California Light Works Solar Flare 220 Full Cycle Review

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SOLAR FLARE 220W And Bloom Buster Review

California Light Works is a grow light manufacturing veteran that is located in Canoga Park, California, that has been in business since 2008. Their first product was the StealthLED grow light. They soon introduced the XtremeLED grow light, and they’ve succeeded in introducing quality grow lights for cannabis growers ever since.

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    They currently offer five product line options: SolarStorm, MegaDrive, SolarSystem, Green, and HousePro.


    You can get the SolarXtreme in the following models-250, 500,  and 1,000 Watts. These LED grow lights were designed for use in grow tents and small-scale home growers. Prices range from around $250  to under $900.

    SolarXtreme 250 to 1100

    Click For More InfoCalifornia Light Works SolarXtreme 250 LED Grow Light Fixture - Full Spectrum 200W Watt COB Lighting System - 120V Volt - LightworksSolarSystem 550 to 1100

    Designed for commercial and, serious, personal home use. The prices range from the 275 models at $489 to the 1100 models at $1,599.00.

    California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED Grow Light Fixture 400 watts Programmable Spectrum LED Commercial Lighting System Veg Bloom
                           Solar System 550 LED


    GreenHouse Pro 340

    The Green grow lights are designed for supplemental light for greenhouse gardens. They currently cost around $799.


    These are their supplemental, UVC, lighting, that is designed to kill viruses, bacteria, etc., in your grow area.


    For professional growing operations. The Megadrive system helps a company expand easier by making it easier to combine more grow lights together.  You can best understand by looking at the video below.


    California LightWorks Solar Flare Full Cycle Review 220W

    California Light Works Solar Flare 220w LED Grow Light (Bloom Booster)
       Please Note: This is the Bloom Buster Product

    The Amazon listing states that the SolarFlare 220W is still being manufactured. However, California Light Works Solar Flare 220W LED is likely discontinued as it is not currently mentioned on their website. (The SolarXtreme likely replaced it) However, as the 220W is still being sold on Amazon, and you will be able to find a used one occasionally, I felt that reviewing this LED grow light would be worthwhile.

    The SolarFlare 220W Grow Light is a high quality LED grow light manufactured by California Light Works. It is California Lightworks cheapest grow light. However, its coverage area is quite small. The SolarFlare has two products in this line; a Full Cycle model that features both Vegmaster (vegging) mode and Bloom Booster (flowering) mode. They also have models, Bloom Booster, that are to be sued for the flowering growth stage. The following are specifications for the Solar Flare 220W.

    For those wanting to upgrade to LED grow lights; the SolarFlare was designed to replace a 400w HPS or metal halide grow light setup.

    Product Specifications

    • Chips: Not Listed
    • Bulbs: 44, High Flux, Bin, Osram, SSL,
    • Energy Savings: 50% Energy Savings Compared to HID lighting.
    • LED Technology: 40 5W LED
    • Power Consumption: 220W LED (Actual Power Draw Of 165 Watts)
    • Weight: 9 Pounds
    • Coverage Area: 3’x3’ for veg, 2’ x 2’ for flowering
    • Recommended Hanging Distance: 18 to 24”
    • Life Hours:80,000
    • UV and IR Lighting: NO
    • Warranty: 3-year Warranty
    • Extras: Built-in Daisy Chain Capability (Allows for up to ten LED lights to be tied together to cover larger growing operation)
    • Modes: Full Cycle (Vegetative and Flowering) and Bloom Booster Model (Flowering Stage)

    Pros and Cons

    California Light Works grow lights are expensive and are designed for either professional use or the serious home cannabis grower. The Solar Flare 220W is also an expensive grow light, and it is likely discontinued. Therefore, the reviews are quite limited.


    • Full Cycle-The Full Cycle 220W version is known for, unlike many others, for working well in all plant growth stages. The only thing that is missing, which is not mandator, is UV lighting.
    • Works Well- The Solar Flare is extremely efficient (many say it is the brightest LED grow light that they’ve ever used) while giving off minimal heat.
    • Quiet Operation- California Light Works first grow light was called the StealthLED. As a result, it is not a surprise that the SolarFlare 220W is also known for it being quiet. This makes the 220W LED an excellent option for grow setups where quiet operation is essential.
    • Small Size-The small size of the Solarflare 220W LED grow light makes it an excellent fit for small size closet type home grow setups and also smaller grow rooms.


    • Value-The only trending complaint that I saw about the SolarFlare 220 LED grow light was that it was not a good value based upon its limited 2’x2′ to 2’x 3′ coverage. This is a valid complaint as this light that costs over $200 and only has a maximum 3’x3’ growth coverage area.

    Final Thoughts

    California Light Works is a premier grow light manufacture that designs grow lights for both consumers and professionals. The Solar Full Cycle 220W LED grow light and the Bloom Buster version are also quality, high-end, grow lights used for home or professional purposes. However, you do pay for the high-end performance and get perfectly acceptable grow lights from other companies with a far larger growth coverage area.

    My advice would be that, if you are serious about growing cannabis, you should purchase the best grow light that you can afford; provided that b purchasing a high-quality grow light, you do not scrimp on other mandatory growing equipment. (I.E., Seeds, Fertilizers,etc.)

    FINAL RECOMMENDATION-The SolarFlare has, to best of my knowledge, been replaced by the SolarExtreme models. As a result, unless you can get a great deal on a used Solar Flare, I would purchase the more modern SolarExtreme.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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