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Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent Reviews-2021 Update


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    Is A Apollo Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup A Good Choice For A Cheap Indoor Grow Setup?

     The Apollo 4’x 4′ x 5′ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

    The Apollo, grow tent 4’ by 4’  is the eighth best selling grow tent on Amazon, and it also 600+ purchasers have reviewed this tent. Therefore, the Apollo grow tent is heavily vetted, has high ratings  and is also quite cheap.

    So, as it is a budget grow tent, you can’t reasonably expect it to be as perfect as a $1,000+ professional grow tent.

    However, no matter what price you pay for you, you should at least get a growing tent, which works reasonably well as a grow tent for indoor plant growing.So, do the Apollo Hydroponic Grow Tents, get the job done? Are Apollo Grow Tents only sufficient for a cheap grow tent setup? Is the Apollo Grow Tent one of the best grow tents available for its price? And, most importantly, should you buy the Apollo Grow Tent for indoor growing of marijuana or other plants?

    You will soon find out by reading below.

    Apollo Horticulture

    Please see the end of this article if you are interested about Apollo Horticulture company itself.



    • Dimensions: 48″ x 24″ x 60″
    • Exterior Fabric: The outer exterior is NOT listed as being 600D canvas or the equivalent. However, Both Apollo and  its owners, describe the Apollo as having heavy duty, double stitching for light protection.
    • Inner Fabric: Tear-Proof Reflective Mylar
    • Metal Poles: Amazon pictures show plastic poles.  But, Apollo states that they did change to metal poles.
    •  Tray: ​Removable Mylar floor tray
    • Zippers:  Many reviewers noted that  Apollo grow tents feature heavy duty zippers. However,  the metal zippers are generic.
    • Warranty: 90-day warranty, with a 30-day money back guarantee
    • Free Shipping: Prime membership is not needed.

    Apollo Horticulture Grow TentApollo Horticulture Grow TentApollo Horticulture Grow Tent




    • Value: Many reviewers note, that for the money Apollo grow tents are an excellent deal.
    • Thick Tent Material: A recent five-star review stated that the Apollo grow tents are made from sturdy,  and thick fabric.
    • Vetted: The Apollo is extensively vetted with over 640 reviews as of the time of this review in Spring 2019. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume, that problems rarely mentioned, could likely be an anomaly.
    • Highly Rated: 84% four and five-star ratings out of over 640 reviews.
    • Light Leakages: It is not, totally, light proof. However, if your grow room is in a dark area, it will do just fine and can easily be fixed with either sealant or duct tape.
    • Free Shipping: Shipping is free (Amazon Prime isn’t needed) if you do not mind waiting four to five days to get your grow tent.
    • Amazon Shipping:  This product is made in China; but,  shipped by Amazon.  So, because of Amazon doing the shipping you will not have to wait up to 30 days to get your Apollo Grow Tents from mainland China when ordered.  Also, as stated earlier if you don’t mind waiting a few more day, free shipping is offered for these grow tents.


    • Customer Service: A few complaints concerning sub-par customer service where they were missing pieces, and it took customer service a long time to get back to the client.
    • Water Leaks: A verified purchasers noted that the tent leaked water, which resulted in damage to his apartment. One reviewer stated the reason for the leak was that the bottom tray that collected the water did not fully cover the bottom of the tent.
    • No Observation Window: This is an issue as there are several complaints concerning the Apollo’s zipper having a tendency to catch on the fabric.
    • Assembly: Even the five-star reviews mentioned that the Apollo was tough to assemble and that two people are required to put the grow tent up. One reviewer even stated that putting up the Apollo, grow tent was like going inside Dante’s “Seventh Circle in Hell.”
    • Light Leakage: Several reviewers noted minor to severe light leaks (depending on the review) located where the canvas is folded near the vents.
    • Flowering: To used for the flowering stage of growth you’ll need to seal up pinholes to reduce the light leakage.


    Apollo mentions that their grow tents should ONLY be placed in a green house environment with proper ventilation. They explicitly state that, because of a potential fire hazard, you should not use their tent in an apartment, closet, or a grow room inside your house.  (This disclaimer somewhat contradicts their Amazon product description that states “For Indoor Plant Growing”)First of all, I have never seen this type of disclaimer for any grow tents. Also, Apollo’s materials do not seem much different from other growing tents, and I did not see any reviews mentioning a fire hazard or problems using this grow house inside a house, closet, etc. So, I don’t know if this liability disclaimer is because of lawyers being extra cautious or if this tent should not legitimately be used for indoor gardening that is inside a house. So,  my advice is that if you decide to buy this tent that you watch this tent carefully, for at least until you feel confident that it is safe.


    First of all, as long as you have realistic expectations, for the average hobbyist cannabis grower, the Apollo is an excellent choice for a cheap grow tent.  Simply put,  Apollo Horticulture offers budget grow tents.  With budget grow tents it is unreasonable to expect that you are going to get a perfect grow tent, doesn’t leak a bit of light. Also, a lower priced growing tents are not going to be a sturdy as  premium grow tents.

    Dark Grow Space:  Light Leaks are a common complaint for all grow tents.   And it is not different for the Apollo Horticulture Grow tents.  Here, even  some  five and four-star reviews mentioned  Apollo Horticulture and its problems with light leakage. Therefore, for best results,  only use Apollo Horticulture grow tents  in dark areas, such as a closet or attic.

    But, based upon the Apollo’s 641 reviews and a 4.2 rating, Apollo Grow Tents serves the purpose for, which it was intended for: growing cannabis and other plants. Therefore, as long as you place your tent in a dark environment, use acceptable growing lights,  and you don’t move your grow tent around a lot,  it will most likely suit your needs.

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    Apollo Horticulture

    Apollo Horticulture is a Chinese based company that mainly manufacturers, both indoor gardening supplies. They sell their product on both Amazon and eBay.  Some of the products that they manufacture are:

    • Grow Tents: Grow row tent sizes ranging from 120″ X 60″ X 80″ to 36″ X 20″ X 62″. 
    • HID Grow Light Kits: Although the LED grow light is preferred, they do offer kits, which are suitable for a newbie indoor gardener.
    • Fluorescent Grow Lights
    • Grow Lights: 1200 Watts to 75 Watts
    • Reflectors: Combination glass and German aluminum, aluminum reflectors, Galvanized steel hood with German aluminum
    • Ventilation: Inline duct fans, carbon filters, and speed controllers
    • Bulbs and Ballasts: They offer (100 to 600 Watt) Ballasts, and MH, to MH light bulbs. 
    • T5 Grow Light System and T5 Light Bulbs
    • Miscellaneous: Timer Power Strips, Mylar Rolls, Poly Film Sheeting, Pruners, Hangers, and LED glasses


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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