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    Yellowing Leaves During Late Flowering?- Nitrogen Deficiency

    Are Yellowing Leaves During Late Flowering A Problem? Yellowing leaves during later flowering, are arguably the most frustrating thing to happen to, newbie, cannabis growers. After all, you thought you were doing everything well, and you were in the clear. You are now ready to be soon able to enjoy your buds. However, it’s week […] More

  • Bat Guano Tea Recipe

    Bat Guano Tea Recipe-What You Need To Know

    Why Would Anyone Want To USe Bat Guano Tea For Cannabis? Bat guano, just like other types of manure, works great as a soil mix supplement and is prized by many organic gardeners. It is not technically considered to be a fertilizer. But, it is used for helping garden soil more efficiently absorb needed nutrients, […] More

  • Fertilome Fertilizer

    Fertilome Blooming and Rooting Soluble Plant Food Review (9-58-8)

    Fertilome Fertilizer Review Fertilome soluble plant food 9-58-8 is a relatively obscure water-soluble fertilizer that is made in Texas by Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc. (“VPG”) I consider Fertilome obscure because 800+ fertilizer brands have more sales. However, taking into account a large number of positive reviews it is still quite popular. Fertilome also makes the […] More

  • Golden Tree

    Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Fertilizer Review

    Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Fertilizer Review Humboldt’s Secret is a fertilizer company located in San Diego, CA. They make many different types of fertilizers and are highly praised by mainstream gardeners and also Cannabis growers. Humboldt’s products range from highly specialized plant fertilizers like Golden Tree to more general use fertilizers. (A and B Base […] More

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    Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout Review

    Is This A Spider Mite’s Worse Enemy? Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout (“Knockout”) is an insecticide, plant spray designed for spider mite eradication, aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, and other pests. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its active ingredient is the naturally occurring insecticide pyrethrin and synthetic piperonyl butoxide. It contains two […] More

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    Bud Candy vs. Molasses

    Which Is Better? Advanced Nutrients Advanced Nutrients makes Bud Candy, and they are a veteran in the agricultural industry as they initially started in 1996 as Canadian Soilless Ltd. and have been in operation ever since. According to their website, their products are formulated by Ph.D. scientists that initially focused on plant nutrients for hydroponics. […] More

  • Rock

    Rock Resinator Review

    Rock Resinator There are many “Bloom Boosters” or “PK Booster” fertilizer in the market. So, I am a bit cynical when I heard about Rock Resinator. Rock Resinator is based in Northern California in the United States and is manufactured by Rock Nutrients. Rock Resinator differentiates itself as being a premium, natural agricultural PK booster […] More

  • SOLAR FLARE-200W Review
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    California Light Works Solar Flare 220 Full Cycle Review

    SOLAR FLARE 220W And Bloom Buster Review California Light Works is a grow light manufacturing veteran that is located in Canoga Park, California, that has been in business since 2008. Their first product was the StealthLED grow light. They soon introduced the XtremeLED grow light, and they’ve succeeded in introducing quality grow lights for cannabis […] More

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    Ultimate Canna Boost Review

    Canna Boost Accellerator Is CANNA BOOST Worth The Money? Canna Boost is a flower boost accelerator that is made by the Dutch company CANNA. It is claimed that the CANNA Buster accelerator boosts a plant’s metabolic rate by it making cannabis plants better able to absorb and efficiently use nutrients, through enhancing a plant’s photosynthesis […] More

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    Azamax For Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites, and . . .

    Azamax For Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites, And Other Pests Azamax, is processed neem oil that is made by several companies, and the most popular manufacturer, on Amazon, is General Hydroponics. Neem oil is a 100% organic means of pest control that has been used for centuries. However, you shouldn’t assume that just because its […] More

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    Ultimate G8 LED, 90 Watt LED Lights Review

    Are Dorm Grow’s, 90 LED Grow Lights Worth Buying? Dorm Grow, G8LEDS are considered to be among the top LED grow lights in the US and are revered by many professional and serious cannabis growers. Dorm Crow’s lights are designed for professionals or the serious home growers. As such, their LED lights are expensive. DORM […] More

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