Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign Grow Light Review

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    Purple Reign Grow Light Fixture Review

    Unlike most of my reviews, the Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign grow light is not very popular. (They are a popular grow light company, however) Purple LED grow lights are a niche product, which doesn’t make this a surprise. Popularity does not mean quality, though. I.E., At one time Honey Boo Boo was a popular show. (If I offend any fans, oh well!)

    On the other hand, in many circumstances, something is not popular for a reason. Is this the reason they are not bestsellers? Is the Purple Reign grow light a diamond in the rough, or should you look at alternatives?

    One thing for sure, though, because purple lights are not popular, it makes it challenging to properly evaluate these LED lights. This review, though, will do just that by first of all evaluating whether or not purple lights are scientifically proven to help with plant growth. Additionally, I will review the Purple Reign Grow light.

    The Electromagnetic Light Spectrum

    Electro Magnetic Spectrum Intro

    Knowing the basics of the electromagnetic spectrum (” E.M.” )is essential if you want to try indoor cannabis gardening. As a result, I felt it would be helpful to include this short introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum and its relationship with plant growth. First of all, I would highly recommend that you first watch this informative video, by NASA on the E.M. Spectrum.

    Outdoors, plants are hit with different light wavelengths during the growing months. Each wavelength gives off a respective color known as a wavelength. See chart below

    The different colors work best for a specific plant growth stage. For example, white lights are helpful in promoting photosynthesis, blue lights help a plant produce chlorophyll, and red light is for healthier blooms or buds.

    Before LED lights were commonplace, to meet the various different wavelengths growers, who wanted to maximize their yield, were forced to change light bulbs when they approached a different growth state. This problem was solved with the full spectrum LED light. LED lights provide the following benefits:

    • Full Spectrum -Give off the full spectrum of the light wavelength needed for growth. (Means that changing light bulbs is not mandatory)
    • Less Heat -LED bulbs give off less heat
    • Simpler -LED light products require less equipment to set up. For example, a digital light ballast (the ballast is used to keep the voltage fluctuation under control) or any ballast is not necessary.
    • Safer-Less of a potential fire hazard when using these in your grow tent or any growing space.

    Click the link for more information on the benefits of LED lights.

    Full Spectrum Lights

    For the advanced indoor cannabis grower, a full-spectrum LED grow light will allow a gardener to fine-tune or tweak the various different color wavelengths to suit their purposes. Purple is not a traditional E.M. wavelength color, which means that purple lighting is not present for a standard LED grow light system.

    However, many growers state that a purple E.M. wave will maximize the yield. As a result, a few grow light makers have decided to fulfill this need by offering purple LED lights.

    Not all wavelength colors work well or efficiently with plants. For example, as plants already have chlorophyll, many growers do not value green lighting. However, many growers believe that purple LED lights can and do help maximize their crop yields.

    Do Purple Led Lights Belong In The Grow Room?

    Plants absorb some energy from any wavelength color. Not all colors on the E.M. spectrum are created equally. For example, green lighting is considered the least effective. And red light and blue grow lights are the most productive light colors for indoor gardening.

    Why A Purple Led Light Bulb May Increase Your Yield

    Advanced indoor growers, by combining different light colors, are able to tweak or fine-tune the various colors. For example, many growers use both blue and red LED lights at the same time.

    Purple is composed of red and blue. So, purple led lights, like Apollo Horticulture’s Purple Reign bulbs, are the equivalent of using both a red and blue light at the same time. However, purple LED lights will most likely NOT allow for a more precise “purple” than if you were to use the red and blue lights at the same time.

    Do Purple Lights Work?

    Purple lighting gives off the most energy in the E.M spectrum, which maximizes the development and growth of the cannabis leaf. As a result, purple light can significantly help the overall quality of cannabis leaves when appropriately used. Purple lighting though is considered secondary or supplemental, as such, it is unnecessary.

    Supplemental lighting, if misused, can also damage your plants. (Regular grow lights can also. But, using any secondary light is just one extra thing that can go wrong.)However, for the perfectionist or master gardener, a purple LED light can make good weed into excellent weed.

    UV is another example of supplemental lights.

    Purple Reign LED Lights Review

    Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 6W MR16 LED Grow Light Bulb for Plant Growing

    Purple light bulbs are manufactured by Apollo Horticulture. (” A.H.”) A.H. is known for providing quality, lower-priced, grow lights and also hydroponic products.

    Are their Purple Reign LED lights quality lights?

    Product Specifications

    • Amount- 1 A.H. LED Bulb
    • Wattage- 6 Watts
    • Dimensions-2.5 Inch X 1.75 Inches
    • Wavelength-430nm to 660nm.
    • Wrap Around heat sink included
    • Pros and Cons


    • Priced- Compared to similar lights, this light is relatively cheap.
    • Supplemental Lighting – For those that desire it; this is a good light bulb.
    • Easy Installation – It is truly plugged and play, and you do not need any special hardware to install.
    • Gets The Job Done – If used correctly, it will get the job done.


    • Gets Hot -It tends to run hotter than other similar, higher-priced lights.
    • Shipping -Most complaints focused on receiving broken bulbs in shipping.
    • Eyes -The light is said to be quite hard on the eyes.

    Final Thoughts

    When used correctly, purple LED lights are an invaluable secondary lighting source., and Purple Reign by A.H. is a quality LED light bulb that does what it is intended to do-help maximize your yield.

    However, purple lighting, in general, may not be suitable for all growers. Beginning growers need to follow the KISS principle. (“Keep it Simple Stupid”) Purple lights are not necessary for plant growth. And if misused, they can damage your plants. So, beginning growers should stick with the basics and then try purple or other non-standard led lights once they have a few successful crops under their belt.



    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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    Learn how to grow weed indoors or outdoors fast with Ryan Riley's acclaimed - THE BUD BIBLE.