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Is A Black light For Growing Weed Worth a Try?

Are Black Lights Good For Growing Weed? Blacklights or UV lights are somewhat controversial in the cannabis community. Some growers believe that using a black light will result in stronger weed. On the other hand, skeptics, rightfully so, stated that there is not any scientific proof that a black light increases weed’s strength. Because cannabis […]

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Smoking Weed After Tonsillectomy

Cannabis, Cigarettes, And Tonsillectomy Looking at Reddit and sites like Quora, I found that many individuals were surprisingly asking questions on cannabis and tonsilitis. I then became curious and looked for the answer and was unable to find one. That’s why I felt it was important to address this question of whether or not it […]

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ZZZQUIL and WEED-Is This Combo Best Avoided?

ZZZQUIL And WEED Fact Sheet ZZZYQUIL is marketed as a non-habit forming, sleep-aid medication that is to be used for the occasional bout of insomnia. It is made by the same company (Vicks) that makes Nyquil.    Per ZZZQUIL, It differs from its more famous cousin NYQUIL, in that it is designed to help you get to sleep quicker […]

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Ultimate Golden Bell Grinder Review

Golden Bell Weed Grinder Review

Is The “Cheap” Golden Bell Grinder Worth Buying? The Golden Bell Grinder is made in China and they are very popular. Other than that, their company is somewhat of a mystery. They have a website; however, the website; doesn’t say anything about their company. All the website does is describe the weed grinders that they […]

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