LED: Best Grow Light For Weed

led grow lights vs hps

Light Emitting Diode (”LED”) lighting is a relatively, modern lighting technology, which is more versatile, efficient and also less costly than either incandescent or CFL light bulbs. LED lighting works when an electrical current goes through a microchip, which results in the LED turning into light. Also, with LED technology the heat that’s produced by the LED lights absorbs into a “Heat Sink,” which results in less heat being released.

Why choose LED for your grow lights?

 LED lights cost more. So, you could be asking yourself if the extra cost is worth it or not. That’s a good question, and to quickly answer your question: ”Yes, it is worth it.” If you are going to either commercially grow or make growing cannabis more than a hobby. But, I’m sure you’re wondering why. So, I will go over the advantages of LED lighting over the traditional compact fluorescent light (”CFL”), incandescent and HID lights.

led grow lights vs hps

Blue LED Lights

  • Save Money-LED lighting initially does cost more. However, in the long run, you'll save money with LED grow lights. First of all, LED lights, on average, use at least 75% less energy than the alternatives. Cannabis, as it is a flowering plant, needs a lot of energy.  So, this 75% savings could means substantial savings if you grow weed using LED light bulbs. The typical LED light bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent lights. In fact, LED lights have been known to last up to 11 years of continuous use.
  • Cooler-LED light bulbs do get hot. However, the heat from a LED bulb is lessened by a heat sink that absorbs heat from the LED light bulb. Having LED light bulbs to emit less heat is good for the following reasons: A.)Plant Quality-if it gets too hot your cannabis yield will be lessened, and also your plants may burn. B.)Efficiency-The more heat you have the less light you’ll have. C.) Savings-Cannabis and most plants require that room temperature is from around 70 to 85 degrees. Incandescent and halogen lighting generates light through heat, which results in them using up to 90% of their energy to make heat instead of light. This can result in your grow space needing extra cooling. So, as LED lighting has a relatively low temperature, a quality LED does not require any additional cooling.
  • Energy Efficiency-The energy savings for LED lights are significant as they are approximately 80%+ more efficient than either CFL or incandescent light bulbs. I’ll attempt to not get too geeky for you; but, LED lights focus the light in a specific direction, which results in the need for diffusers and reflectors being lessened, which in turn means more energy efficiency. On the other hand, CFL and incandescent lighting spread the heat out all over, which results in the light being released in every direction and light being lost. The only way to fix this problem with CFL lights is by purchasing separate equipment that will make the CFL bulb be able to focus its light better.
  • ECO Friendly-LED light bulbs do not contain any hazardous materials, unlike older lighting sources, which are known to carry mercury and other dangerous substances. Also, LED light bulbs are also 100% recyclable.
  • Durability-LED lighting, because of its durability, is also known as "Solid State Lighting." LED light uses a semiconductor instead of the neon or filament that is used for other forms of lighting. Semiconductors are more sturdy and are able to take more abuse than either incandescent lighting or neon light bulb
  • Instantly On-The majority of fluorescent and HID lighting takes time before they are at they are fully bright. In fact, it can take up to three minutes for fluorescent and HID lighting to reach their maximum brightness. In contrast, their  no warm-up period needed for LED lighting. All you have to do is turn them on and they’ll be at 100% brightness.  
  • Control-LED light bulbs can be dimmed, and turned different colors.
  • Full Spectrum-LED lighting mimics the full range (spectrum) of light that is needed for growing weed. 
  • On and Off-With LED lighting, frequently turning the light on or off will not affect its life or brightness.

Lumens Vs. Watts


LED lights are classified by how much light they release or their brightness. This measurement of brightness is called lumens. The more lumens you have, the brighter it will be.
Lumens Chart


Watts is a measurement of the amount of energy needed to power a light source, I.e., Light bulbs. With watts, you measure how fast energy is used. A CFL or other older type of lighting may be just as bright as a LED light. But, that CFL light will use more energy to be just as bright as the LED light.

For your reference, I’ve included the following chart  to the side  and a table below, which can help you  convert watts to lumens.

For your reference, I’ve included the following chart to the side and a table below, which can help you convert watts to lumens.


(Incandescent Light Bulbs










LED Grow Lights Vs. HID Grow Lights

HID light bulbs (HPS and MH) are categorized by the type of gas the is used inside the light bulb. High Pressure Sodium (”HPS”) and Metal Halide (”MH”) are the two most common types of HID light bulbs.  HPS and MH each produce different colors of the visual light spectrum.

However, LED lights are cheaper than ever now; as a result, there is no real advantage to choosing HID grow lights instead of LED lighting as LED lighting is superior technology as it provides the following benefits over HID grow lights.
The only reason one would choose HPS over adequate LED lighting is for the following reasons:.

  • Low Funds-HPS, initially, is cheaper than LED lights.
  • Used To HPS-If, you already have an HPS grow light system that works well for you it could be a mistake to switch to LED lighting suddenly as LED lights do have a slight learning curve. Instead, you should gradually test out LED lighting for your cannabis and then, if you desire, slowly make the transition into LED lights.

LED Lighting provides the following advantages over HPS:

  • Energy savings-LED lights use up to 60% less energy than HPS or MH grow lights. This reduced energy consumption for LED results in an added benefit of less heat being released, which means you are less likely to need added air conditioning or venting to cool off your room than when HID grow lights are used.
  • Full Spectrum Lights-LED lighting is a one size fits all as supplemental lighting is not needed if you are using quality full spectrum lighting.
  • Less Equipment-HPS and MH grow lights, unlike LED lights, required added equipment like a ballast. (Ballast is used to regulate voltage) Also, LED light bulbs can last 100 times more than HPS bulbs.
  • HPS Is Harder to Operate- To get maximum yield for weed, and save on energy costs, HID grow lights requires you to use different light bulbs for the various stages of plant growth. Both HPS and MH grow bulbs perform different