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Review Of The Budget Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light

Is The Bloomspect The Best Sub $100 Grow Light?

The Bloomspect 600W (1,200W and 2,200W are also available) by  is a Chinese manufactured full spectrum, LED, grow light that can be purchased for under $100.
At first glance, the 600W LED light has very impressive specifications. However, many other full Spectrum LED grow light manufacturer's make promises concerning their LED grow lights that they are unable to deliver.   So, the following question needs to be asked:

"Is the Bloomspect's LED grow light a good purchase or should you stay away from this cheap LED grow light? 

Read more to find out . . .


  • Chips: Dual Chip-Bridgelux-Series B600
  • Lighting: 600W at 60-10 Watt Bulbs
  • Power Consumption: Can substitute for a 600W, HID grow setup while using only 400 Watts
  • Coverage: 2.5'x 2.5' Grow Area
  • Reported Life: 100,000 Hours
  • Included Equipment:1-Light, 1-6' Power Cord, 1- Hanging Kits
  • Warranty: Two Year Warranty With A 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • UV/IR: No

Customer Review Summary


  • Excellent Value: This is the best LED full spectrum grow light for the price as this 600W light features numerous features that generally only appear with a higher priced LED growing lights.
  • Durable: The 600W model had very few complaints concerning its bulbs burning out prematurely, and  one verified purchase mentioned that, after six months, their were no burned out bulbs.
  • Temperature Control:  Fan works quickly in getting the growing area to its optimum temperature.
  • Excellent Reviews: Only nine one-star reviews out of 180 total reviews.
  • Seedlings And Vegetation: This 600W light was praised for its working well for both cannabis seedlings and vegetation. This praise was even given by reviewers who complained about its ability to work in the flowering growth stage.
  •  Area: Unlike other manufacturers, the coverage area listed by the manufacturer is mostly accurate. This conclusion is based upon both positive reviews and also very few complaints stating that the coverage for the 600W was exaggerated.
  • Par Value: Par value meets or exceed many similar or higher priced LED lights.


  • IV, UR: Unlike many other LED light manufacturers, Bloomspect does not offer Ultraviolet lighting, This might not be a problem because  ultraviolet lights have not been scientifically proven to increase the THC levels in cannabis.  However, many experienced cannabis growers do use ultraviolet lighting. 
  • Customer Service: A reviewer complained about customer service asking him to disassemble the light. However, Bloomspect replied that they only wanted the purchaser to see if a wire was loose. This is a "He Said," "She Said," situation. However, if you are not mechanically inclined, this grow light may not be a good fit.
  • Blooming: A few reviewers have complained that the 600W LED light is not suitable for the flower growth stage in cannabis.
  • Daisy Chain: The  Bloomspect  600W LED, at one time, did have  daisy chain (daisy chain allows you to connect grow lights together more easily) capability. However, the feature is not shown on their product page, and reviewers noted that it was also missing. Assuming it is missing, I am baffled why they decided not to include this feature for their latest 600W  LED light models as this is a great feature. 

Final Thoughts

Based upon its impressive specifications, excellent reviews and its price, the Bloomspect 600W LED Grow is NOW the best LED grow light for under $100. Granted, at least on Amazon, the Bloomspect does not have as many reviews as the Apollo. (Over 500 reviews) . However, Bloomspect does have 180 reviews, which is more than enough reviews to figure out the overall quality of the Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light.

One minor complaint is that ultraviolet lighting is not included. First of all, the 600W is a  budget growing light.  So, it is not reasonable to expect the 600W to have ultraviolet lighting when some of the more expensive grow lights don't have UV lights included.  Also,  as I said before,  UV light  exposure has not been proven to increase marijuana THC levels. So it is questionable if UV lighting is needed.  However, If UV/IR does, hypothetically, increase THC levels (or you just want to experiment), it would not be that expensive, (especially sense the 600W is a cheap grow light) for you  to buy buy extra ultraviolet lighting.  

Assuming that Daisy Chain function was in fact removed  it was a mistake. However, to put it in perspective, most under $100 models do not have daisy chain capability. However, since Bloomspect had this capability, at one time, it was not wise for them to remove that capability.

What I especially liked about the Bloomspect, is that there were few complaints concerning its bulbs prematurely burning out, and even one 600W reviewer  stated that he had no problems with lights burning out after being used for six months.  This is impressive because  most LED grow light companies, including the more expensive growing light makers, have numerous claims relating to  bulbs dying out too early.  The 600W also has many other indicators, like the quality fan and temperature control, that signal that the 600W  growing light is well made. 

In Conclusion

The 600W is an excellent fit for beginning or hobbyist marijuana growers. And for its price, and features that it has, it simply can't beat. That's why I now consider the Bloomspect 600 LED to be the best under $100 LED grow lights currently available.

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