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Cannabis Energy Drink Review-Worth Buying Or Just a Gimmick?


Cannabis Energy Drink

A Hemp Infused Energy Drink Review

Cannabis Energy Drink


There are other cannabis-infused energy drinks out there. This though is an overview/review of the “CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK.” that is manufactured in Europe and exported worldwide, including the United States.

There are other cannabis-infused energy drinks on the market. This article though concerns a specific brand that is called “CANNIBIS ENERGY DRINK”. I will used all caps when I am mentioning this specific product and other cannabis energy drinks will not be capatalized.

Products Offered

In the US, CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK can be purchased at a select few stores and also via mail order. Per their, listing their original energy drink contains the following ingredients hemp seed extracts, taurine, caffeine, sugar beets, and spring water. Also, it is vegan, gluten-free, and is fortified with numerous b vitamins

  • Flavour Options-Currently, CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK offers free choices, which are standard (citrus flavor), light (sugar-free), and a mango-flavored energy drink
  • Size– 8.4 fl oz, 4 Pack.

Will It Get You High?

CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK does not though contain any THC. So, no matter how many you drink it will not get you high. So, if you are wanting to get baked via this energy drink, you need to look elsewhere.

Because it will not get you high, my review will be based upon this drink working solely as an energy drink. Specifically, I will evaluate whether or not it is in fact a decent energy drink like Red Bull, Rock Star, Monster, etc and if the CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK provides benefits that the traditional energy drinks would not have.

Energy Drink Market

Energy drinks overall is a multi-billion dollar industry that has grown tremendously from 2005 to 2019.

And the dollar sales from 2011 to 2020 have also shown tremendous growth.

Dollar Sales Growth

Cannabis Energy Drinks

Cannabis Energy Drinks are a relatively new product and are only legal in the US because in 2018 Hemp became legal federally. Currently, in 2020, there are a few cannabis energy drinks being sold on the market that can be purchased on Amazon or at a few select stores. Some of which are shown below.

Kona Gold Candy Apple Hemp Energy Drink

                                                             Kona Gold

Wowie by Tranquini Hemp-Infused Beverage | Herbal Adaptogens for Stress Relief | All-Natural Relaxation Drink | Taster's Variety Pack | 12oz Sleek Can (4-Pack)

Monster Energy Drinks Going Into Hemp-Infused Energy Drinks Market?

Monster Energy

Monster Energy Drinks are the second best-selling energy drink in the US. So, to put it lightly, they are a major player in this industry. In 2019 Monster had plants to make a cannabis-infused energy drink.

This article was from 2019. I am not sure if Covid-19 affected their plans and I have not heard any news concerning if Monster was going forward with their plans. This does though indicate the hemp energy drink is likely not going anywhere soon and its market may be on the verge of rapid expansion.

HEMP vs. THC- Is this Drink False Advertisement?

The CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK contains just hemp and no THC. Therefore, I felt it would be helpful for me to go over briefly the differences between hemp and THC (“Cannabis”).


First of all, as of 2018, hemp can be legally grown throughout the USA. So, depending on where you live, it crucial that you know the difference between hemp and weed.

Hemp vs. Weed

Hemp Seed Extract

                           Hemp Seed Oil Extract


Hemp plants are classified as having .3% or less THC. As a result, hemp may or may not contain trace amounts of THC. The .3% of THC in Hemp is so low though that no matter how much you smoke or ingest you will not feel any psychoactive effects. So, any plant that has .4% or more THC will be classified as cannabis or weed.

False Advertisement?

Since CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK does not have any THC, could their energy drink be considered to be false advertising? The straight answer is no. At worst, the CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK could be considered to use deceptive labeling as their can boldly show a cannabis leaf.

At first glance, with myself included, many consumers could be lead to believe that it will get you high by drinking it. However, legally it is not false advertising because hemp and weed are two varieties of cannabis plants with the only difference being the THC percentage between hemp and cannabis.

Consumer Reviews

All cannabis Energy drinks more or less have the same ingredients as similar hemp seed extract drinks. The only noticeable difference is that they contain hemp. No reviews or any sources that I can find indicate that CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK will affect you differently than other energy drinks. So, I will only briefly go over consumer reviews. I will though spend more time on if that added hemp is beneficial in giving the user a quick burst of energy and if hemp has any other benefits.


  • Ratings-Overall, they had a reasonable amount of reviews that were above average.
  • Taste- If you like Red Bull, which based upon its popularity, many do this is a good point.
  • Gets The Job Done-Many simply like the fact that it is made of natural ingredients and that it does supply ample energy.


  • Poor Value-You can only buy a four-pack of 8.4 oz cans and each can costs well over $3.
  • No CBD-For its premium price, CBD should have been included.

As stated, this drink is quite expensive. So, it needs to be asked whether or not CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK is worth the premium price, or should you still with a cheaper energy drink? This analysis will just go over the effectiveness of the drink itself and, since taste is subjective, not whether it tastes good.


An energy drink could taste great, give your tons of energy, and NOT give you a heart attack. So, the number one priority for this, and any food or energy drinks is safety. Here, Cannabis Energy Drink, assuming you drink responsibly, is as safe as any energy drink.

Also, as it contains no THC, you should not worry about failing your drug test after drinking a can.

Why Drink This Over Other Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are designed (this is shocking, I know) to give the user a burst of energy. So, other than safety, whether or not it will get give you enough pep, increased mental focus, and alertness to start your morning needs to be addressed. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the answer is yes as a cup of cannabis/hemp infused energy beverages will give you around 80 to 130 Caffeine mg., which is the same caffeine as a cup of coffee. Here, the can is 8.5 oz. So, a can of CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK equals one cup of coffee.

What Does Hemp Seed Extract Do For You?

Mighty Seed Hemp Hulled Seeds, 24 Ounce

in 2018, Hemp was legalized in the United States. As a result, there have been few studies concerning hemp’s nutritional qualities.

Hemp though has been found to help with the following:

● Source of Protein

● Skin Care

● Reduce Hear Disorder Risk

● Help With PMS and Menopause Symptoms

● Helps Digestion

Does Hemp Give You Extra Energy?

The only study that I could find that Hemp helped with energy was a Chinese study that found that hemp did help mice positively deal with fatigue.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of energy drinks on the market, which results in various companies having to differentiate themselves from the competition. Because of this, CANNABIS ENERGY DRINK and other Cannabis-infused energy drinks are just attempting to differentiate themselves from the crowd by adding hemp to their drink. Reviewers state that CANNABIS ENERGY tastes the same as Red Bull, and it has roughly the same levels of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Hemp is the only difference between cannabis energy drinks and other mainstream energy drinks like Monster, Rock Star, Bang, etc. Hemp does have numerous health benefits. Its ability to give you an energy boost though is questionable as only studies done have this have been on mice.

Based on performance alone, you’d be foolish to get your hemp dose though this drink alone, as there are far cheaper (it cost nearly three times the cost of the most popular energy drink) and better ways to ingest hemp seed than an energy drink. So, unless you love the taste, your money would be better spent elsewhere on other energy drinks or plain old c


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