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Best HPS, HID, MH Grow Lights

Compared to LED grow lights HID grow lights are second-rate technology. LED grow lights drastically cut your energy bill, last longer, and result in a better yield. Therefore, LED grow lights should be the preferred choice for most cannabis growers.
HID grow lights are initially cheaper than LED grow lights. (LED grow lights price though are increasingly becoming more reasonably priced) So, HID grow lights are a popular choice for cannabis growers with a limited budget. Also, HID grow lights aren't a wrong choice for marijuana gardeners who are used to HID lights and don't feel like changing to LED or cannabis growers who are only growing a few plants.


High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights (”HID”) conduct electricity through either a glass or ceramic tube, which contains a gas mixture. Light is created when the gas inside the tube is lit, and different gas mixtures result in distinctive light colors. Also, the various light colors work best with the respective plant growth stages. HID lighting is two times as energy efficient as fluorescent grow lights.

Other than the HID lamp itself, the following are needed for HID grow lights:

  • Ballasts: ballasts enable HID lights to work with the typical household electrical currents of 120 volts by regulating the electrical currents that are required to light the HID bulb.
  • Reflector:  Reflectors are a cover over the hid lights, which are used to direct the lights over your cannabis plants.


One disadvantage with HID grow lights is that, for maximum performance, with HID you will be required to physically change the lights upon going into the different plant growth stages. As a result, you should purchase both HPS and MH bulbs, which are described below:

High Pressure Sodium (”HPS”) Light Bulbs

HPS light bulbs are durable as they can last up to 18 months before they burn out and need to be replaced. More importantly, HPS light bulbs, give off yellow, red, and orange color, which is perfect for the flowering stage of plant growth. But, HPS light bulbs are not ideal for the vegging growth stage for plants.

The red, orange and yellow coloring of an HPS light bulb tends to distort the atmosphere where they are being used. So, HPS lights are not the right choice for a living room or an area where people hang out.  However, using a grow tent or grow box will solve this abnormal lighting issue problem.

Metal Halid (”MH”) Light Bulbs

MH grow lights give off a blue light that's optimal for the vegging plant growth stage for cannabis. Good MH light bulbs will result in a quality, compact, cannabis leaves. However, as you have probably guessed, using MH bulbs during the flowering growth stage results in lower flower yields. MH lights are unobtrusive as, unlike, LED and HPS they don't distort the colors of your living area. Also, MH, unlike LED can safely be viewed without needing any special glasses.

Best Practices For Using  MH, HPS For Pot Growing Lights

With HID lights, using both HPS and MH light bulbs at the same time will allow your cannabis plants to receive all of the lights spectrums that are essential for vegging to flowering.
However, for best practices, you should use either HPS exclusively for flowering or MH only for the vegging growth stage.


Most professional growers would not recommend using HID grow lights over LED grow lights. The added cost of LED grow lights is also less of a factor as LED grow lights have become increasingly cheaper. So, you'd be better to invest in a few more dollars, and purchase LED grow lights.
The only exception to my LED grow lights recommendation is if you are already familiar with HID lighting, have already bought and set up your HID growing light system, and you aren't concerned about the extra energy costs (compared to LED) that come with HID lighting.

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