Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

Is The Bloomspect 600W The Best Sub $100 Grow Light?

The Bloomspect 600W reviews is a Chinese manufactured full spectrum, LED, grow light that definitely could be considered a __________ as it can be purchased for below $100. It also comes in 1,200 watts and 2,000-watt models.
At first glance, the specifications for this LED grow light are quite impressive. However, many LED grow light manufacturers claims about specifications are either misleading or even downright false. So, the question needs to be asked:

"Is the Bloomspect 600W a good purchase or should you stay away from this _______ LED grow light?

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Bloomspect 600W Led Grow Light Review


  • Chips: Dual Chip-Bridgelux-Series B600
    Lighting: 600 Watts at 60-10 Watt Bulbs
    Energy Savings: Can substitute for a 600 Watts, HID lighting while using only 400 watts.
    Coverage Area: 2.5'x 2.5'
    Reported Life: 100,000 Hours
    Included Equipment:1-Light, 1-6' Power Cord, 1- Hanging Kit
    Warranty: Two Year Warranty With A 30-Day Return
    UV/IR: No

Customer Review Summary


  • Excellent Value:  Best grow light for the price and the numerous features that are included.
  •  Great Coverage:  Each light has its own reflectors, which means coverage is improved.
  • Durable:  Very few complaints concerning burned out bulbs. One verified purchase/reviewer mentioned that, after six months, he had no burned out light bulbs.
  • Temperature Control: Fan quickly works to control your grow area to an optimum temperature.
  • Excellent Reviews:  Only nine one-star reviews out of 180 total reviews.
  •  Seedlings And Vegetation: Universally, the Bloomspect 600W was praised for its working well for both cannabis seedlings and vegetation. This praise was even given by reviewers who complained about Bloomspects ability to work in the flowering growth stage.
  • Coverage Area: The grow coverage area listed by the manufacturer, based upon reviews, is said to be quite accurate. Also, I saw very few complaints concerning Bloomspect exaggerating the grow coverage area, which is unusual, as a common complaint concerning other LED grow lights, is that the grow coverage area listed by the manufacturer is often exaggerated.
  • Par Value:The par value rivals or exceeds many similar or even higher priced LED grow lights.


  • IV, UR Lighting: UV/IR lights are not included, while many LED lights, at this price range, have UV/IR lights. UV/IR-lighting has not been proven to increase the THC levels in cannabis. So, no UV/IR may not be an issue.
  • Customer Service:  Reviewer complained about customer service asking him to disassemble the light. However, Bloomspect replied that they only wanted the purchaser to see if a wire was loose. This is he said, she said issue. However, if you are not mechanically inclined, the Bloomspect may not be a good fit.
  •  Blooming: A few reviewers have complained that the Bloomspect 600W is not suitable for the flower growth stage in Cannabis.
  • Daisy Chain: The Bloomspect 600W, at one time, did have the daisy chain (daisy chain allows you to connect grow lights together more easily) capability. Therefore, it is disappointing if Bloomspect did decide to not included it for the current 600W LED grow lights.

Final Thoughts

The Bloomspect based upon its impressive specifications, excellent reviews and price is NOW the best, under a $100 grow light. Grated, at least on Amazon, Bloomspect wasn't as well vetted as the Apollo (over 500 reviews) as it only has 180 reviews. However, Bloomspect does have 180 reviews, which should be more than enough reviews to figure out the overall quality of the Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light. 

A few minor complains are that no UV/IR is included. First of all, as I said before, UV/IR light has not been proven to increase THC levels in marijuana. So, UV/IR may not even be necessary. But, also if UV/IR does increase THC levels, I believe this complaint is not warranted based upon the lower price of the Bloomspect 600W grow light.

Assuming that Daisy Chain function was in fact removed by Bloomspect, it was a mistake. Usually, under $100 LED grow lights would not have daisy chain capability. However, since Bloomspect had this capability, at one time, it was not wise for them to remove that capability. 

What I especially liked about the Bloomspect, is that there were few complaints concerning its lights prematurely burning out. Most LED grow lights, even the more expensive LED grow lights, have numerous claims relating to lights dying out too early. For example, one purchaser stated that he had no problems with lights going out after six months of use. Also, the Bloomspect, like the quality fan and temperature control, seems to have many features that indicate this is a well-made light. 


4.5 stars out of 5 stars, based upon 180 reviews

In conclusion

Bloomspect 600W is a great light that will work wonders for the hobbyist marijuana grower. And for its price, and features that it has, it simply can't beat. That's why I now consider the Bloomspect 600 LED Grow Light to be the best under $100 LED grow light currently available.

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