Bill Gates: CBD OIl-Does Gates Endorse CBD Oil?

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    Bill Gates,CBD Oil-Are Bill Gates’s CBD Endorsements Real?

    Bill Gates’ philanthropy, and its worldwide vaccination efforts, have been the biggest reason for the controversy surrounding Gates and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Many anti-Vaccination zealots are convinced that Gates and his Foundation is part of a New World order plot to rule the world. Some conspiracy theorists even think that Bill Gates, through his work on the Covid 19 Vaccine is installing us with a 5g chip.

    Whether you like it or not, Gates’ due is heard because of his enormous wealth, and his Philanthropy. That’s why a Bill Gates endorsement would be highly valued, and why I am asking if Gates actually endorses CBD and CBD companies.

    Bill Gates, Health Care and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, (“Foundation”) founded in 2000 is the world’s largest non-profit organization with an estimated worth of 51 billion dollars. One of Gates’s accomplishments is that they have pledged billions to spread vaccines in developing countries. Additionally, based upon the Foundations history, it is not surprising that it also donating 50 million, to promote vaccination in lower-income countries.

    Bill Gates A Powerful Voice

    Gates may be controversial. But, he is also praised by many individuals both in the first world and developing nations. Also, even though Gates (to the best of my knowledge) does not have any formal medical training, his involvement in vaccinations and other health initiatives has lead many to believe that he is credible when it comes to matters of public health. Therefore to many Bill Gates is a reliable source for public health information.

    Does Bill Gates Endorse CBD Oil?

    Around 2017 ads showed up stating that gates endorsed CBD oil. Was this CBD endorsement BS? At first glance, it seems likely so as unethical companies have been accused of using fake celebrity endorsements.

    But, just because other celebrity endorsements were fake it does not mean that Bill Gates CBD enforcement is also fake. Keep on reading to find out more about this question.

    Is Bill Gates A Stoner?

    The Image above is Gate’s mugshot for a traffic violation and not a drug offense.

    It is possible that someone could be pro-weed and anti-CBD. However, I do not feel that it is a stretch to believe that cannabis smokers would also be favorable to hemp oil or marijuana-derived CBD oil. As a result, I am going to analyze if Gates has been or ever was a marijuana smoker.

    I’d like to give you a straight answer on this. But, unfortunately, there is not any proof, one way or other, whether or not Gates endorses weed. The following are the few indicators that Gates might at the very least be 420 friendly.

    Personal Signs

    • Voted For Legalization– In 2012, Gates went on record stating that he voted yes, on Washington state’s marijuana initiative, which legalized recreational cannabis. Further, he went on to say that weed legalization should be experimented within a few states before a decision it is made to legalize cannabis federally. Gates did though not answer if he had ever smoked pot before or if he currently smokes weed.
    • Marijuana Policy Project (“MPP”)-Gates was listed as being one of the most Influential Marijuana Users.
    • Gates: How Microsoft’s Mogul Reinvented an Industry – This is the title of a tell-all book written by Stephen Manes, which states that cannabis was the drug of choice in the early day of Microsoft.

    Professional Signs

    Partnership With Kind Financial-During Gates’s tenure at Microsoft he partnered with Kind Financial, a Los Angeles, CA Cannabis regulatory SAAS company. Granted, this relationship could have been for financial reasons. However, if Gates was anti-weed, it is doubtful that he would want Microsoft to be associated with any cannabis startups.

    What About CBD?

    As with weed, any information concerning Bill Gate’s endorsement of CBD is purely guesswork. One issue that I am quite assured of though is that Bill Gates has never formally endorsed a specific CBD oil or Hemp Oil product. The following are my reasons for this conclusion:

    No Proof

    Google’s first page never addresses the simple search term “Bill Gates CBD oil” or something similar. The first page of Google for that term either consists of hacked web pages that redirect to a fake CBD Oil sales page or the page one sites look like they are appearing on a hacked page.

    In summary, on the first page of Google, when typing, “Bill Gates CBD”, I found four redirects, two pages that were not valid, and one website that did not even mention gates.

    Afghanistan Veteran Story

    A story between gates and Afghanistan is also mentioned that supposedly proves that Gates is pro-CBD. The story goes that Gates heard stories from Afghanistan veterans and, became inspired to find the most effective and safe form of MMJ that can be used to treat their ailments. The above story has never been proven and other than the sales page I am unable to find anything backing this claim up.

    Final Thoughts

    Bill Gate’s current views on marijuana are unknown and it is quite likely they’ll never be known for sure. Personally, like many in his generation, I feel that Gates smoked weed and was obviously not fooled by Reefer Madness propaganda.

    I also would be very much surprised that, the third-richest man in the world would endorse any CBD product like a CBD gummy, CBD isolate, hemp oil, or frankly any controversial, and non scientifically proven product. And, frankly, it should not matter to consumers what Gates or any other celebrities endorsers’ views are on CBD.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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