Does Topping Increase Yield For Cannabis?

Learn How to Fim and Top weed

A Report On Topping and Fimming For Cannabis Topping and Fimming are similar, but different types, of High-Stress Training Methods (“HST”). Both, if done correctly though can significantly increase your cannabis crop yields. Topping is the most well-known and popular form of HST. Fim is less well known. But, if used correctly, it can even … Read more

Why Are My Cannabis Leaves Tacoing Up?


Why Are My Cannabis Leaves Tacoing? (AKA-Canoeing) Tacoing, Canoeing, or just curly, wrinkly cannabis leaves is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with ASAP. Because if you ignore your cannabis leaves tacoing, you will at best have stunted plant growth, and at worst your plants will die. Tacoing, also called canoeing, occurs when … Read more

How to Increase Terpenes and Terpenoids In Cannabis and Dry Herb

A Cannabis Enthusiasts Guide For Adding Terpenes to Growing Weed and Dry Herb Most causal and sometimes even experienced cannabis consumers tend to only look at the THC percentage and ignore the terpene when they are buying or growing weed. This is a mistake as terpenes give cannabis strain its aroma, flavor, and other quirks. … Read more

Are CO2 bags any Good?

Is A CO2 Bag For A Grow Tent Worth Your Time and Effort? It may seem to many that it is ridiculous to even think about adding carbon dioxide (“CO2”) to any plants. As C02 is the main contributor to global warming; this is understandable. C02 though is so vital to plant growth that climate … Read more

How To Dry Weed In Microwave-Other Quick-Dry Methods

Weed Speed Dry Overview I’ve gone over best practices for drying weed before. I.E. Brown Bag Drying method. And ideally, you should be patient, and wait for a few weeks for your buds to be dried and properly cured. However, for whatever reason, you may just want to rapidly dry your crops Microwaving is one … Read more

Why Does My Weed Taste Bad?

Why Does My Weed Taste Bad?

Main Reasons For Bad Tasting Weed There is nothing more disappointing than after you went through all the work of growing cannabis, watching your babies grow, and when after curing and drying you discover that your buds taste like $%#! So, you are asking yourself, as it is a mystery to you: WHY DOES MY … Read more

Drying Buds In Brown Paper Bags And More . . .

Is Drying Bud In Paper Bags legit? Using the brown paper bag, weed drying method, at first glance, seems a bit shabby. However, if you know what you are doing, a simple paper bag will work wonders for most hobbyists or small-time growers. Drying and Curing Weed Is Essential If you do not correctly dry … Read more

Yellowing Leaves During Late Flowering?- Nitrogen Deficiency

Are Yellowing Leaves During Late Flowering A Problem? Yellowing leaves during later flowering, are arguably the most frustrating thing to happen to, newbie, cannabis growers. After all, you thought you were doing everything well, and you were in the clear. You are now ready to be soon able to enjoy your buds. However, it’s week … Read more

Bat Guano Tea Recipe-What You Need To Know

Bat Guano Tea Recipe

Why Would Anyone Want To USe Bat Guano Tea For Cannabis? Bat guano, just like other types of manure, works great as a soil mix supplement and is prized by many organic gardeners. It is not technically considered to be a fertilizer. But, it is used for helping garden soil more efficiently absorb needed nutrients, … Read more