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    Do I Need A C02 Generator In My Grow Room?

    A cO2 generator helps ensure that that carbon dioxide is at the appropriate levels for cannabis in your grow room. This very important because proper C02 levels help maximize your garden, and can even potentially increase your yields up to 30%.

    What About Too Much Or Too Little Co2?

    Without the appropriate levels of c02, at best, your cannabis plant is stunted, and at worst, they will die. That is why cO2 generators are an essential part of any indoor marijuana growing operation.

    Too little C02 (less than 200 PPM) may retard your cannabis plant’s growth, and over 2,000 PPM cO2 will likely kill or severely reduce your yield, and cO2 levels over 5,000 PPM  are hazardous. 

    The sweet spot for cO2 is between 1,000 to 1,500 PPM.

    If you are interested, please look at the end of this page for a more in-depth analysis of why plant needs cO2.

    Solutions For CO2 Control

    There is a mechanical and organic solution for co2 enrichment, and neither is the best cO2 generator for every person.   As a result, I will first review mechanical cO2 generators, evaluate co2 generators, and give you my final conclusions

    Mechanical C02 Generator

    A cO2 generator is composed of three parts: controller, tank, and regulator. Mechanical, cO2 generators cost more and can be complicated to install.  However,  cO2 generators also control carbon dioxide more precisely.   The cO2 generator is composed of the following parts. 

    • Tank-The tank contains the C02.
    • Regulator- This releases the cO2 into the grow room or grow tent.
    • The Controller-The controller makes that the regulator emits the correct co2 levels when they are needed.

    You can buy each of the above parts separately or purchase a cO2 grow room kit, which includes everything.  

    Mechanical Co2 Generators

    Because of the added cost and complexity, professional and serious growers mainly use the mechanical Co2 Generator. As a result, I could only find two cO2 generators with over 20 reviews. 

    Titan Control Ares-2 Co2 Generator (Amazon’s Choice)

    The Titan Ares-2 Co2 Generator is an American manufactured, mid-price, Co2 grow room kit. It comes with two to ten burners and includes the following:

    • cO2 Generator
    • Power Supply
    • Hanging Kit (Chain and Hook)
    • Regulator and Hose

    You only need to supply is the gas source. (Liquid Propane or Natural gas) The Ares is not a budget model. But, if you are a serious cannabis grower or you grow cannabis commercially, it is affordable.

    Purchaser Review Summary


    • American Made-
    • Durable-Made with high-quality materials.
    • Customer Service-Good, attentive customer service. For example, a reviewer noted that he promptly received from Titan a replacement part.


    • Gas Leaks-A few reviewers mentioned dangerous gas leaks. However, it was likely because they either did not use or adequately install the controller.
    • Hot-If you have a small grow tent; it can run hot.
    • Small Tents or Boxes- According to one reviewer, with a 3′ by 3′ tent, even two burners are too much.


    The Titan co2 generator is not cheap, (price depends upon how many burners you desire) therefore, more is expected, and based upon my research these co2 generators are worth the added cost.  As a result,  if you need a mechanical cO2 generator and can afford the Ares, I  would recommend that you purchase a Titan co2 Generator.

    WuyouChy CO2 Generator (Best For Those On a Budget)

    WuyouChy is a budget, Chinese c02 generator manufacturer. This generator is suitable for both grow rooms and also plants. This grow kit includes everything that is needed for it to be used. However, they do recommend those following reaction substances:

    • Citric Acid (200 Grams)
    • Baking Soda (200 Grams)

    Purchaser Review Summary


    • Reasonably Priced-It costs less than $100.
    • Durable-made of quality materials.
    • Consistency-Consistent regulation and pressure once it is properly installed.


    • Instructions-Multiple users complained about the poorly written instructions. I.E., The Chinese to English translation was quite poor.
    • Setting Up-Installation is a challenge


    Like most co2 generators on, the WuyouChy did not have many ratings. However, from the ones that I saw, the WuyouChy seems to be a well-made co2 generator that gets the job done quite well. As a result, it appears that this would be a good purchase (based on its low price and that it is highly rated ) for a novice or hobbyist cannabis grower. However, because of the poorly done assembly instructions (unless you can get experienced, cheap, or free, help), I can’t recommend this generator for beginner growers or those that aren’t mechanically inclined.

    Inexpensive cO2 Control Options

    If you are a hobbyist cannabis grower, you may not want to spend extra money on a cO2 grow room kit. If this is the case, for cO2 regulation, you can buy a cO2 bag/bucket or a mushroom box, which should cost you less than $30.

    These options are described below. 

    • cO2 Bags: All you have to do with cO2 bags is to make sure you follow the instructions and hang them above your crops. Manufacturers claim that a bag will last up to six months and, depending upon the size of the room, will supply up to 1500 PPM carbon dioxide.
    • cO2 Buckets: Co2 buckets releases cO2 gradually. All you have to do is open them up, place the bucket on the floor or hang.
    • Mushroom Bags:  Mushroom bags, when combined with a cycled exhaust system release, is an organic method of cO2 regulation. All you have to do is open the bag and let it do its thing. However, Amazon’s mushroom bag does have poor ratings at only 2.3 out of 5, based upon 32 customer reviews.

    There are numerous cO2 bags, and buckets with the majority of them having few reviews.  Therefore, I picked the most popular bag and bucket.

    C02 Bag Reviews

    C02 bags is a preferred, Co2 generation, for beginning cannabis growers. A C02 bag is easy to use, inexpensive (costs less than $50), and gets the job done.
    There are plenty of Co2 bags for grow room for sale. So, it can be a bit confusing choosing which one to purchase. So, I am going to review two bags, which will not disappoint you.

    Homegrown Exhale c02 Bag Review (Amazon’s Choice)

    The Exhale co2 bag is the most popular choice on Amazon. (based on the number of ratings) It is suitable for both the vegetative and flowering growth stages of cannabis and is said to last up to nine months. Also, compared to most mechanical cO2 generators, it is very inexpensive as it can be purchased for less than $50.
    The following are included with this bag:

    • Hanger
    • Gloves


    • High Ratings-It has both numerous and a high number of ratings and vetted. It has nearly perfect ratings with over 350 reviews.
    • Easy to Use-The Exhale is very easy to use and set up. All you have to do is maneuver the contents of the bag and then hang (with the included hanger)it up above your cannabis plants.
    • Excellent, Inexpensive, Carbon Dioxide Source-Numerous buyers have noted that when using the exhale, cO2 levels increased from 400 ppm to approximately 1300 ppm. Also, the increase lasts from up to nine months.
    • Self Activated- Self-activated means you don’t have to do anything (like add ingredients) other than follow the direction and let it work.
    • Long-Lasting- Works up to nine months and guaranteed to work for six months.


    • Not Good For Last Minute Use- Takes from 30 to 45 days to start working. So, if you don’t plan, you are out of luck.
    • Doesn’t Last As  Long As Stated- A few reviewers stated that the Exhale only lasts from one to five months. However, those were few and far between.


    Based on Exhale’s overall excellent ratings, I highly recommend Homegrown Exhale cO2 bags.  First of all, I don’t feel that reviewers claiming that the Exhale only lasted a month or so (when it is supposed to last up to nine months) should be something you should worry about.  If these alleged failures regularly happened, they would show up in the overall ratings and this did not occur/.

    The only down point for the Exhale, which is a big one, for those that don’t plan, is that that Exhale takes from 30 to 45 to start working.  However, if you plan accordingly, this is the perfect, cO2 control solution for the beginning or hobbyist marijuana grower.

    Why Do Cannabis Plants Need C02 Enrichment?

    Proper c02 enrichment provides the following benefits for both the veg and flowering growth stages:

    • Pests Infestation – Increased cO2 helps eliminate pests, like whiteflies, mites, and other harmful insects.
    • Toughness-More cO2 means that marijuana will be better able to deal with problems like overwatering, too much heat, dryness, and other issues. 

    To be fair, you can grow marijuana without a cO2 generator. But, it will help 

    Signs Of Too Much Or Too Little C02?

    •  No Results– Your cannabis plants do not seem to grow even if you have everything right and did what you are supposed to have done. I.E., Right amount of water, grow lights used appropriately, no pest infestation, etc.
    • Too Long To Get To Flowering Stage-If, it takes longer than usual to get to the flowering stage, or you can not even seem to get to the flowering growth stage, more co2 will be needed.
    • Substandard Results-A disappointing yield is often because of too little C02 in your grow rooms.
    • Plants Die-You may need more C02 when you’ve done what you are supposed to have done, apply tender loving care, and your cannabis plants still die, or your harvest is substandard. The above happening can be the result of either too much cO2 or too little cO2.

    How Do You Regulate C02?

    Along with buying and using a C02 generator or another store-bought cO2 controlling method, you should do the following:

    • Fertilize-You should increase the ratio of ammonium to nitrate for your fertilizer.
    • Humidity– Humidity needs to be kept between 40-60%.
    • Temperature-Your grow rooms should never be lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 86 degrees.
    • Lighting Intensity-The more intense the light is, the more cO2 will be absorbed. However, you must be careful to make sure that you’re not overheating your grow rooms.

    Final Thoughts

    For the newbie cannabis grower, because of its simplicity and low cost, I would purchase a cO2 bucket or bag instead of a mechanical co2 generator.  A cO2 buckets or bag, along with being cheaper, they are also easier to use.  Buckets/bags are made to work in a specific area (I.E., 4’x4′), and all you have to do is place the bag or bucket in your grow rooms, follow the simple instructions and you are ready to go. 

    A c02 generator allows you to control the c02 levels more precisely. (Assuming you are using it correctly) So, if properly used, cO2 generators will provide a better result than a c02 box or bag. But, as with most mechanical equipment, it could be easier to make a mistake with the c02 generator which might result in reduced or damaged crops. 

    In conclusion, beginners should first try an inexpensive carbon dioxide generation and then branch off to a mechanical cO2 generator if you desire.

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    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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