Ultimate G8 LED, 90 Watt LED Lights Review

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    Are Dorm Grow’s, 90 LED Grow Lights Worth Buying?

    Dorm Grow, G8LEDS are considered to be among the top LED grow lights in the US and are revered by many professional and serious cannabis growers. Dorm Crow’s lights are designed for professionals or the serious home growers. As such, their LED lights are expensive.

    DORM GROW Company

    Dorm Grow, G8LED, 90 Watt LED, Flower Booster’s manufacturer, is located in Sun Valley, California, and they are among the top names in LED grow lights. As stated earlier, Dorm Grown is also known for winning numerous awards with their most recognizable award is that they won the 2016 High Times Award for best LED grow light.

    Dorm Grow’s lights are designed for professional use and serious home growers. As such, G8LED lights are expensive. For example, their most expensive grow light is their C3 enhanced light, which costs $1,199.  G8LED 90 watt light that I am reviewing here, is also expensive. (Costs as much as most lower-priced, cheap LED grow lights) And as this 90W light only gives off red, it is not a stand-alone light. So, you will need to purchase other main grow lights.

    90 Watt UFO LED Grow Light-G8 Dorm Grow Bloom Booster is shaped like a saucer and  looks like a UFO As a result, their 90 Watt Flower Booster light is often called a UFO LED grow light.

    Reviewing Criteria

    This review will answer the following questions:

    ● Is this  90 Watt flower booster” worth its high price?

    ● Is it recommended for a hobbyist or beginning grower?

    To find out the answer to these questions, keep on reading.

    The G8 LED 90 Watt Flower Booser

    G8’s 90 Watt flower booster (” Booster”) only emits red. So, you cannot use this light for all stages of plant growth. RED, growing light that was made to “boost” or assist with the flowering stage of growth.

    These reviewed lights will work with any indoor grow light system and more.  They’ll work with primitive, old-school, florescent grow lights to modern-day, top-of-the-line, hydroponic led grow lights. Many purchasers said that these 90 Watt UFO LED grow lights worked well with G8 LED’s 450 Watt LED grow lights. G8’s 450 Watt though, is quite expensive at it costs well over $500. So, these flower boosting lights (assuming you reasonably know what you are doing) will work well with any lighting system.

    G8LED 90 Watt RED Flower Booster LED Grow Light

    How Do They Work?

    The 90W booster works to increase the RED, far-red, and hyper-red color, wavelength spectrum, which has been proven to maximize the quality and size of cannabis plants during the flowering growth stage.  The positive results are said to even happen within a few days of use.

    Product Specifications

    • Maximum Power Draw: 80W
    • PAR Rating: 770μMol/m2/s at 12″ with an Efficacy of 3.0μMol/Joule
    • Coverage: 3’x 3’to 4’x4′ (Per Dorm Grow, this is around 2 to 3 mature plants)
    • Hanging Distance: 18″ to 30″
    • Full Spectrum: No
    • Product Dimensions: Diameter is 10″ x3″.
    • Weight: 5 Pounds
    • Included: Hanging Wires
    • Certifications: US: ETL EU:CE,ROHS
    • Warranty: They offer a two-year limited warranty that starts from the purchase date. Per their warranty, Dorm Grow states that they have the option to either repair or replace your product.
    • Discreet Packaging: Yes


    • Worth the price-Most everyone who praised it stated that it was worth paying the premium price.
    • Excellent Customer Reviews-As this flower booster is a specialized lamp; it does not have as many reviews as other cheaper, mainstream lamps. But, customer satisfaction is nearly 100% with over 100 reviews.
    • Well, Built-This light is well built. I saw this not only through reviews, but also(this is unheard of). I saw very few, if any, complaints of lights prematurely dying. I even saw one reviewer claiming that his light has been working well for seven years.
    • Extremely Bright- The red light is so bright that you can get yourself in trouble if you don’t wear eye protection.
    • Easy To Set Up-All you have to is plug it in a socket; no ballast is needed.
    • Gets the Job Done-One review, initially wondering if it was too expensive, felt almost immediate positive bud growth.
    • Convenient- It is light, compact, and easy to move around.


    • Fan-Even positive reviews mentioned that the cooling fans are quite loud.
    • Worth It- A few reviews mentioned that, for what it does, it may not be worth paying a premium price for this supplemental light.
    • Runs Hot- Somewhat of a trend is that it does run quite hot.
    • Design-Their is no on and off switch. So, a timer is necessary unless you want manually plug and unplug this light.

    Final Thoughts

    As promised, I am not going to answer the two questions I had concerning Dorm Grow’s UFO 90 Watt LED Plant grow light.

    Is This  90 Watt  Flower Booster” Worth Its High Price?

    Dorm Grow’s G8 LED lights are among the most highly rated LED grow lights in the industry. (Dorm Grow’s most expensive lights can cost over $1,299) However, as these are the best indoor, LED, grow lights, they are expensive.

    The flower booster light is also costly as the light costs as much as many lights that can be used in both the seedling, vegging, and flower growth stage. Based on the reviews, the extra cost for these flower boosters is well worth it, assuming you are not skimping on your main grow lights. So, I would recommend these booster lights.

    These lights though are optional and you can have a perfectly fine harvest without them. So, my recommendation to buy is based upon the assumption that you will buy the best LED grow lights you can afford and also buy the best, mandatory equipment for your grow room. Only after you do the above; should you purchase these 90 UFO light or any other blower boosting lights.

    Is It Recommended For a Hobbyist Or Newbie Grower?

    When starting out, a cannabis grower should apply the KISS method. (” KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID”) So, when starting out, I would just use basic grow lights. However, after a few good crops, I would experiment with these flower booster lights, UV lighting, cloning, etc.



    Do Red Light Flower Boosters Work?

    You may be wondering if specialized RED grow lights have been proven useful for helping with the flowering plant growth stage. The answer to this question is a straightforward yes. Different wavelengths work differently for the various stages of growth. For example, 400nm to 500nm wavelengths work best for the vegetative stage. And the red wavelengths between 600nm and 750nm (660nm) has been scientifically proven to promote flowering.

    A quality red booster light has been proven to promote the following:

    • More robust flowering
    • Healthier plants that will less susceptible to bud rot and other issues
    • Up to 50% more yield when using a specialized, red, grow light

    Below is an excellent video that will explain the light spectrum more


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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    Learn how to grow weed indoors or outdoors fast with Ryan Riley's acclaimed - THE BUD BIBLE.