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Ultimate Growing Weed Equipment List

Indoor Marijuana Equipment Growing List

Cannabis Growing Equipment

If you don't have all of the essential marijuana growing room equipment, you are doomed to failure. That is why this comprehensive marijuana grow supply list is so important. 

FYI- You may want to consider purchasing a cannabis growing kit, which may include all of the equipment below. But, if you're going to buy your equipment individually, here is your list.  This list is divided into two sections: Mandatory Marijuana Grow Equipment and Optional Marijuana Grow Equipment.

Mandatory  Marijuana Growing Equipment

  • Grow Lights:  These are essential cannabis growing supplies because as you will be gardening indoors, you’ll need artificial light for your plants. For beginners, I would recommend either compact florescent light ("CFL") or LED Grow lights. LED Grow lights cost more. But they will save you money on your power bills, and your yield will be better for your cannabis plants. However, LED grow lights have a bit of a learning curve. CFL lights are an excellent equipment choice for newbies or for those who only are wanting to grow one to two cannabis plants as they are quite easy to operate. However, compared to LED, CFL lights have a poor yield.  Click The following link for more information on LED lights. 
  • Extraction Fans:  They're essential gear for any indoor marijuana growing  operation.  Extraction fans, cycle fresh air in and out and keep your room or tent's temperature down.  Doing this is essential because a humid and hot tent will result in mold and also be more likely to attract insects. The number of fans that you’ll need depends upon the size of your grow tent or cannabis growing area.
  • Circulating Fan:  A circulating fan helps replicate outdoor breezes. The only requirement is that they should have adjustable speed.
  • Carbon Filters: Marijuana entering the flowering  phase emits a robust and recognizable smell. C02 filters helps you eliminate this distinctive “weed"  that comes from cannabis plants.
  • Medium:   I don't know if technically medium can be classified as equipment. However, medium (what you are using to grow your plants) is very important. Regular potting soil  is perfectly fine for beginners as it tends to be more forgiving of mistakes than hydroponic mediums like coco coir.  
  • Fertilizer (Liquid): Quality fertilizer is a make it or break it moment.  It it is recommended that you buy fertilizer that contains the following: 7% nitrogen, 6% Potash, and 5% Phosphate. Fertilizer labels make it easy for you to purchase this type of furniture as all you need to do is look at three, bold, numbers on the package.  The first number is nitrogen, the second number is potash, and the third number is  phosphate. 
  • Watering CanYour watering can should hold at least ten liters or three gallons.  (This gardening equipment is so obvious that you may forget to buy it.)  
  • Timer:  When growing  cannabis indoors, using a grow tent or dedicated growing area,  you will want to, as best as you can, mimic the outdoor environment. So, as the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day, you’ll need to turn your lights on and off during the day. Granted, if you don’t have a timer, you can turn your lights off and on manually. But, without a light timer, to assure a good harvest you’ll need to stay home and manually turn your lights on and off.  In essence, a timer is essential equipment if you want to have a social life.
  • Small Pots (One to Two Gallons): To prevent over watering, you’ll use small pots for weed clones and also marijuana seedlings. Buy a separate pot for each plant. 
  • Large Pots (Five To Seven Liters) : Large pots are where you want to transfer your plants when they  get bigger and begin flowering. 
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer: To ensure an optimum yield, you will need to make sure your room or  tents are at the correct temperature and at the optimum humidity.  A combination of thermometer and hygrometer will allow you to do just that, and they are cheap at less than $20. So, buy one!
  • Cannabis Seeds or Clones: You’ll need to decide whether or not you’ll want to use seeds or clones. If you are using seeds, I would consider buying your cannabis seeds from an online seed bank.   Click Here, for an example of an online cannabis seed bank.  This is another, don't know if sees are equipment or not.  But, who cares?  This is important!
  • Pure Water: Unless you are sure that your water source it potable, you  should use a  water filter to ensure that your water doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients like fluoride or other contaminants. You can get your water either via through a filter or buy water by the gallon at your local store.
  • Best Soil And Hydroponic PH Testers-Meters:  Too high or too low PH levels in your garden can be disastrous. That is why it is essential that you know the PH level of your cannabis plants.  You can buy PH test strips for under $10. So, you have no excuse.  Click the above link for more information

Optional Marijuana Grow Equipment

  • Grow Tent or Grow Box: If you are growing marijuana in a dark area (closet, attic, etc.) a tent or box is not absolutely essential, as you can purchase a Mylar sheet to stop any light coming into your room. However, if you can afford it, I would recommend that you purchase either a grow tent box.   They not only make it easier for you to maintain an acceptable growing environment for; but, they also work to keep pests and mold away from your plants.
  • CO2 Regulators:  This isn't absolutely necessary. But,  Proper carbon dioxide levels can potentially improve your cannabis yield up to  30%.