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Bat Guano Tea Recipe-What You Need To Know

Bat Guano Tea Recipe

Why Would Anyone Want To USe Bat Guano Tea For Cannabis?

Bat guano, just like other types of manure, works great as a soil mix supplement and is prized by many organic gardeners. It is not technically considered to be a fertilizer. But, it is used for helping garden soil more efficiently absorb needed nutrients, which in turn will result in less fertilizer being needed and better plant growth. And, yes, making a guano tea (using warm water) is actually done. I will go over the following in this article:

● Benefits Of Bat Guano

● Show You A Bat Guano Recipe And the Best Practices For Its Application

Where Can You Find Bat Guano For Sale? Honestly, my first thoughts upon hearing about this fertilizer were: “How the hell am I going to get bag guano?.” I know one thing . . . I wasn’t going to go to my local cave with a bucket and start gather bat droppings. After a quick look on Amazon, I saw that you can buy this fertilizer from several companies on Amazon. It can be bought in dried or via pellet form. The product below is  an example of the type of guano that you should buy.  

Espoma BG1 Organic 10-3-1 Bat Guano Fertilizer, 1.25 lb

Is Bat Guano Good For Flowering?

The tea recipes contained are designed to best work for an insect-eating, bat species. Insect-eating bat, dung is valued for having a high nitrogen content. Your plants will need nitrogen more during the vegetative growth stage. On the other hand, fruit-eating bats dung contains more phosphorus. Phosphorus is needed more for the flowering growth stage. So, for best results, bat guano tea should only be used in the flowering stage when the bat dung is collected from fruit-eating bats.

What Are The Benefits of Bat Guano Tea?

The following are a few of its most common bat guano uses:

● All Of The Nutrients You’ll Need-Most bat guano fertilizer comprises the three most valued nutrients that help with plant growth: Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. The high nitrogen levels are especially useful for making your cannabis plants nice and green. Bat guano fertilizer comes in a few forms. The following ratio is the most common and the ratio that you should look for is 10 percent nitrogen, 3 percent phosphorus, and 1 percent potassium.

● Slow Release- It slowly and continuously releases its vital nutrients for around two to three months after it is applied. If properly applied, it can reduce labor and upkeep for your plants.

● Improves Soil Quality-The tea helps supply your soil with essential microbes that help your soil’s overall health. One advantage of these microbes is that they can prevent soil diseases.

● Helps With Composting-This can be a bit expensive. But, it can help speed up your organic composting, mulch.

● Stays Longer-It tends to last longer than other types of man-made fertilizer.

How To Make Bat Guano Tea

It is easy to find a bat guano tea recipe. just do a simple Google search and you’ll find many different compost tea recipes. Some recipes are relatively simple, and others can be a bit complicated. I will show here a simple recipe, and guide you in the right direction to find other more comprehensive recipes.

USE ASAP-The tea, once mixed, does not keep its nutrients for long. So, apply it as soon as possible.

Simple Recipe

All you do is simply mix one cup of bat guano fertilizer per gallon of pure water.

Steps in Detail

Important: If the water is too hot, the oxygen levels will be lessened, and if the water is too cold beneficial micro-organism growth will be slowed. The water should be from approximately 60 to 90 degrees.

1. Get The Water– Get a gallon of “pure” or non-chlorinated tap water. It is essential that you only use pure, non-Chlorinated water. The reason that non-chlorinated water is criticals that bat guano’s soil enriching microbes are killed by chlorine. Normal tap-water will likely have chlorine. So, suppose you are using tap water. In that case, you need to place the water in an open container either for around 24 hours, which will allow the chlorine to naturally be released.

2. Mix-Mix the bat guano and water vigorously.

3. Strain It-Strain the “Tea.”

4. Apply-Apply it directly to the plants or the soil.

Guano, Worm Castings, And More . . .

The following compost tea recipe, shown via the Youtube video below, is a more advanced recipe that uses more ingredients, like worm castings.

How Do You Apply It?

It is either applied directly on the leaves or a soil drench. To apply on a plant’s leaves all you need to do is apply a fine mist, in the early mornings or right before night comes. To use at the soil, apply the tea at the roots and then promptly water

Precaution-Just like any fertilizer, it can be overdone. Bat guano contains nitrogen. Nitrogen is known to burn plants. So, too much bat feces can damage and even destroy your crop. So, be sure to use the correct amount and, if in doubt, err on the side of caution and use less fertilizer.


Bat guano tea is one of the many products that you can use for organic gardening soil mix. Even if you are not an organic gardener, it also an excellent soil enricher. It’s relatively cheap, and there are many recipes for guano tea on the web. Personally, I would start with the simple recipe that I show in this article and then try the more complicated recipes.



What is bat guano good for?

Bat Guano is an organic plant food that contains three of the most essential nutrients needed for cannabis and other plants: Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Nitrogen is beneficial for making your cannabis plants nice and green by photosynthesizing and making sugar that plants need to acquire thick, bushy, green leaves. Phosphorus is essential for early root development, stem growth, disease resistance, forming flowers, and the overall plant yield. Some of the expected benefits of potassium are disease resistance and helping plant process water efficiently.

Is bat guano good for flowering?

Bat Guano has high amounts of nitrogen. Nitrogen is beneficial in the foliage or leaf growth in cannabis. So, unless combined with a unique tea/formula, it should not be used specifically to help with the flowering growth stage.

How often should you use bat guano?

First of all, it is best to follow either the bat guano recipe that you are using or the fertilizer company. The general rule of thumb is from once a month to every two to three weeks.

Is bat guano safe to use?

Bat Guano is organic. However, breathing in large amounts of bat guano fumes can be dangerous. So, use a mask when applying it to your plants. Also, as with any fertilizer, it could damage your plants if you use too much. For example, too much fertilizer can cause nute burn.  So, be sure to not use over the recommended amount. 



Written by ganjashark

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