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Smoking Weed After Tonsillectomy

Cannabis, Cigarettes, And Tonsillectomy Looking at Reddit and sites like Quora, I found that many individuals were surprisingly asking questions on cannabis and tonsilitis. I then became curious and looked for the answer and was unable to find one. That’s why I felt it was important to address this question of whether or not it […]

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ZZZQUIL and WEED-Is This Combo Best Avoided?

ZZZQUIL And WEED Fact Sheet ZZZYQUIL is marketed as a non-habit forming, sleep-aid medication that is to be used for the occasional bout of insomnia. It is made by the same company (Vicks) that makes Nyquil.    Per ZZZQUIL, It differs from its more famous cousin NYQUIL, in that it is designed to help you get to sleep quicker […]

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Is 5HTP and Weed Safe?

Are 5HTP and Weed Is A Good Combo? In 1989 the essential amino acid tryptophan caused by contaminated tryptophan caused the death of 30 people. As a result of this tragedy, the FDA banned all tryptophan supplements.   Why It Is Hard To Find Studies Concerning Cannabis and Any Drug Interaction? Of course, cannabis will […]

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Doxycycline and Marijuana

Doxycycline and Weed

Doxycycline and Marijuana Should You Be Taking Antibiotics if You Smoke Marijuana? Marijuana can have unwanted interactions with certain types of prescription drugs. For example, you should not use marijuana while taking blood thinners, like Warfarin,   and refrain from smoking weed either before or after wisdom tooth removal or other types of oral surgery. […]

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