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    Good Excuses For Failing A Drug Test

    Positive Drug Test Excuses There are several ways to fight a false positive drug test or even fight a test that correctly stated that you used cannabis or another controlled substance. That’s why I have decided to write this article on good excuses for failing a drug test. First of all, before getting to the […] More

  • Reading While High?

    Is Studying While High The Key To Success?

     Does Smoking While Studying Lead To Poor Academic Performance Or Better Grades? If you went to college, lived on campus, and experienced the typical college life, you have most likely encountered two types of weed smokers. (Personally, I was in a fraternity in college in the 80s, and knew each of these individuals) The Genius […] More

  • weed smelling hair

    How To Get Weed Smell Out Of Hair

    Best Steps for Preventing and Removing Weed and The Stale Cigarette Smell From Your Hair You enjoy weed and you are not ashamed that you smoke. However, it is nobody’s business that you enjoy cannabis but your own. So, how can you hide the lingering smell of cannabis from your hair? There are three ways […] More