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Azamax For Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites, and . . .

Azamax For Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites, And Other Pests Azamax, is processed neem oil that is made by several companies, and the most popular manufacturer, on Amazon, is General Hydroponics. Neem oil is a 100% organic means of pest control that has been used for centuries. However, you shouldn’t assume that just because its […]

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Fertilome Blooming and Rooting Reviews

Fertilome Fertilizer

Fertilome Blooming and Rooting (9-58-8) Fertilome soluble plant food is a relatively obscure fertilizer on Amazon that is manufactured in China. I call Fertilome is as obscure because 800+ fertilizer brands have more sales. However, taking into account a large number of positive reviews is popular. Fertilome can be used in all stages of plant […]

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Ultimate G8 LED, 90 Watt LED Lights Review

Are Dorm Grow’s, 90 LED Grow Lights Worth Buying? Dorm Grow, G8LEDS are considered to be among the top LED grow lights in the US and are revered by many professional and serious cannabis growers. Dorm Crow’s lights are designed for professionals or the serious home growers. As such, their LED lights are expensive. DORM […]

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Bat Guano Tea Recipe-What You Need To Know

Bat Guano Tea Recipe

Why Would Anyone Want Bat Guano Tea For Cannabis? Bat guano, just like other types of manure, works great as a soil mix supplement and is prized by many organic gardeners. It is not technically considered to be a fertilizer. But, it is used for helping garden soil more efficiently absorb needed nutrients, which in […]

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White Spots on Marijuana Leaves

White Spots On Marijuana Leaves

White Spots on Marijuana Leaves White spots on marijuana leaves are a common issue facing cannabis growers. Two of the most common reasons for this are either white powdery mildew or spider mites. (I will only briefly address spider mites at the end of this article) This article will only deal with these white spots […]

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Rust Colored Spots on Cannabis leaves-Preventing And Fixing

Rust Fungus Cured! Cannabis

Rust Colored Spots on Cannabis Leaves Identifying, Preventing and Curing Rust spots or specks on your cannabis leaves are most likely caused by four situations that are the following Rust Fungus Calcium Deficiency Magnesium Deficiency Nutrient Burn Of the above, rust fungus is the most common reason for these unsightly, specks appearing on cannabis leaves. […]

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Why Your Weed Smells Like Hay And How To Stop It

How to Get Rid Of Hay Smelling Weed

Cannabis Production Problems: Weed Smelling Like Hay Oh No!!! My weed Smells like Hay!! Why?!! You’ve harvested your cannabis plants, and you’ve done everything that you were supposed to do: Purchased a top-of-the-line LED grow light system. Bought a top-shelf, highly rated cannabis strain for planting. Checked the soil PH levels to ensure your soil […]

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