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Bud Candy vs. Molasses

Which Is Better? Advanced Nutrients Advanced Nutrients makes Bud Candy, and they are a veteran in the agricultural industry as they initially started in 1996 as Canadian Soilless Ltd. and have been in operation ever since. According to their website, their products are formulated by Ph.D. scientists that initially focused on plant nutrients for hydroponics. […]

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Rock Resinator Review


Rock Resinator There are many “Bloom Boosters” or “PK Booster” fertilizer in the market. So, I am a bit cynical when I heard about Rock Resinator. Rock Resinator is based in Northern California in the United States and is manufactured by Rock Nutrients. Rock Resinator differentiates itself as being a premium, natural agricultural PK booster […]

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Cheeba Chews Reviews-(Green Hornet Edibles)

Green Hornet Edibles Review

Cheeba Chews’ Green Hornet Edibles Review Cheeba Chews was founded in 2009 in Colorado. What is impressive about Cheeba is that they are one of the fewest companies in the Cannabis industry that have managed to branch out to several states to sell their product through California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Nevada.  Below is their […]

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Vert Edibles Review- A Las Vegas Original

Vert Edibles Review

Vert Edibles Review Vert Edibles is a cannabis edibles producer located in Las Vegas, Nevada. they make cannabis-infused products that range from applicators, chocolates, cookie bars, and cookie squares. All of their baked goods are made from natural, fresh ingredients, and pure cannabis oils. Where Offered Currently, per their website, Vert only sells in Nevada. […]

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VCC and Cannabis Quencher Review

VCC's Cannabis Quencher

Venice Cookie Company (“VCC”) and Cannabis Quencher-Worth Buying? Cannabis Quencher is a Southern California company (Owned by VCC) that is primarily known for making cannabis-infused beverages.    Cannabis Quencher also makes sugar free lozenge. But, they are best known for their unique cannabis beverages, like Wildberry Guava.  History Of VCC Company VCC is an established cannabis […]

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TKO Edibles Review

  TKO Edibles Review-Established 2011 TKO Edibles is located in Long Beach, California, and can be purchased in-store at one of their 97 distributors in California. However, according to their website, they do offer delivery to Nevada. TKO is also a veteran (for the Cannabis industry) as they were established in 2011. They pride themselves […]

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Ultimate Canna Boost Review

Canna Boost Accellerator Is CANNA BOOST Worth The Money? Canna Boost is a flower boost accelerator that is made by the Dutch company CANNA. It is claimed that the CANNA Buster accelerator boosts a plant’s metabolic rate by it making cannabis plants better able to absorb and efficiently use nutrients, through enhancing a plant’s photosynthesis […]

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