About Us

I’m Roger Doby and I am the owner of Ganja Shark. I live in Henderson, Nevada, which is right next to Sin City-Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2013

Roger D. Doby

medicinal cannabis and CBD dispensaries started showing up in Nevada. And soon after I began working in an indoor, cannabis, grow operation, which grew medicinal Marijuana.

While growing commercial marijuana, I learned the ins and outs of, indoor, marijuana cultivation. as I was taught how to use LED grow lights and various proven methods to maximize cannabis yields. Also, I learned fundamental gardening techniques, which are useful for non-cannabis plants. Additionally, I also grow recreationally in my home; so, I am well versed on growing cannabis with a small budget.

Because of my passion for the industry and Vegas legalizing recreational marijuana in 2017, I decided to share my experience with Ganja Shark. Ganja Shark now is primarily devoted to growing. However, in the near future, GanjaShark.com will go into the following: Cannabis Industry, Cannabis law, CBD, and other cannabis-related subjects. So, thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you learn a lot.

Roger D. Doby