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Top 10 Stoner Movie Quotes

Reefer Madness Poster

These top 10 movie stoner quotes are in no particular order.   Most of these quotes do not have an deep meaning.  They’re simply funny!  Here are the criteria for being on this list. Overall Movie Quality Doesn’t Matter-This list is just for quotes, and the overall quality or subject matter of the movie doesn’t matter. 1978, Onward-I […]

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Who is Stoner Steve Meme Guy AKA Stoner Stanley

Really High Guy

The  Stoner Guy Meme  (AKA Stoner Stanley The Stoner Steve meme guy is also known by a few other names, like Stoner Stanley and the Stoner Guy Meme. Stoner Steve is characterized as a young guy with, sweat-filled face, with bloodshot and wandering eyes. And guess, what? Via meme, he says stereotypical stoner stuff. Like, […]

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Did Albert Einstein Smoke Weed?

Was Einstein A Stoner? One of the common stereotypes is that cannabis smokers are forgetful, unproductive, slackers, that never live up to their full potential. Honestly, for some weed users, that is true. However, in my personal experience, thnae vast majority of smokers are productive members of society. For example, the genius scientist Carl Sagan […]

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Top Ten Cool Weed Grinders

Cool Weed Grinder

The Best Cool Weed Grinders On Amazon Whether you call then cool weed grinders, novelty weed grinders, or fun weed grinders, cannabis smoking accessories have evolved the past few years.  This article is just a fun list of what I consider, based on looks only, to be the best weed grinders for sale. One group’s […]

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