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CO2 Grow Room Setup: Perfect CO2 For Your Grow Room

CO2 Generators Buyers Guide

Without appropriate levels of C02, at best your cannabis plants will be stunted, and at worst they will die.  That is why CO2 regulators are an essential partco2 regulator of any indoor cannabis growing operation. 

Please note, CO2 regulators and generators will be used interchangeably. 

Without appropriate levels of C02, at best your cannabis plants will be stunted, and at worst they will die. That is why CO2 regulators are an essential part of any indoor cannabis growing operation.

A C02 regulator’s job is to release the appropriate amount of carbon dioxide into your grow area for your cannabis plants. It is essential that the CO2 is released in a controlled fashion because too much CO2 (1,500 PPM or Higher) will damage your plants. If CO2 is released at the proper levels you can realistically expect to your marijuana yield increased by up to 30%. Adequate C02 levels help ensure that your yield is maximized. In fact, CO2 at the proper levels can result in your harvest being increased by up to 30%.

In summary, too little C02 (less than 200 PPM) may retard your cannabis plant’s growth. Over 2,000 PPM CO2 will likely kill or severely reduce the yield for your cannabis plants, and over 5,000 PPM CO2 is dangerous for people. The sweet spot for CO2 levels is between 1,000 to 1,500 PPM Carbon Dioxide.

How Does C02 Help Cannabis Plants?

Appropriate levels, of C02, in your grow area, provides the following benefits in both the veg and flowering growth stages:

  • Pests Infestation Reduction– Increased CO2 helps eliminate your grow areas of pests, like white flies, mites, and other harmful insects.
  • Toughness-More CO2 means that your plants will be better able to deal with problems like over watering, too much heat, dryness, and other issues.

    Signs Of Too Much Or Too Little  C02?

  •  No Results– Your marijuana plants don’t seem to be growing even if you have everything right and what you are supposed to have done. I.E., Right amount of water, grow lights used appropriately, no pest infestation, etc.
  • Takes Forever To Get To Flowering Stage-If it takes longer than usual, or your plants can seem to get to the flowering growth stage, you’ll likely need more C02.
  • Substandard Yield-A disappointing could be the result of too little C02 in your grow room.
  • Plants Die-You may need more C02 when you’ve done what you are supposed to have done, apply tender loving care to your marijuana plants and your cannabis plants still die or your harvest is substandard.  This can be the result of either too much CO2 or too little CO2.

How Do You Regulate C02?

Along with buying and using a C02 regulator, or another store-bought CO2 controller, you should do the following to help ensure proper CO2 levels:

  • Fertilizers-You should increase the ratio of ammonium to nitrate for your fertilizer.
  • Humidity– Humidity needs to be kept between 40-60%.
  • Temperature-Temperature should never be lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 86 degrees.
  • Light Intensity-The more intense the light the more CO2 is absorbed. However, you must be careful to make sure that you’re not overheating your plants.

Solutions For CO2 Control

Mechanical C02 Regulators

As stated, C02 regulators help you achieve the optimum levels for your indoor growing operation. A C02 regulator (sometimes called generator) is composed of three parts: controller, tank and the regulator. CO2 regulators, in most cases, is the most expensive option for CO2 Regulation and is commonly used by commercial marijuana growers. A CO2 regulator is composed of the following parts and can be bought as a kit, or separately:

  • Tank-The tank contains the C02 that is used for your plants.
  • Regulator-A regulator released the CO2 into your grow room.
  • The controller-the controller allows you to program your regulator to emit the correct CO2 levels at the appropriate time.

Inexpensive Co2 Regulation Options

If you are hobbyist cannabis grower you do not need to spend extra money on a pre-built CO2 generator as a C02 bag or bucket or, mushroom boxes will work, and these alternatives can cost less than $30:

  • CO2 Bags: All you have to do with C02 bags is to hang them above your cannabis plants. Manufacturers claim that a bag will last up to six months and, depending upon the size of the room, will supply up to 1,500 PPM carbon dioxide.
  • C02 Buckets: CO2 buckets are designed to release CO2 gradually. All you have to do is open them up, place the bucket on the floor or hang
  • Mushroom Bags: Are an organic method of controlling CO2. Mushroom Bags combined with a cycled exhaust system release CO2 in your grow area. All you have to do is open the bag and let it do its thing. However, Amazon’s mushroom bag does have poor ratings at only 2.3 out of 5, based upon 32 customer reviews.

Final Thoughts

For the newbie cannabis grower, because of its simplicity and low cost, I would purchase a CO2 bucket or CO2 bag. With a CO2 bucket or bag, you can buy a bag designed for a specific area (I.E., 4’x4’) and all you have to do is place the bag or bucket in your grow area and open the container.
C02 regulators will allow you to control the C02 levels in your grow area more precisely. So, if properly used, a CO2 regulator will provide a better result than a C02 box or bag. However, as with most mechanical equipment, it could be easier to make a mistake with C02 regulator, which could result in a reduced yield at best or at worst your cannabis plants being destroyed.

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