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Is The Gorilla Grow Tent, The Thickest, Strongest, and Tallest?

Gorilla Grow Tents Review

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    Gorilla Grow Tent Company, also known as “GGT,” was founded in 2011, is a hydroponic grow tent company whose headquarters is located in Santa Rosa, California. Gorilla Grow Tent, as you would imagine, is known for making a premium grow tents. (GGT does offer grow lights, which I may review at a later date)

    The Gorilla Grow Tent is expensive ( Prices range from around $200 (2′ by 2.5′) to $2,400 (10″ by 20′) for their original and professional model. GGT’s consumer-oriented, Lite Line prices range from approximately $132 (2’X2.5′) to around $592 (8′ by 8′). They also have a Shorty model which allows you to grow your product in cramped spaces, GGT’s tents are made to be used by either the professional or the serious hobbyist or home grower.

    According to their company page, GGT goal was to revolutionize “Grow Tents,” by designing and manufacturing the tallest, thickest and strongest Grow Tent has a goal of transforming grow tents by making the GGT:

    • Smart
    • Strong
    • Safe
    • Noise-proof
    • Durable
    • Insulated.

    GGT’s utmost goal was to make the GGT not feel like a grow tent; but be like a traditional, permanent grow area. Gorilla’s, which GGT says are durable, smart, strong and reliable, are said by GGT to be a perfect illustration of the Gorilla Grow Tent‘s overall quality. (Personally, I don’t know how reliable gorillas are; but, I’ll give them a break as this is marketing)

    All this sounds great. But, is what GGT says true, or is it just bragging or marketing? Gorilla Grow tents are among the most expensive grow tents that you can buy. As a result, if you buy a Gorilla tent, you are going want to get your money worth. So, this million-dollar question must be asked:

    Are Gorilla Grow Tents Worth It?

    In my review, I will answer the above question by examining if Gorilla Grow Tents, are in fact, the tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent. I realize that their marketing claim is just that, marketing. Also, as I do not have the resources to purchase and test ever grow tent on the market, I can’t tell you if the GGT is the best for which they claim in their marketing.

    So, I will be basing my review on Gorilla Grow Tents’ overall quality and will not necessarily gauge the GGT against other tents. So, read more to find out if GGT grow tents are worth the price or whether or not your money is best spent elsewhere?

    Are GGT’s The Tallest Grow Tent?

    The GGT grow tent, at up to ten feet tall, (10′ can be achieved through an optional height extension kit) is plenty tall enough for both professional and hobbyist growers. Ten feet is a quite impressive height for a grow tent. But, GGT’s steller height isn’t their best feature. GGT grow tents extension ability, though, is very impressive. A Gorilla Grow tent‘s pole, height can be extended from seven to ten feet, which allows you to grow more, without having to purchase an additional tent.

    As a tall person at 6’4″ with a bad back, I hate bending over. As a result, I find that this included adjustable height extension quite an attractive benefit. This adjustable height extension makes the GGT suitable for most grow rooms, and also allows you to grow taller plants without you having to buy an additional tent. So, I would say that even if GGT is not the tallest grow tent available: Who Cares? They are tall enough, and GGT’s height extension kit makes the GGT tall enough for most growers.

    Is The Gorilla Grow Tent The Thickest?

    Thin tent fabric will most likely, result in canvas fabric ripping easier, leaking more lite, and generally, it will just make a less inviting, overall, growing environment.

    The problem of light penetration is a major issue that comes up when I am reviewing the various grow tents. For example, looking at other grow tent brands reviews the main complaint that I see is of pinholes, which allow sunlight to penetrate. I even see this complaint on newly purchased grow tents.

    Personally, for a lower-priced grow tent, I can deal with a few pinholes because they can be fixed by directly applying some duct tape. But, when I am paying a premium price for a grow tent (like the Gorilla Grow Tent), I am far less forgiving. So, enough beating the bush:

    Is The GGT Tent, Truly, The Toughest?

    The short answer is yes, which I will explain my reasoning for this claim below.

    Thread Density Rating-GGT grow tents have a thread density rating of 1680D, which is impressive as I could not find a single other grow tent on Amazon that was even close to 1680D. In fact, 600D was the densest, canvas, covering that I can find. So, based upon this product specification, GGT 1680D Canvas thread density makes the Gorilla Grow Tent one of the toughest, if not the toughest, grow tents that are on the market.

    Is The Gorilla Grow Tent The Strongest Grow Tent?

    Does the Gorilla Grow Tent, live up to their mascot by having the comparable strength of a Gorilla?

    After viewing their website and doing a bit of research, I would say it does. First of all, unlike many grow tents, the Gorilla Grow tent frame is solid metal. Granted, it would be tough to research this; but, GGT claims that their interlocking frame is two to five times stronger than their competitors. They also claim that the metal bars can hold up to 300 pounds and you can see pictures on their website with two people hanging on the inner bars. I haven’t been able to test the 300 pounds out claim yet. But, I am confident that Gorilla Grow Tents are quite strong as I have seen pictures of people hanging on the GGT frame.

    Gorilla Grow Tent‘s Products

    Gorilla Grow Tent offers an array of, professionally designed grow tents f for both the professional grower and the hobbyist. GGT’s three main grow tents are shown below.

    • Gorilla Grow Tent (Original)-Their original professionally designed grow tent. (2×2.5 to 10×20)
    • Gorilla Lite– The Gorilla Lite tent series is GGT’s budget line of grow tent.  (2×2.5  to 8×8)
    • Gorilla Shorty-The Shorty is designed for growers who are facing height restrictions in their grow areas.  (2×2.5  to 4×8)


    First of all, GGT is an excellent, grow tent. Also, the GGT has different product lines that should make the GGT affordable for both hobbyists and professional growers. GGT tents are also user-friendly.  For example, their tents offer large EZ view windows, which offer “easy grow snapshots”-allows you to safely look at your plants.  Also, the doorway for their tents has convenient 360 degree access.

    Gorilla Tents have tents for everyone at every level.  For professional growers, you will need to the best tent that you can afford, and if you want to grow cannabis indoors professionally and you need a grow tent, the GGT will suit your needs. With the Gorilla Lite Line, you can buy an entry-level GGT (2’x2.5′) for under $132. I realize that 2’x2.5 is small, but if you are a newbie grower, you will likely want to start off small and then expand later. So, if $132 is affordable, and 2’x2.5 model works for you, I would not penny-pinch on something as crucial as a grow tent and buy an inferior tent.  Finally, for those wanting to grow in either a closet, attic or another cramped area the Gorilla Shorty will suit your needs.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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