that Morsen stood by their warranty by immediately replaced a defective product after five months
  • CE Certified: This certification only allows for European commercial use. However, it does show that it is able to pass a voluntary third-party inspection.
  • Large Coverage Area: 6.5′ by 6.5 is among the largest coverage area for a LED grow light of this price.


  • Durability-The majority of complaints dealt with product failures. I.E., CHIP failures, LED chips burning out prematurely, etc.


TThe Morsen LED grow light does cost more.  However,  the  Morsen is known for getting great results from veg to flowering, and having a large coverage area at 6.5′ by 6.5′.  Durability could be an issue with the Morsen as many purchasers complained that the LED lights burned out only after around six months, and one reviewer even claimed that he used them for only four months for approximately 16 hours a day, and roughly 1/2 of the LED lights were not working. Even though there were durability complaints, the majority of purchases praised the Morsen LED grow lamp. So, these complaints could be just, the purchaser may have misused it, or they received  a lemon.  Morsen is also known for having excellent customer service.  So, if there are issues, you won’t have a problem getting a replacement LED grow light.  The Morsen is a good light.  However, based upon the durability problems, it not being certified, and the smaller amount of reviews, the Morsen 2400W is not my choice for the best LED lamp.

Review Results

4.1 out of five stars Based Upon 129 Reviews



The VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 LED is a Chinese LED grow light company that also manufacturers aquarium lighting.


  • CHIPS: Five Watts Epiled, Bridgelux Led
  • Lighting: Full spectrum
  • Energy Savings: Replaces a 600-watt HPS or MH system, while using only 274 Watts
  • Coverage Area: Veg: 3’x3’, Flower: 2.5’x 2.5
  • Reported Life: 100,000 Hours
  • Included Equipment: One-light (Hanger’s Sold Separately)
  • Warranty: Three-year warranty, 30-day refund guarantee.

Best Grow Lamps Review-VIPARSPECTRA 600W


Customer Review Summary


  • UL Certified:  Even if you don’t use it commercially, the UL certification does indicate quality and that VIPARSPECTRA is confident enough in their product to have it certified by an outside agency.
  • High:  Quality Construction
  • Installation:  Easy to set up
  • Veg Light:  Works great for the Veg mode in cannabis
  • Customer Service:  Great customer service
  • Durable:  Very few complaints concerning quality


  • Poor Penetration: Multiple complaints have noted that the VIPARSPECTRA light does not reach the lower levels of the plant.
  • Bloom Lights: The bloom light does not work well, and several users have stated that you should use both veg and bloom lights at the same time during the flowering stage for weed.
  • Coverage Area:  The coverage area is quite small.


Based upon its reviews, the VIPARSPECTRA,  is among the best LED  lights for a beginner or hobbyist grower.  You can get better grow lights.  However, you will pay up to two hundred dollars or more.


The most common complaint about Chinese  lights is that the LED chips die prematurely, and it can be a hassle (being that they’re from China) and costly to return the product. Upon looking at the reviews, I saw very few complaints about these lights dying out too soon. The VIPARSPECTRA is UL certified, and also their were very few quality complaints; therefore,  it is evident that VIPARSPECTRA is quite durable.

Common Issues

The only consistent complaints for VIPARSPECTRA are that a few purchasers felt that its coverage area was not accurate and that it did not work well for flowering. You can easily fix the coverage area complaints by buying more grow lights. Also, the claims that the VIPARSPECTRA is only good for the flowering stage of growth can be solved using the veg and flower lights at the same time during flowering or just using full spectrum throughout the entire growing cycle.  However, a beginner might find this confusing.

Overall, VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights are a good choice for a beginner or hobbyist, who is growing a few plants, and based upon its reasonable price it is a candidate for being among the best cheap LED lights available.

Review Results

4.3  Out Of 5 Stars Based  Upon 147 reviews

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED

The Apollo Horticulture GL60LED LED (”Apollo”) is definitely what would be considered as a “Cheap Grow Light for Weed” as it costs less than $100. But, even though it is cheap, it is worth buying?  Ultimately, that questions is up to you; but, through this review, I’ll give you information to make an informed decision on whether or not you should buy the Apollo.


CHIPS: 3 Watts EPISTARLighting: Full Spectrum, 6 BandsEnergy Savings: Power of 180 Watts While Using Only 109 WattsCoverage Area:Veg: 2.5’x 2.5’ Flowering: 2’x2’Reported Life: 50,000 HoursIncluded Equipment: 1 – Light, 1 – Power Cord, 1 – Set of Hanging Clips (stainless steel), 1 -Owners ManualUV/IR: Not Sure.  But, Most Likely NoWarranty: 2 Year Warranty

Apollo Horticulture Gl60led: Best Under a $100

Verified Purchasers Review Summary


  • Bang For The Buck:  Great value for the price you are paying.
  • Well built:  Composed of metal casing (many cheaper brands use plastic) and very bright light output.
  • Runs Cool: A reviewer noted that his room temperature decreased 15 degrees after he switched from CFL to the Apollo LED light.
  • Quality: Light is quite bright with a good spread.
  • Savings: Switching from CFL to the Apollo saved over 30% on the power bill.
  • Great Results:  Great results for the price paid for this grow light.


  • Customer Service: Purchaser said, when he was under warranty, half of the panels died on him, and he was unable to reach customer support. Also, other reviews noting unresponsive customer service.
  • Multiple Failures: Purchaser stated that he bought six lights and after two growing seasons only one panel is fully working.
  • Only Good For Vegetation:  Verified purchaser noted that it has mediocre, slow results when it comes to the vegging stage of growth and when used for flowering it damages his plants.
  • Not Good For Cannabis: Verified purchaser stated that his plants slowly grew and output was just “ok,” but the cannabis plants were small. However, for the flowering stage, the buds were pathetic.
  • Spectrum: The lighting spectrum was not adequate.
  • Value: Dissatisfied purchasers stated that the yield was very poor and because of this, you will save money in the long run by investing in a higher-quality product.

Safety Concerns- Apollo is not certified by any third-party, which not necessarily bad as many, well made and safe consumer products, are not certified. However, Apollo  specifically states that their grow lights should only be used, for fire safety reasons, in a ventilated greenhouse. This could just be a legal disclaimer. However, in  writing other reviews, I saw no other  similar disclaimers  for LED grow lights. So, I would be cautious using these lights outside of a grow tent or greenhouse.


The Apolo Gl60LED is the cheapest lights that I reviewed.  Therefore, it would not be fair for me to compare it to a $200+ LED model. Consequently, I am basing my review on if the Apollo can adequately  be used for all stages of plant growth.

Overall, the Apollo is a good, cheap, LED light for beginners.  I was impressed that many readers stated that, for the price, it is a great deal.  There were a few reviews made noting that the Apollo  was only good for the vegetation stage of growth.  However, the Apollo  did receive over 310 positive reviews, which I doubt would have been obtained if, as it is advertised as full spectrum, the Apollo could not be used for flowering.

Many praised Apollo’s sturdy construction.  However, there were several complaints concerning the LED chips prematurely dying out.  However, as these lights cost less than $100, you will get your money worth if you even use them for only one season.

Overall,  as the Apollo LED  lights are cheap and get the job done, they’re a decent starting point for a hobbyist or beginner grower.  However, ignoring the low price, the Apollo’s specifications are weak. I.E., 180 watts with only a three watt chip.  So, compared to other ones, using the Apollo your yield  for weed will likely be less, and it may take longer for your weed to be ready for harvest.  Therefore, if you can afford an extra $100 or so, you should consider getting another brand.  But, for a sub $100 grow light, the Apollo is among the top-rated.

Review Results

4.0 out of 5 Stars Out Of 510 Reviews

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W

The Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W (”Galaxy”) is definitely what many would consider to a be a discount  light as this particular model is less than $120 and Roleandro most expensive model is less than $40.

The Galaxy is  one of the more popular one  on Amazon. But, popularity doesn’t always mean quality. What’s especially surprising though is that, even though the Galaxy is considered to be a cheap, it has many features that are only generally seen with high-end models.

So, it begs the question: “Is the Galaxy among the best for the price?” or is the Galaxy a case of “You get what you pay for?”

I’m going to give you a short first answer that will probably not satisfy you: “It depends?” Don’t worry though; I’ll give you a better response by the end of this review.


CHIPS: Epileds 10w x 100WLighting: Full SpectrumEnergy Savings: Power of a 1,000 Watt HPS or MH with it only using approximately 400 wattsCoverage Area: 2’x2’Reported Life: 50,000 HoursIncluded Equipment: 1-light Warranty: 2 YearsU/IR Lights: Yes

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W: Best LED Grow LIghts

Customer Review Summary


  • High-End Features: The Galaxy has featured that are usually only seen on the best, higher-priced, models. I.E., 10-watt chips, dimmer, three fans, UV/IR lighting, daisy chain ability, etc.
  • Low Price-It’s among the lowest priced LED grow lamps available
  • Flowering-Numerous reviewers praised the Galaxy’s results when it came to the flowering
  • High Ratings– Only 116 negative reviews (75 Total One and Two Stars Reviews) out of 968 reviews


  • Certification:  No UL, ETL, or any third-party certification
  • Small Coverage:  Coverage area is listed at 2’ by 2’, at 24” height
  • Only Good For Flowering:Numerous reviewers (even reviewers who were positive overall) stated that the Galaxy is only good for flowering.
  • Warranty:  Only two years, which is a  short warranty for brand name LED grow lights
  • Quality: Some purchasers received faulty products, and others had issues with the Galaxy during the warranty period


The Galaxy is an acceptable purchase for a somewhat seasoned  gardener who is only growing a few plants. The Galaxy has a multitude of bells and whistles, like IR and UV lighting, which typically only the best  grow lamps have.

The 2’ x 2’ the coverage area, for the Galaxy, is quite sparse. But,  limited overage is likely all that will be needed for a first-time weed grower.  Also, with Galaxy’s daisy chain ability you’ll be able to add other LED grow lights at a later date. However, to save the hassle of having to purchase additional grow lamps you could instead purchase another grow light with a larger coverage area, for a few extra dollars.

Is The Galaxy Grow Lamp Limited To Just Flowering?

It was troubling seeing the sizable number of reviewers (even overall positive reviewers stated this) noting that the Galaxy is only good for flowering stage of growth in weed.

It needs to be pointed out that the number of complaints concerning the Galaxy not working well for the vegetative stage of growth is quite small in comparison to the nearly 1,000 reviews and Galaxy earning 4.4 out of 5 stars. Therefore, it seems logical that the Galaxy would not have received such favorable reviews if it was as bad in the vegetative stage as many reviewers have stated.

Also, as a workaround as all reviewers noted that the Galaxy was nearly perfect in the flowering stage, you can purchase supplemental lighting, quite cheaply, just for the veg state of cannabis growth and use the Galaxy for the flowering. But, if you are a beginning grower, it is best to purchase a grow light that is proven to work best in all stages of growth.

Overall, despite the multiple good reviews, I don’t recommend the Galaxy. The Galaxy initially looks like a candidate for being the “Best LED grow light for the money.” However, due to its low coverage area (2′ by 2′) and multiple complaints of it being only good for flowering,  the beginner should look elsewhere.

Review Results

4.3 out of 5 Stars out of 968 reviews

King Plus 3000W

The King Plus 3000W is made by the Chinese company KINGLED.


CHIPS: 10 Watt, Duel Chip LEDsLighting: Full spectrumEnergy Savings: Power Of A 3000 Watt HPS or MH Light Bulb Using Only 615 WattsCoverage Area: 7’8” x 8’Reported Life: 100,000 hoursIncluded Equipment: 1 Light, 1-Six Food Power Cord, 1-Hook For HangingWarranty: Three Years, With A 30 Day ReturnUV/IR:Yes

Customer Review Summary


  • Runs Cool: One verified purchaser said the fan keeps his room temperature cool as his room never went above 72 degrees.
  • Beginner Friendly: Great for a beginner grower or a grower who wants to change from HPS (Or other lighting) to LED grow lights.
  • Great Value: Some call it the best grow lamp for the price.
  • Excellent Harvest
  • Durability: A reviewer noted that he ran it for 24/7 with no issues.
  • Veg Mode:  Exceptional during the vegetation growth stage


  • Quality Control: Purchaser stated that he ordered four lights and three were defective. (To Me This Seemed Like a Potential Shipping Problem)
  • No Manual
  • Short Power Cord:  This a problem especially when you are going to need to hang the lamp
  • Safety Issues: Five verified purchasers, in their review, mentioned that it caused a short-circuit, which could have caused a fire, and two reviewers stated that a fire did happen.
  • No Certification:  CLE, UL, ETL or any other certification  is mentioned


King Plus has excellent reviews. Also, I saw zero complaints where verified purchasers have said that is only works well for flowering or vegetation. Quality complaints were also sparse and when there was an issue, King Plus’ customer service was generally praised.  However, due to safety concerns, I cannot recommend the King Plus LED.

In my previous reviews of other grow light manufacturers, I never saw anything mentioning that the respective companies products were either a danger to catch fire or that they actually did overheat and catch fire. King Plus though had numerous reviewers, from July 2017 to March 2019, stating that their was either a potential fire hazard or  that the light actually catch fire.

During that period, two purchasers reported that their King Plus actually caught on fire, and many reviewers said that if the King Plus is running more than 12+ hours a day, there could be a fire danger.

I bought light on july 24th, started using it right away on 12/12 night light cycle because my light from dimgogo started loosing rows of lights within a few weeks so i switched to kings… used less then 900 hours during those weeks the light worked great very little heat coming off light my plants loved it, on oct 13 whem my lights timer set to go off i herd a zapping sound and i entered grow room it was flashing and caught fire…

AnaMaria SchiopuOctober 16, 2018-Verified Purchaser Review

King Plus is  not certified by any third-party like UL, ETL or CE. One reason for certification is the assurance that a product meets acceptable safety standards. If the King Plus was certified, I could perhaps excuse the fire hazard accusation (five reviews mentioning a fire hazard out of 315 is also quite small) as being a fluke or operator error.  But, seeing that the King Plus is not certified, and I did not see that potential fire hazards were a common problem among other similar LED Grow lights, I cannot recommend the King Plus.

Review Results

4.4 out of 5 stars based upon 315 customer reviews


G8LED is the brand of, which is an American company that is located in Sun Valley, California. The G8LED 900 Watt Grow Light could legitimately be the best LED grow light on the market for weed as it has won multiple recent awards, which are listed below:

  • 2018 Wiki, Top 10, #1 Grow light
  • 2016, and 2017 Best LED Grow Light by High Times

These LED Grow lights aren’t cheap as they range from $300 to over $1,400. However, if you purchase these beauties, you can be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Top Rated G8LED 900W LED Grow Light Review


  • CHIPS: 3 watts
  • Lighting: Full Spectrum, 8 Band-IR, and UV Included
  • Energy Savings:540 watts which, is equivalent to HID’s at 1,000 to 1200 watts
  • Coverage Area: 6’ by 4’ for both veg and flowering
  • Reported Life:  100,000 hours
  • Included Equipment: Only the light
  • Warranty: Two Years warranty that is directly serviced by Dorm Grow and a 90-day return policy

Customer Review Summary


  • Durability: Verified purchaser, stated that a major electrical short occurred between the G8LEDS timer and the lights, which caused the wires to overheat and melt causing a power loss. After the metal wirings were repaired the light turned on as if a fire hadn’t even occurred
  • Certified: The G8LED 900 Watt is ETL, CE, and ROHs certified. This means that the G8LED is not only safe, but also well built.
  • Perfect Results: One purchaser, in his review, noted that after using them for only six weeks he is averaging a whopping four inches daily growth. Also, a reviewer has also commented that his cannabis plants are a perfect green color.
  • Light Penetration:  The G8LEDs, three Watt Chips are known for providing excellent light penetration.
  • Low Heat: Multiple, reviewers have noted that the G8LED gives off minimal heat.
  • Good Value: G8LED’s are far from cheap. However, compared to other high priced grow lights, the G8LED performs as well as LED grow lights that are twice the price of the G8LED.
  • Customer Service: On-site, attentive customer service. Purchaser’s note, that, during the warranty period, Dorm Grow will promptly honor their warranty.


  • Short Warranty: Dorm Grow’s G8LEDs only have a two-year warranty, which is surprising for a top-quality LED grow light. However, purchasers do rave about Dorm Grow’s customer service, which is handled on site.  Also, unlike some Chinese brand Grow lamps, Dorm Grow has a phone number clearly listed on their website.


Excellent Reviews

Dorm Grow makes some of the best grow lights that money can buy. This claim is backed up by G8LED’s Amazon’s, verified purchaser, ratings and the multiple awards that G8LED has received, which are detailed below.DormGrow’s G8lED grow lights have won multiple High Times rewards. The High Times rewards are especially notable, because as High Times based their review on G8LED’s ability to grow weed. So, it can be assured that G8LEDs work for cannabis.  Because of this being an expensive light, the 900W had only 38 reviews. However, of the 38 reviews, 95% of their reviews were five stars. The 900W had only two four-star reviews and zero three, two or one-star reviews.

Why The Short Warranty?

Dorm Grow does have a reputation for excellent customer service. However, G8LED’s two-year warranty is quite short for all LED grow lights and not just the best on the market LED grow light. This short warranty is, somewhat, excusable as Dorm Grow will repair your grow light, at cost, after the two-year warranty has ended. However, as the 950W is a premium grow light, it still would be nice for G8 LED to offer at least a three-year warranty.

Strictly Business

I am especially impressed by how G8LED’s lights are made strictly with performance in mind and don’t try to trick customers with unneeded technology. For example, other  companies boast of having up to twenty light spectrum bands while G8LED has only eight. However, G8LED’s eight spectrums are the only ones needed for growing cannabis or other plants, which results in no unneeded diodes and less energy consumption. Dorm Grow’s claim of the superiority of their eight band spectrum is backed up by multiple reviews and also, unlike cheap Chinese LED lamps, I never saw any complaints mentioning that G8 LED is only good for either flower or the vegetative growth stage.

To  conclude, the G8 LED 950W, assuming you can afford it, is definitely recommended because with this top rated light, you will have all you need to grow weed and the buds of your dreams.


4.9 stars out of 5 based upon 38 reviews

Final Thoughts


A buyer needs to have realistic expectations if they are looking to purchase a so-called cheap or budget  lights. Also, what one weed grower may value another grower may not appreciate.   For this reason, you can’t realistically expect an under $200  light to perform as well as a $1,000+ G8LED grow light. With this in mind, based upon ease of use, the Mars Hydro is an excellent choice for a beginning budget conscious cannabis grower.


It is tough to choose the best LED grow light on the market. First of all, you can’t go wrong if you decided to purchase either the G8LED 900W or the Advanced Platinium P300. However, based on the more extended warranty, and more verified purchaser reviews, I recommend the Advanced Platinum P300 over the G8LED.

What’s Next?

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