VIVOSUN Tent Review

The VIVOSUN, 2-in-1, Is a budget, highly rated, multi-chamber, grow tent that can be purchased on Amazon. As stated, the VIVOSUN has  has three separate areas for both vegetation, flowering, and propogation.   Three rooms is quite unique for a grow tent at this price.  These three chambers allow a beginner to grow cannabis throughout the year.   The VIVOSUN also has impressive specifications.  However is the VIVOSUN as good as they claim?  

Read my VIVOSUN grow tent review to find out. . . 


  • Dimensions: 3’x2’ X to 4’x3’
  • Exterior Fabric: 600D Canvas
  • Interior Fabric: Mylar
  • Warranty:
  • Multiple Chambers: Vegetation, Flowering, and Propagation.

Verified Purchaser Review Summary

The VIVOSUN grow tent recently had hundreds of reviews. However,  as of April 20, 2019, only 15 reviews showed up, and the oldest review is December 29, 2018.  Also, almost all of the reviews mentioning the  VIVOSUN tent having problems with pinholes were deleted.

I don’t know why the reviews are missing. So, it’s anyone's guess, on whether the reviews are missing because of this being a new version of the 2 in 1, fake bad reviews from a competitor or other unknown reason. As a result, I am not removing any summaries of quality control issues that are missing as VIVOSUN, 2 in 1, grow tent still could be suffering from quality control problems.

Please note, that other than the size, the VIVOSUN’s, 2 in 1, grow tents are mostly the same. Therefore, the reviews below include both the 3’x2’ and  4’x3’ Grow Tents.


  • Multi-Chambers: VIVOSUN has three separate growing areas (flowering, propagation, and vegging), which allows for you to theoretically grow weed for 365 days-of-the-year without having to buy another grow tents for each growing phase. This feature is unique for a grow tent at this price level. 
  • Quality Material: 600D Canvas, which is known for being a favorite, for lower-priced grow tents, as it is renowned for being strong, durable, and reasonably priced.
  • Easy To Set Up: Purchaser’s noted that it could take from five to 20 minutes for full setup. Also, one verified purchaser noted that tools weren’t even necessary to assemble the VIVOSUN.
  • Frame: VIVOSUN's Frame is made of top-quality lightweight aluminum, which is plenty strong to support the 600D mylar.
  • Quality Zippers: Faulty zippers are a common complaint about many grow tents. The VIVOSUN uses, Chinese made SBS Zippers, which are made by a Chinese company founded in 1984. SBS, along with their rival YKK (Japanese) control over 50% of the zipper market. Therefore, it is a reasonable assumption, SBS zipper would not be as successful if their zippers were substandard. Also, multiple positive reviews back up the VIVOSUN’s claim of their SBS zippers being well made.


  • Reflective Surface: There are complaints about VIVOSUN'S reflective interior being poorly designed. For example, the color black is used in the grow tent when white, as it reflects light better, should only be used. Also, a few purchasers complained that VIVOSUN'S Diamond mylar surface is not very shiny.
  • Pinholes: Six recent reviews, from November 2018 to spring 2019, complained that the VIVOSUN tent contained multiple pinholes and light leaks. One verified purchaser said that approximately 30 pinoles were in the VIVIO after he received it, in the mail. Also, there were several recent mentions concerning the fabric seams tearing easily.
  • Insufficiently Vetted: Usually, I would like at least 100 reviews before I write a review for a product. The VIVOSUN though as of Spring 2019, only has 15 reviews and, as I stated before, hundred of reviews are missing. The reason for picking VIVOSUN for review is that it is very reasonably priced and because the VIVOSUN is multi-chambered. VIVOSUN is not an unknown grow tent company as its regular grow tent has over 686 reviews and a 4.2 rating. Therefore, because VIVOSUN’s regular grow tent is highly rated, I decided that, even though it had limited reviews, I felt it was okay for me to review the VIVOSUN. However, I realize that as there were only 15 recent reviews for the VIVOSUN, any conclusions made are suspect.
  • Customer Service: VIVOSUN’S customer service is limited to email.  However, to be fair  purchasers noted that VIVOSUN is very responsive. But, especially for a Chinese company I find email only support troubling. 


The VIVIOSUN  due to it being a complete grow tent with its multiple chambers, reasonable price, and high Amazon ratings seems like a definite candidate for being among the top grow tent for beginning  and non commercial cannabis growers. However, because of the numerous recent complaints concerning “light leaks” and other quality complaints, I didn't pick VIVOSUN as being the best grow tent for beginners.


 VIVOSUN'S reviews mentioned several “pinholes” and other quality problems that occurred from March 24, 2018, to March 2019.  What was especially notable what that in early 2019 six reviewers mentioned that their grow tent was riddled with holes.
During that same period,  they received 14 one-star reviews that mentioned either a light leakage problem or other quality issues.  Also, from March 24, 2018, to March 2019, VIVOSUN had only 18 one-star reviews, and 14 of the 18 one star reviews occurred in 2018 to March 2019.
These pinholes and other problems can be fixed. But, when buying a new grow tent, you should not have to repair and holes. Also, multiple pinholes being found in new products indicates overall shoddy workmanship.
To be fair, during that same time, VIVOSUN did have numerous positive reviews. However, as the quality complaints are recent and multiple; I can’t ignore them, and write them off as a fluke as it seems VIVOSUN may be having quality control issues that need to be addressed. Also, the sudden removal of Vivosun tent reviews is also disturbing. 


Taking into account its deficiencies, the VIVIOSUN is an acceptable choice for those who have limited space for their grow room, and who want to grow cannabis all year.

First of all, you will have a tough time finding another three-chamber grow tent at VIVOSUN's price. Granted, their are quality issues concerning pinholes.   But, If you are going to place your grow tent in a dark area, a few light holes shouldn't matter as all you have to do is plug any pinholes in the tent with duct-tape or sealant. As long as you thoroughly inspect your tent upon receiving it, you'll be able to return the VIVOSUN for either a replacement or a refund.
Therefore, if you can deal with VIVOSUN'S potential problems, because of its low price, advanced options, and it being a complete solution for growers wanting to grow all year, the VIVOSUN 2-in-1 is an excellent choice for marijuana growers wanting to have a steady yearly supply of weed.

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