Jellas Hydrponic, PH Meter

Comprehensive Jellas PH Meter Review

Is The Jellas Hydroponic PH Meter (Pocket Size) Worth Buying? The Jellas meter is another discount, pocket size, PH meter that is highly rated on Amazon. However, there are numerous highly-rated Ph meters, that test water quality.  So, it is hard to choose the correct one. h1 This meter can be used in multiple ways. … Read more

VenTech Fan Review-Should You Get It?

Ventech Fan Is the Discount VenTech  Inline DuctFan Worth Buying? The Ventech fan markets itself as being an all-purpose duct fan that is suitable for various environments such as hospital rooms, indoor growing rooms, commercial cooling, etc. Ventech brags that their 8 inch inline fan features the following: superior aerodynamic body and steel construction with … Read more

VenTech Carbon Filter Review

Ultimate VenTech Carbon Filter Review

VenTech’s, Carbon Charcoal Filter Review Growing cannabis indoors has plenty of advantages., IE. Can grow weed 365 days out of a year, complete control over the growing area and environment. (Temperature, lighting, water, etc.) Still, growing weed indoors does have a major problem-Smell! Indoor growing may smell up your house and also attract unwanted and … Read more