C3 Anti-Detection Film-Can It Save You From Prison?

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    What is C-3 Anti-Detection Film

    And Why Would I Need It?

    There are numerous types of grow room reflective surfaces for your grow area. There are also other types of reflective materials. Flat white paint, aluminum foil, tin foil, white plastic sheeting, PANDA plastic, and even space blankets have been used for reflection in grow rooms. The most commonly used for grow tent walls is Mylar.

    There is plenty of articles that describe the pros and cons of each of the above material for your grow area; so, I will not go over the above material. I felt though that it would be a benefit to introducing lesser know reflective material as I did previously with Foylon. That is why I decided to review the hard to get C3 Anti-Detection film, which is Mylar that is designed to be hidden from infra red technology.

    This article will first tell you why you may need C3 Anti Detection Film, it will then evaluate how well it works for both gr growing and detection.

    To be clear, I am not condoning illegally growing weed. Not that I am ethically against it, I just know that being arrested for growing cannabis can destroy lives. So, if you are going to, illegally, grow weed, take all necessary precautions to not get caught. Also, know your local drug laws. For example, find out your state’s plant limit for when you would be charged a misdemeanor vs. a felony.

    Why Would You Need C-3 Mylar Foil?

    Even with weed being increasingly legalized for any purpose in the US. Cannabis is still illegal in many US states and overseas. This means that possession and especially growing even a single cannabis plant get you in deep trouble. So, If your state does not allow you to grow cannabis, you have two choices: either follow the law or follow preventative measures so you have a lesser chance of being caught.

    • How Can You Be Caught? -An indoor grow light raises the temperature substantially in grow rooms. Even a small personal use operation uses enough electricity that it will indicate abnormal temperatures. The increased temperature through IR tech is often detected by police helicopters. The police, when flying over a house are able to detect the excess heat, which would then justify a search warrant, which could lead to your arrest for illegal cannabis cultivation.
    • How Accurate is IR Tech? -IR technology is extremely accurate in reading IR radiation. For example, UK legal authorities state that IR technology is able to detect abnormally high temperatures from over 1,000 feet away. In fact, a helicopter was so accurate that they found a growing operation on the 10nth floor of an apartment.

    Are You Safe If You Are Growing Just For Personal Use?

    You might assume that you are safe to grow cannabis indoors from the helicopter’s IR-detecting technology if you are running a small-scale personal, indoor, growing setup. However, depending upon where you live, this is not always true. One case of this happening was in Louisiana where the helicopter’s IR tech indicated that an individual could have been growing weed. Showing this information to a judge the police were able to get a search warrant and they proceeded to search the house. However, they did not find a cannabis growing setup. It was later determined that the increased temperature was from Christmas lights. All the police found was a bag of weed.

    Don’t assume that just because your state allows for recreational marijuana that you can grow weed. For example, Nevada allows for both medicinal and recreational weed. But, unless you live far away from a dispensary, it is still illegal to grow weed.

    C3 ADF Foil Overview

    Anti-Detection film is not well known in the United States and, when doing a Google search, it only appears on European websites. Like many products, C3 was designed by the defense industry, for covering objects and for reflection. IR was eventually adapted for civilian use.

    C3 is essentially the same as Mylar; except it has two layers: One layer is Myler and the other layer is meant to prevent helicopters from discovering a grow area’s abnormally high temperature. So, for whatever reason, if you value privacy, C3 is a good choice. Per the company website, C3 is also safe for grow areas as it is food and plant safe, and C3 Anti Detection Foil has at least the same 2mm thickness as Mylar.

    Direct from the manufacturer, C3 makes three products that are designed to hide the excess heat caused by an indoor growing operation

    C3 ADF Foil

    C3 ADF foil is C3’s original, NATO approved, anti-detection foil that was designed by the defense industry for covering items and also for its light reflectivity ability.

    Ultra Silver Reflective Foil

    This material is said to be the best C3 reflectivity for your grow room wall.

    Silver White Reflection Foil

    It can be identified by the silver color that is attached to a triple layer sheet. Designed for optimum light return, and durability.

    Thickness: 110 mu

    Diamond Reflective Foil

    This is not, C3 it is Diamond Mylar Reflective Foil-It does however looks just like C3 Diamond Mylar

    VIVOSUN 6 Mil Mylar Film Roll 4 FT X 100 FT Diamond Film Foil Roll Highly Reflective Grow Room (100 FT)

    The diamond-shaped pattern of this foil is designed to maximize the light spread of grow area, which is useful for getting rid of hot spots in your grow room. Also, it is extra durable as it has a special coating to prevent corrosion, wear and tear, and also has a barrier to prevent moisture and vapor from leaking out. Additionally, the added barrier also helps reduce creases.

    Does Anti-Detection Film Work?

    I was unable to find any information concerning if C3 worked or didn’t work well. All I did find was information stating that it can block 90% of IR detection tech. I was not able to verify this claim from any third-party. So, I would take this claim with a grain of salt. As for growing, C3 tech has the same light reflectivity as, the popular Mylar.

    You most likely realize, that If you are growing illegally or growing legally but where you are not supposed to grow (I.E. Leased Apartment) that you are taking a chance. But, depending upon your grow setup, C-3 Anti Detection, may save your indoor grow operation from being detected.

    Where to buy C3 Foil?

    C3 is a specialty product that is not available on the US or UK amazon site. So, your only option is to buy it online. There are European websites selling C3. But, if you want to be safe. I’d purchase it from to manufacturer. Also, search on Amazon for non-C3 IR anti-detection film by using the search term IR blocking film or you can click the image below.

    AES Industries 4' x 100' Ft. Infrared IR Blocker Insulator Hydro Grow Room Thermal Shield Film

    Final Thoughts

    With its 90% IR heat detection shielding abilities, C3 Anti-Detection can help stop the police from reading an abnormally high room temperature that is coming from your indoor cannabis growing operation. So, it could be a wise investment if you are wanting to hide your heat footprint. IR tech though is extremely advanced and in the near future, it may get to the level of making C3 IR protection obsolete. So, if you use C3 do not become complacent or you may soon live to regret your complacency.



    Click this link to find out how cops find grow homes..



    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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