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Guide To Buying The Best CFL Grow Lights

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Compact Fluorescent lights (”CFL”) are easily recognized by there spiral, curly design. This distinctive look results in CFL bulbs being more compact than regular fluorescent bulbs.
A CFL cannabis grow light setup does not produce as high as yield as LED lighting technology.  However, for beginning growers and those who have a small operation (I.E. only growing one to two cannabis plants), a CFL light setup will work wonders.
CFL grow lights have a few limitations. But, under the above circumstances, they are an acceptable choice for a newbie cannabis grower or the hobbyist Marijuana gardener who only  is growing a few plants.

Some of the reasons you would choose CFL grow lights are for the following reasons:


  • Cost: CFL bulbs are significantly cheaper than LED grow lights and, compared to incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs can result in up to 80 energy savings.
  • Easy To Set Up: You don’t need any special equipment to use CFL  lights as all you have to do is simply plug the light into a socket.
  • Lower Learning Curve: With CFLs you will not have to worry about using a particular light for a specific growth stage as CFL works good enough for both the flowering and growth stage.  Also, because of CFL's simplicity, the number of lights needed can be easily calculated at around 150 watts per plant.
  • Beginners Friendly: Great way to learn how to grow weed as CFLs work well for growing from one to two marijuana plants.
  • Compact: CFL works great for a small grow space.
  • Significant Yield: If you grow your cannabis plants using hydroponic methods, you can realistically expect from one to three ounces of usable cannabis when using CFL bulbs. (The exact yield depends upon the marijuana strain, size of the plant, etc.)
  • Versatile: CFL works perfectly if you either start from cannabis seedlings or use clones. Also, if you upgrade to LED lights, you can easily use your CFL light bulbs for dedicated vegging.


CFL grow lights aren’t the right choice if you fall under any of the following circumstances:

  • Want To Grow More Than Two Cannabis Plants: CFL bulbs may be more energy efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs. However,  if you are  growing more than two cannabis plants, your energy bill will be very high, and you should seriously consider LED lighting for your indoor grow operation.  Therefore, CFL bulbs, they are only suitable  for those who have a small cannabis garden.
  • Labor Intensive:  CFL bulbs are  placed approximately eight inches to a foot from your cannabis plants.  As a result, depending upon how quick your plants grow, you may have to adjust the height of the lamp for your cannabis plants from one to two times a week.  This is not a big chore for one to two plants; however, adjusting your lights height can get tedious if you have more than two plants.  And if you forget to make the height adjustments, your cannabis plants may burn or the yield will be reduced.
  • Hazardous Material: CFL light bulbs contain mercury which, is a hazardous material. So, you need to be extra careful that you don’t break any light bulbs. And if you do break any CFL bulbs, you will have to make sure that you clean up your area, and properly dispose of any broken bulbs.  Click Here, for more info concerning safety precautions concerning CFL light bulbs. 
  • Dimmer Switches: Most CFL light bulbs will not work with dimmer switches.
  • Off and On: CFL bulbs are said to last up to 10,000 hours. However, if you frequently turned on or off your CFL light bulbs, their lifespan will be considerably reduced.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

 If you are going to be growing more than two cannabis plants; it is highly recommended that you look into using LED lights. Click Here to find out my take on LED lighting technology. 

For more general info on CFL light bulbs Go HERE