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     Guide To Choosing The Best Grow Tents

    Grow Tents are essential for anyone who is wanting to grow cannabis indoors as they can save you money, reduce the cannabis smell, control pests, and offer many other benefits.  The best grow tents can essentially make any room a “grow room.”

    Perfectly acceptable  tents can be purchased for less than $100.  Therefore, the cost is not an excuse. So, if you are serious about growing cannabis indoors, take a look at my reviews for following categories of indoor grow tents:

    1.  Beginners:  These also can be classified as a small grow tent.  These tents less than $100 and have dimensions less than 3′ x 3′.  The reason for the relatively small dimensions is that I believe, it is not unreasonable to assume, that most beginner or hobbyist weed grower would not need or want a large grow tent.
    2.  Best Tent For The Money Or Best Value:  These provide the best bang for your buck when it comes to size and functionality.  They should be less than $200 and get the job done.
    3. Professionals: These are the best in their class.  They are pricey.  But, affordable for most commercial cannabis growers.

    FYI-This is a work in progress, when appropriate I will update this list.

    Grow Tent ReviewGrow Tent ReviewGrow Tent Review

    Grow Tent Model
    Inner Fabric



    Diamond Mylar

    Unknown-But, Likely 30 Days
    Good Choice For Beginners


    4′ x 2.6′
    8′ X 4′
    600D Canvas
    Diamond Mylar
    30 Days




    Diamond Reflection Technology

    1 Year

    TopoLite 2’ x 2’   Grow Tent Review


    The Topolite (”Topolite”) is the seventh best selling grow tent on Amazon and due to its size, and impressive specifications, the Topolite seems to be a potential candidate for being a top grow tent for beginners.  Does the Topolite live up to its hype?  Read my review, to find out.


    • Dimensions: 2’X2 To 5’x5′
    • Exterior Fabric: 600D Canvas
    • Inner Fabric: Diamond Mylar, which is said to reflect up to 96% light
    • Warranty: Unknown, But, Likely 30 Days

    Verified Purchaser Review Ratings Summary



    • Inner: The Topolite features diamond Mylar, which is reported to reflect 96% light and also reduces hot spots.
    • Quality Zippers: Topolite has heavy duty zippers, and unlike many other grow tents, very few complaints are made concerning its zippers.
    • Quality Material: Numerous reviewers praise the sturdy 600D canvas, metal support frames and how easy it is to hang growing lights.
    • Easy To Set Up: Multiple reviewers praise how the Topolite can be set up from five to 20 minutes.
    • Minimal Light Leaks: The majority of reviewers states that the Topolite is virtually light proof.  And, the one complaint of light escaping through the T-Door design said that the problem can be fixed by using the included flap that’s attached to the front with velcro.
    • Excellent Customer Service: As an example, one reviewer changed his review to a five star after Topolite, without being asked, sent replacement parts to a purchaser.
    • Compact: Perfect size to hide in closet, attic or under stairs.


    • Plastic Corners: A few verified purchasers stated that the plastic corners are lacking.


    The Topolite is the best 2’x2’ grow tent that money can buy as it is sturdy, virtually light proof and it reflects light well.

    I was especially impressed with the Topolite being light proof. Other tents at the Topolite’s price range, and up to $50 more are plagued by frequent complaints of pinholes, which result in significant light leakage. Here, very few purchasers complained about the Topolite leaking light. The only light problem widely mentioned was in the T-door design, which is fixed by a provided canvas flap that is attached to the front via Velcro.

    Additionally, reviewers praised how sturdy the Topolite was and how the 600D canvas seemed to be impenetrable.   Also, with the Diamond Mylar inner coating and the white metal bars, the TopoLite makes the best use out of your lights as it reflects up to 96% light.

    I was also impressed with Topolites top-notch customer service.  For example, it was especially noteworthy when they fixed a reviewers problem after reading complaints. This level of customer service is unheard of! Overall, the Topolite is highly recommended for beginners who are starting out with a few cannabis plants or for those who want to grow cannabis discreetly.

    Amazon Ratings Summary

    4.5 Out Of 5 Stars Based Upon 159 Reviews

    Zazzy, 96”x48”x78”, Grow Tent REVIEW


    The Zazzy grow tent offers a lot of space, as it has dimensions up to 96 “x48″ x78.” The Zazzy boasts of heavy-duty 600D canvas, Diamond Mylar, solid steel poles, two steel bars that are reported to hold up to 110 pounds each, and many other impressive features. The Zazzy sounds good on paper. But, the question needs to be asked: “Is the Zazzy as good as it says it is?”

    Read more . . . To find out.


    • Dimensions: 48”x32” X60 to 96” X48”X78.”
    • Exterior Fabric: 600D Canvas
    • Inner Fabric: Diamond Mylar
    • Warranty: Within 30 Days Of Receipt of Shipment

    Zazzy Grow Tent 96”x48”x78 ReviewZazzy Grow Tent 96”x48”x78 ReviewZazzy Grow Tent 96”x48”x78 Review



    • Ratings: 83% Positive Rating
    • Great Value: The Zazzy’s price cannot be beaten for those needing a larger  tent.
    • Very Sturdy: Zazzy is made of very high-quality material. I.E.,600D Canvas, Inner Diamond Mylar Reflection, Heavy-Duty Zippers, Metal Frame, metal poles, metal corners . . .
    • Lighting: The two metal bars, can hold up to 220 pounds, which makes it perfect for holding multiple grow lights.
    • Light Proof: Most reviewers mentioned that the Zazzy  is essentially light proof and that (one reviewer said this) only a bit of light leaks out from the zippers.


    • Warranty: Only a 30-day warranty, which essentially means that returns will only occur if there is a damaged product as it would be rare to discover hidden problems within 30-day of using the Zazzy.
    • Smell: A few users complained of the tent smelling bad.
    • Pinholes: A smattering of one and two-star reviews mentioned that pinholes were present. However, unlike other grow tents, pinholes were rarely mentioned. Assembly: It is difficult for only one person to assemble the 96” X48” X78” Zazzy.
    • Zippers: The zipper quality was mostly praised. However, a few reviewers stated that the zipper broke during assembly. This problem though can be fixed by unzipping all zippers before you attempt to set it up.


    It’s good. Really good. Don’t get me wrong, it has no any unusual options or fantastic constructional details. Just simple, ergonomic and accurately made growing tent with clear assembly manual and all labeled parts. Very easy to setup. And everything just how you expect it should be made.

    The above review perfectly says whats that Zazzy is all about: A no-frills, sturdy, dependable, workmanlike, grow tent that gets the job done. Admittedly, The 30-day warranty is weak. However, unlike LED grow lights, most deficiencies found in grow tents can be detected upon receiving it in the mail. For example, a reviewer who complained about pinholes could have returned the tent as soon as he saw there was an issue. The Zazzy does have a few detractors. But Zazzy’s overall 83% favorable rating makes me confident that it is Zazzy  not overrated. Some of the main reasons for my recommendation of the Zazzy are for the following:

    • Sturdy Construction: The 600D canvas, metal framework, and poles indicate that that the Zazzy is built to last.
    • Great Reviews: The Zazzy has an 83% positive rating.
    • Size: Zazzy is simply the best deal for cannabis growers who need the space, which is given in a 96” X48” X78” grow tent.

    In conclusion, the Zazzy is an excellent choice for a budget grow tent and is arguably among  the best grow tent for the money.

    Review Results

    4.3 Out Of 5 Stars Based Upon 120 Reviews

    Gorilla GGT, Grow Tent REVIEW

    “Best Commercial Grow Tent

    The Gorilla Grow Tent, is made in the US, and has a reputation of being a high quality grow tent.  The Gorilla Grow Tent is made of top-notch material, like 1680D ballistic canvas, 100% metal frames and connectors, and metal poles, which are claimed to be able to carry up to 300 pounds. The Gorilla’s most popular tents are the Gorilla Lite Line, Gorilla GGT, and the Gorilla Shorty:

    • Gorilla LITE-is the cheapest Gorilla Grow Tent and is designed for the hobbyist cannabis grower.
    • Gorilla Shorty (made of the same material as the GGT)-is designed to fit into cramped space (I.E., closet, attics, and other tight spaces.Gorilla GGT (”GGT”) is Gorilla’s original and the one, which I will be reviewing.

    The Gorilla Grow Tent cost between $250+ to over 2k.  So, read my below review to find out if the GGT is right for you.

    For a more in-depth review on the GGT, Click Here.

    GGT Review ReviewGGT Review ReviewGGT Review Review



    Dimensions: 2’x4’x6’to 10’x20’x11’.Exterior Fabric: 1680D Ballistic FiberInner Fabric: Diamond Reflection TechnologyWarranty: One Year



    • Light Proof: The tent’s door is built to absorb light as it has not only quality zippers; but, but also features Velcro that provides an additional light barrier. This makes it a pain to open. But, you won’t need to open the GGT that many times as it has two windows. Reviewers have also remarked that there are no pinholes  resulting from poor sewing.
    • Heavy Duty Frame: GGT’s frame is made of sturdy powder-coated steel, and it’s  support beams are said to support up to 300 pounds, and reviewers even state that they test this limit by doing pull-ups from the top metal beams.
    • Extender: The GGT’s all come with a free extender, which raises the height of the tent,  for when your cannabis plants grow Also, you can buy an optional additional height extender for a nominal price.
    • Air Flow: Great air flow


    • Assembly: The included manual is lacking, and many users complained about having to use Youtube videos to find out how to put it  up.
    • Not Discreet: Users noted how the shipping container is not discreet as the shipping box clearly shows Gorilla grow tent on the box. Personally, I may be wrong, but, I don’t think most neighbors would care or even know what a grow tent does.


    The Gorilla Grow tent is quite expensive.  However, you get what you pay for when buying a GGT grow tent as it is one of the best grow tents available.   Granted, there were a few complaints concerning pinholes; but, those complaints were few and far between. However, based upon GGT’s grow tents being made with 1680D ballistic fiber (1680D fiber has been used to make bullet proof vests), all-metal support beams, etc., and a 4.1 Amazon rating, it is reasonable to assume that any reported defects were likely flukes.  Gorilla grow tents are merely among the most robust and most versatile grow tents available on the market today, and for commercial cannabis growers, durability is essential.  Also, if you can afford it, I would also recommend a hobbyist weed growers purchase a smaller scale GGT.

    Click the button above for further info on the GGT and also find the current price.


    4.1 Out Of Five Stars Based Upon 170 Reviews

    Honorable Mentions

    There is a lot of quality grow tents on the market. So, as you may imagine, it was a challenge for me to determine the “Best Grow Tents.” Also, what may be a good tent for one cannabis grower, may not work for another grower. And quite frankly, you may feel that these grow tents listed below are better tents than the ones that I have chosen. As a result, I will leave you with my reviews of the following, highly rated, grow tent makers that just didn’t quite make the cut for being the “best.” So, for your reference, please take a look at the below grow tent reviews.

    Click the following link for the “Best LED Grow Lights Review


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