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Cannabis Energy Drink Review-Worth Buying Or Just a Gimmick?


Cannabis Energy Drink A Hemp Infused Energy Drink Review   There are other cannabis-infused energy drinks out there. This though is an overview/review of the “CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK.” that is manufactured in Europe and exported worldwide, including the United States. There are other cannabis-infused energy drinks on the market. This article though concerns a specific […]

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Fertilome Blooming and Rooting Soluble Plant Food Review (9-58-8)

Fertilome Fertilizer

Fertilome Fertilizer Review Fertilome soluble plant food 9-58-8 is a relatively obscure water-soluble fertilizer that is made in Texas by Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc. (”VPG”) I consider Fertilome obscure because 800+ fertilizer brands have more sales. However, taking into account a large number of positive reviews it is still quite popular. Fertilome is a highly […]

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Is 5HTP and Weed Safe?

Are 5HTP and Weed Is A Good Combo? In 1989 the essential amino acid tryptophan caused by contaminated tryptophan caused the death of 30 people. As a result of this tragedy, the FDA banned all tryptophan supplements.   Why It Is Hard To Find Studies Concerning Cannabis and Any Drug Interaction? Of course, cannabis will […]

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Stoner Philosophy

Dried Marijuana

Stoner philosophy Five Best, Modern, Stoner Philosophy Quotes Stoner Philosophy has a bad rap. To be honest, some of that rap is deserved. Personally, I have had some quite silly philosophical rants when baked. However, stoner’s have also contributed greatly to society as, unlike what DARE tried to tell you; numerous smart, individuals, smoke weed. […]

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Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Fertilizer Review

Golden Tree

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Fertilizer Review Humboldt’s Secret is a fertilizer company located in San Diego, CA. They make many different types of fertilizers and are highly praised by mainstream gardeners and also Cannabis growers. Humboldt’s products range from highly specialized plant fertilizers like Golden Tree to more general use fertilizers. (A and B Base […]

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