Are CO2 bags any Good?

Is A CO2 Bag For A Grow Tent Worth Your Time and Effort? It may seem to many that it is ridiculous to even think about adding carbon dioxide (“CO2”) to any plants. As C02 is the main contributor to global warming; this is understandable. C02 though is so vital to plant growth that climate … Read more

Grow Tent VS Grow Room

Grow Tent vs Grow Room, Which is Better For Average Home Grower? If you are wanting to start growing cannabis indoors; you may be wondering if you should use either an indoor grow tent or a grow room. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, choosing between the two can be a bit confusing. That’s … Read more

Is A Black light For Growing Weed Worth a Try?

Are Black Lights Good For Growing Weed? Blacklights or UV lights are somewhat controversial in the cannabis community. Some growers believe that using a black light will result in stronger weed. On the other hand, skeptics stated that there is not any scientific proof that it actually does increases weed’s strength. Because the cannabis plant … Read more

Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign Grow Light Review

Purple Reign Review

Purple Reign Grow Light Fixture Review Unlike most of my reviews, the Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign grow light is not very popular. (They are a popular grow light company, however) Purple LED grow lights are a niche product, which doesn’t make this a surprise. Popularity does not mean quality, though. I.E., At one time Honey … Read more

Foylon Reflective Fabric Vs. Mylar, Which Is Better?

Do Not Use Aluminum Foil!!

Foylon vs. Mylar Many type types of reflective fabric are commonly used for grow rooms and grow tents. Some of the more popular choices are the following: Mylar Foylon Black and White Polymer (AKA “Panda) Flat White Pain And even aluminum foil. Of the above, Mylar and Foylon are they are also the best choices … Read more

California Light Works Solar Flare 220 Full Cycle Review


SOLAR FLARE 220W And Bloom Buster Review California Light Works is a grow light manufacturing veteran that is located in Canoga Park, California, that has been in business since 2008. Their first product was the StealthLED grow light. They soon introduced the XtremeLED grow light, and they’ve succeeded in introducing quality grow lights for cannabis … Read more

Ultimate Trimpro Rotor Reviews

Trimpro Rotor, Bud Trimmer, With Workstation The Trimpro Rotor with Workstation is a mid-price, Canadian made, professional bud leaf trimmer that costs over $1,000. Trimpro’s first trimming machine was the Automatik, which was released in 2006. Soon after, Trimpro designed and distributed the XL model, which, as the name implies, was able to process more … Read more

The Ultimate Trim Reaper Review

Risentek Trim Reaper

Trim Reaper Review-(Electronic Bud Leaf Trimmer) The Risentek, Trim Reaper Trimming Machine (“Trim Reaper”), Model-XLE s a commercial, grade, bud leaf trimmer that is sold on Amazon. What I found that was especially surprising about the Trim Reaper is that, for a specialty item, It has a surprisingly large number of reviews and it has … Read more