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Azamax For Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites, and . . .

Azamax For Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites, And Other Pests Azamax, is processed neem oil that is made by several companies, and the most popular manufacturer, on Amazon, is General Hydroponics. Neem oil is a 100% organic means of pest control that has been used for centuries. However, you shouldn’t assume that just because its […]

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Ultimate Trimpro Rotor Reviews

Trimpro Rotor, Bud Trimmer, With Workstation The Trimpro Rotor with Workstation is a mid-price, Canadian made, professional bud leaf trimmer that costs over $1,000. Trimpro’s first trimming machine was the Automatik, which was released in 2006. Soon after, Trimpro designed and distributed the XL model, which, as the name implies, was able to process more […]

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The Ultimate Trim Reaper Review

Risentek Trim Reaper

Trim Reaper Review-(Electronic Bud Leaf Trimmer) The Risentek, Trim Reaper Trimming Machine (“Trim Reaper”), Model-XLE s a commercial, grade, bud leaf trimmer that is sold on Amazon. What I found that was especially surprising about the Trim Reaper is that, for a specialty item, It has a surprisingly large number of reviews and it has […]

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Ultimate G8 LED, 90 Watt LED Lights Review

Are Dorm Grow’s, 90 LED Grow Lights Worth Buying? Dorm Grow, G8LEDS are considered to be among the top LED grow lights in the US and are revered by many professional and serious cannabis growers. Dorm Crow’s lights are designed for professionals or the serious home growers. As such, their LED lights are expensive. DORM […]

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VenTech Fan Review-Should You Get It?

Ventech Fan Is the Discount VenTech  Inline DuctFan Worth Buying? The Ventech fan markets itself as being an all-purpose duct fan that is suitable for various environments such as hospital rooms, indoor growing rooms, commercial cooling, etc. Ventech brags that their 8 inch inline fan features the following: superior aerodynamic body and steel construction with […]

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Ultimate VenTech Carbon Filter Review

VenTech Carbon Filter Review

VenTech’s, Carbon Charcoal Filter Review Growing cannabis indoors has plenty of advantages., IE. Can grow weed 365 days out of a year, complete control over the growing area and environment. (Temperature, lighting, water, etc.) Still, growing weed indoors does have a major problem-Smell! Indoor growing may smell up your house and also attract unwanted and […]

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White Spots on Marijuana Leaves

White Spots On Marijuana Leaves

White Spots on Marijuana Leaves White spots on marijuana leaves are a common issue facing cannabis growers. Two of the most common reasons for this are either white powdery mildew or spider mites. (I will only briefly address spider mites at the end of this article) This article will only deal with these white spots […]

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