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Why Do You Need To Test Your Water’s PH Level?

Like growing in soil, when growing cannabis hydroponically, you will need to also check the water’s PH level. This article will give you direction on testing water PH and also methods of raising or lowering your PH water level.

What Is Water PH?

Water PH is a measure on a scale  from one and 14. Level one PH is essentially “BATTERY ACID, ” and 14 would be considered as pure alkaline. PH levels between 5.5 to 6.6 PH levels are preferred for cannabis. The various water PH levels are shown in Figure A.

Water PH Scale

Figure A-PH Water Level Chart

How Do Water PH Levels, Natural Change?

Pollution is a major result of water PH changing over time. For example, PH level in an abandoned coal mine can be lower as two, which is 100,000 times more acid that typical tap water.

How Do you Test The PH, Water Levels?

The two most common ways to test water PH are the digital PH meters and also PH test strips.

  • Digital PH Meters-With the PH meter a sample of water is put in the cup and you simply place the glass probe into the water. Before first testing, water PH you may need to calibrate your PH meter. Check your specific, PH Meter’s owner manual, to find out how to calibrate or even if calibration is necessary.
  • PH Test Strips-PH strips are the cheapest way (costs less than $10 on Amazon) to test the water PH levels. Also, with PH strips you only have to submerge the PH strip into the water. One drawback with PH strips is that they are not as accurate at digital PH meters.

PH Strips or Digital PH Tester?

For the hobbyist or newbie cannabis grower PH strips should be sufficient. However, serious or professional cannabis growers should  buy the more accurate digital PH meter.

How Do You Raise Or Lower Water PH?

Raising or lowering you water’s PH level takes time and patience. But, the process is quite simple, and only requires you to apply solution directly to the water. The following substance will either lower or raise the water PH level.

Raise PH Levels

  • Wood Ash
  • Lime
  • Store Bought Solutions

Lower PH levels

  • Sulfur
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Store Bought Remedy


Water quality is a make it or break it moment when it comes to your cannabis harvest. Also, checking for water PH is cheap, simple, and, in most cases, the PH level can be lowered or raised without much effort. As a result, you have no excuses for not testing for PH.