Are CO2 bags any Good?

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    Is A CO2 Bag For A Grow Tent Worth Your Time and Effort?

    To many, it is ridiculous to even think about adding carbon dioxide (“CO2”) to your grow area or grow room. After all, isn’t carbon dioxide the main contributor to global warming? This hesitation is understandable. It’s wrong…. but understandable.

    CO2 and And Plant Growth

    C02 is so vital to plant growth that climate change skeptics have even stated that extra co2 in the environment may actually help make a greener planet. (Per Scientific America, this theory has been mostly debunked; they do though state that C02 does help make plants greener).

    The above article is showcased being used as an example of why CO2 is beneficial for photosynthesis and how additional Co2 in your grow area might be beneficial. It is not meant to argue for or against climate change. C02 though when properly applied, can result in better crops and overall better cannabis yield.

    There are numerous ways to add C02 in your grow room or grow area, and this report will concentrate on the easiest and also one of the cheapest options for C02 production; the Co2 bag.

    Clarification-Co 2 Bags and other methods for adding carbon dioxide are only useful in an enclosed, controlled environment like a grow tent or grow room. A grow tent and grow room are essentially the same, with the difference being is that grow tents are portable.

    For the purposes of this article grown tents, grow room, and a grow area are considered the same, unless you are told otherwise, and will be used interchangeably. This article will only briefly mention a few commercial C02 bags that use the natural ingredient mycelium. When mentioning C02 bags in this article I will be referencing these types of bags that use natural ingredients and NOT any specific bag.

    Should You Use CO 2 In Your Grow Room?

    A short answer to this question is yes. C02 is mandatory for photosynthesis. So, adding extra co2 to your grow room can result in larger yields.

    How Much Will Co 2 Increase Plant Growth?

    Depending upon how well and the means that you apply co2, it has been shown to increase yields up to 30%.

    Specifically, How Does Adding C02 Help Your Plants?

    Adding co2 to the grow area has been shown to help in the following areas:

    • Maximize Veg and Flowering Growth Stage -Extra co2 can help in both the veg and flowering plant growth stages.
    • Plants Grow Quicker-CO2 promotes photosynthesis, which results in larger plants.
    • Increased Yield-Per High Times, adding C02 is especially helpful for increasing cannabis crop yields. The reason being is that a cannabis plant is composed of over 90% carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. A plant’s only source for carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen is air-borne carbon dioxide, which means that adding co2 will be especially beneficial to any cannabis plant.
    • Miscellaneous-Adding C02 can help keep your plants be fresher and also with pest control.

    Popular Co2 Supplementation Methods

    Other than a Co2 bag, these are the two most popular methods of adding co2.

    Co2 Enrichment Kit

    CO2Meter RAD-0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller for Greenhouses, Grey

    A co2 kit will most likely contain a co2 monitor, co2 regulator or controller, CO2 tank, and other expensive CO2 production units. The advantage of a co2 kit is that it allows you, with pinpoint accuracy, to get the required CO 2 level to your plants.

    The disadvantage is that they are complicated and expensive to set up. For example with a kit, you will likely need to learn how to properly use the CO2 monitor, CO2 controller AKA-Co2 regulator, and how to fill up or replace the empty CO2 cartridge or tank. Most CO2 kits will even also cost more than an entry-level Led grow light kit. Because of this, a C02 kit is not recommended for a newbie cannabis grower or experienced home growers on a budget.

    Co2 Bucket

    ProCO2 XL Bucket w/ Handle - Natural Releasing Carbon Dioxide Boost

    A C02 bucket is an easy, cheaper, and organic way of co2 supplementation. C02 buckets are designed to be placed on the growing area floor, which is not ideal as C02 floats downward. Therefore, a C02 bucket is not the most efficient.

    Why Would You Choose a C02 Bag Over Other Methods?

    Co2 bags are used in hydroponic gardening, and other closed, controlled indoor growing environments like a greenhouse, grow tent, or grow room. They are the perfect choice for a hobbyist gardener who wants to see if adding a steady supply of co2 to their grow room is worthwhile.

    How Do They Work?

    The Co2 bag uses mycelial mass or fungus as an organic way to produce co2. Mycelial mass cultivates extra carbon dioxide through absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide in the environment.

    In summary, co2 bags have the following benefits:

    • Installation– They are easy to set up. Some bags do not require activation and all you have to do is hang them up. In contrast, a co2 kit is complicated to set up as you will need to learn how to install and operate everything from a monitor and controller and the best way to fill up or replace a co2 tank.
    • Ecologically Friendly– They are made from mycelium, which is a natural and non-toxic way of adding C02.
    • Better Production– You can expect 20 to 30% or more additional yield than without adding co2.
    • Long-Lasting– Most manufacturers claim that they will last up to six months.
    • Cost-Effective– A bag is considerably cheaper than an enrichment kit. Also, co2 bags do not require any electricity to work. So, over time, you will save quite a lot on your power bills.

    Don’t be confused if you see “Mushroom Bag”, “Mushroom Co2 Bag” or something similar. Mycelium is a fungus. As a result, grow bags are also commonly called mushroom co2 bags.

    How Do They Work?

    Mycelium, as stated earlier is a natural co2 generator. A co2 bag holds mycelial mass and via ventilation, it provides a continuous shower of carbon dioxide into your grow area. This means that with a co2 bag you will not have to deal with expensive monitors and regulators that cost hundreds of dollars, or the hassle of either buying or refilling cartridges.

    Are C02 Bags Safe?

    Can a C02 Bag Be Dangerous To Humans?

    It is highly likely that you are aware of the dangers of CO2 poisoning. As a result of these real dangers, you might be concerned that using a co2 bag for additional carbon dioxide might be dangerous. You should not worry though as a co2 bag cannot generate enough carbon dioxide to cause any damage.

    Normal or ambient air levels are around 300 to 400 PPM. A grow tent should only be from 1,200 to 1,500 PPM. CO2 exposure above 40,000 PPM (“Part per Million) is considered dangerous for humans. As a result, for even a large home-use grow tent, you would not be able to place enough bags in it to even get close to the 40,000 PPM CO2 level.

    Carbon Dioxide Dangers To Plants

    Can You Have too Much Co2 in Your Grow Room?

    Excess CO2 can be bad for your plants, and at extreme levels, it can kill your plants. Carbon Dioxide levels, for cannabis, should be around 1200 PPM. When you get above that co2 level you will have the following issues:

    • Plant Growth-Photosynthesis ability will be negatively affected, which will result in slower plant growth
    • Unhealthy Plant Leaves-Dead spots will likely appear.
    • Nutrition-Plants will have a harder time taking on needed nutrition

    Popular Commercial Co2 Bags

    ExHale CO2 EX50003 Exhale 365-Self Activated CO2 Bag, 365

    There are several commercial co2 bags to choose from; the most popular and highly rated are the Natural Co2 Bag and the Original Exhale Co2 Bag. With all bags, all that is needed is that all you have to do is simply activate it, (some do not even require activation) hang it up, and let it do its job. Both are stated to last for six months and the Exhale co2 bag even guarantees that it will. This article is a general overview of the co2 bag. So, I will specifically review both of these at a later date.

    How To Make a C02 Bag-DIY CO2 Bag

    As a co2 bag is made from natural material; you can definitely try to make your own co2 bag. Co2 bags are relatively cheap, so, buying one is a better use of your time. Also, for simplicity’s sake, I would first buy a co2 bag before you try to make one on your own. There are several how-to guides on making one that can be found on the internet. So, instead, of trying to reinvent the wheel, I felt it would be best to just give you a few choices below on a DIY co2 Bag.

    Best Practice In Adding To Your Grow Room

    • Is CO2 Enrichment Necessary? This answer may sound strange as I previously mentioned the benefits of adding co2. Adding co2 though is relatively new and not necessary for an acceptable yield. Adding cO2 is easy. It is though one extra thing that you have to worry about when growing indoor plants. So, especially for newbies, you may want to try to successfully grow a few crops first before adding co2 to your plants.
    • How Many Bags Are Needed? The number of bags needed varies with the manufacturer and what type of plants that you are growing. Exhale for example states you should have one bag per four to six plants. And Natural states that one bag per four cubic feet is the standard that you should use. As the size of the plant varies. The one bag per 4 cubic feet method is the most accurate way to measure.
    • Use The KISS Philosophy When Starting Out -First, try the simplest methods for adding C02 first, (I.E., Grow Bucket, and Grow Boxes), before you purchase an expensive grow Co2 Enhancement kit.
    • How are Co2 Levels Measured? CO2 levels are measured by parts per million or PPM. I.E. 300 PPM means they are 300 carbon dioxide parts per million.
    • What C02 PPM Levels Should I try For In MY Grow Room? You should try to set your C02 at around 1,200 to 1,500 PPM. By the way, this is one of the advantages of planting weed in a grow tent is that you are able to fine-tune the growing environment. As an example, with a grow tent you can control the relative humidity, which you cannot do outdoors. Th
    • How Should The Bags Be Placed? First of all, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, though Co2 naturally travels downward. So, to make sure you get the most out of your bags, you should suspend the bag two to three feet above your plants. First of all, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

    When Should You Add CO2 To Your Plant?

    Co2 can be added safely in all areas of plant growth. However, there are certain times when added Co2 is likely will be of more benefit. Below are the recommended procedures for adding C02 to the veg and flowering growth stages.

    • Veg Stage -Co2 enrichment can be used throughout the entire vegging stage, minus the nighttime.
    • Flower Stage – There is a bit of controversy. Some growers and studies state that adding Co2 is only beneficial during the first two weeks of flowering. Other growers though state that adding CO2 to the grow room is helpful through the entire flowering growth stage. The first two weeks is the one that has been proven by scientific studies. As such, I would first start out using C02 for the entire veg stage and then only use CO2 during the first two weeks. Afterward, if you desire, you may want to see if CO2 enrichment during the entire flowering stage is helpful.
    • Should Co2 Be On 24/7? No, Co2 needs to be turned off during nighttime.

    Final Thoughts

    You’ve most likely guessed that my answer to the question of “Are CO2 bags any good?” is yes. Unlike many items related to growing cannabis, adding C02 to plants has been scientifically proven to help you grow a better yield for your weed crops.

    No Excuse To Not Try

    Co2 bags and boxes are easy to set up and also quite cheap. For example, you can get a discount-priced, mushroom bag under $30 on Amazon. So, as a co2 bag is proven to work, easy to set up, and not expensive, I would definitely try experimenting with a co2 bag as it is a beginner-friendly means of organic production of co2.


    Can the bag be exposed to direct sunlight? Unless your bag has an opaque covering, (An opaque colored Bag means direct sun exposure should not matter) it should not be exposed for long periods to direct sunlight,

    Will co2 kill spider mites? Yes, increasing the carbon dioxide level in your grow space will help kill spider mites and other pests.

    What if the bag starts leaking? All that is needed is to seal up a leaking bag is duct tape.

    What if the bag starts smelling odd? When a bag smells wrong it could be contaminated and should be discarded.

    Will the bag be effective outdoors? No, a C02 bag is only designed to be used in a controlled, closed-off, environment, like grow tent, grow room, greenhouse, cabinet, etc. If it is used outside almost or all of the c02 will escape and not benefit any of your plants.

    Does the bag generate significant heat? A bag will likely generate a small amount of heat. Unless you are growing in a very small area the insignificant amount of heat will not affect your grow space temperature in the slightest.

    Should you add water or anything to a C02 bag? This depends upon the type of bag that you bought. Many popular and highly rated producers do not require you to add anything to your bag.



    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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