Do Bongs Get You Higher than Pipes?

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Bong Vs. Pipe

Pipe and bongs are types of smoking accessories that have their own purpose and work well for what they were designed to do. But, what about if you are interested in only one thing:

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    • What smoking accessory will get me higher?

    This article will answer the above and also help you learn a bit about how bongs work.

    What You Can Expect?

    As I stated, both the pipe and a bong each have their own uses and advantages. Some of those uses though are the reason why the bong might get you higher. So, this article will briefly go over the advantages of both the bong AKA water pipe and also the weed hand pipe and bubbler pipe.

    What Is Bong?

    You most likely know this already. But a bong (also called a water pipe) is a smoking method where cannabis smoke is inhaled and cooled by water filtration. A bong has several benefits, which will be shown below.

    Advantages of a Bong

    • Smoother Hit-A bong rip is a smoother way to smoke weed as the water filters the marijuana smoke before it reaches your lungs. A smoother cannabis smoking experience means that a bong smoker will be less likely to experience common annoyances that are associated with cannabis consumption, like a sore throat.
    • Filters– The water filters out some of the harmful tar that naturally occurs with smoking cannabis or any substance.
    • Less Mold and Harmful Bacteria-Bong water not only filters out tar but also greatly reduces the number of harmful bacteria that reach your lungs. As a result, unless the pipe is sanitized after each use, sharing a water bong means less chance for you to catch a nasty bug from one of your stoner friends.
    • Better Experience-Most every pipe smoker has experienced swallowing unburn weed or hot ash after smoking through a clogged pipe. You’ll not have this problem though with a bong.

    Bong’s Disadvantages

    • Price-Granted, you can pay a lot of money for hand pipes. However, a decent bong, of comparable quality will almost always cost significantly more than a weed pipe.
    • Upkeep-Bong water needs to be cleaned regularly for you to get the most benefits of the filtration. And cleaning a bong can be a bit tricky. On the other most regular hand, pipes aren’t hard to clean and some pipes are so cheap that you might even decide the throw them away.
    • Learning Curve-Learning to use a bong is not rocket science. However, for the newbie, it can be a bit tricky. On the other hand, anyone can learn how to smoke from a pipe.
    • Not Travel Friendly– Silicone bongs have become increasingly popular. But, many users don’t like the taste of smoke that comes out of them. As a result, if you want water-cooled smoke when traveling, you’ll have to carry a fragile glass bong.

    Bong Types

    Buying a bong, although not as complex as a dabbing rig, can be a bit confusing. For example, you’ll see glass bongs, plastic bongs, and silicone bongs on the market. The various bong material deserves an article on their own, and I did write an article on silicone bongs right here. As a result, I will only mention them in passing.

    Here, though I will examine differences that mainly affect the physical act of smoking cannabis, and these two types of water bongs are the Standard Glass Bongs and Percolator bongs.

    Both a standard and a percolators bong will be explained below:

    • Standard Glass Bong-Water is the only filter used on these cheaper water pipes.
    • Percolator Bong-A percolator bong has an extra level of filtration, which means an overall smoother smoking experience. There are several kinds of percolators on the market, some of which are an inline, honeycomb, and showerhead.

    What Are the Benefits of The Percolator Bong?

    First of all, a percolator is not required for a bong, and the cheaper bongs do not have a perc. However a percolator does, especially when compared to a pipe, make for a much more enjoyable smoke.

    Both the percolator and the non-percolator bong have the same listed benefits, but the percolator bong will give you a smoother smoke.

    What Are The Popular Type of Bongs?

    Beaker Bong

    A beaker bong, shown above, is one that you are most likely familiar with. However, there are dozens of other various types of bongs on the market. And new bongs are coming out every day.

    The following though is a few bong types that you should look into if you are interested.

    Ice Bong

    Ice bong is one of the most popular types of glass bongs on the market. An ice bong looks the same as a traditional glass bong with the exception of an ice holder that is located below the beaker. As the name implies it, along with water, uses ice to further cool down the hot marijuana smoke.

    Gravity Bong

    A gravity bong (AKA Bucket Bong”) is a two-chambered bong where one chamber contains water and the other container holds the weed bowl. A Gravity Bong (“GB”) is a quite popular DIY smoking accessory. You can though purchase already main ones.

    With a gravity bong, more cannabis smoke reaches your lungs, which results in a more potent high. In other words, a gravity bong isn’t so much about a smoother inhale it is more about more smoke getting into your lungs.

    Other Bong Types

    There are numerous other types of bongs. Some of the move inventive ones are DIY, plastic bongs, like the waterfall bong, which is made from a single plastic bottle.

    The Weed Pipe

    EVOOP Glass Made Sheet Tool for Daily use(Single Blue)

    After reading my take on the bong you might assume that I am against a pipe for weed smoking. This assumption would be wrong as a pipe can perfectly meet the needs of certain smokers. Below is a shortlist of the reasons why you would choose a pipe over other smoking methods.

    • Portability-This depend on the weed pipe. But, the average one-hitter glass weed pipe is simply less fragile and easier to take with you. The main reason is that glass pipes are smaller
    • Discreetness-Pipes are smaller and easier to conceal. As a result, they are highly valued by discreet smokers.
    • Cleaning-A bong needs to be regularly cleaned to get the most out of a water pipe’s filtration. And depending upon the bong, they can be a pain in the A#$ to clean! On the other hand, as I said earlier, pipes are easy to clean, and if you are lazy, they can be cheap enough to be thrown away.

    Other Pipes

    The Bubbler Pipe

    A bubbler is technically a type of water pipe or bong. However, it is much smaller and portable. Therefore, it could also be classified as a hybrid pipe/bong. It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you are serious about weed you should at least know about one.

    How Are They LIke a Bong?

    The bubbler like a glass bong has the following four parts:

    • Mouthpiece for Smoking Weed
    • Stem
    • Downstem
    • Water Chamber

    Optional: Perc, Two Water Chambers, and a Weed Pipe Carb Hole.

    Just like a bong, with a bubbler, weed smoke is filtered through the bong water. And the filtering result in smoother, cooler smoke with fewer toxins getting through to your lungs.

    The Pros and Cons of A Bubbler

    The bubbler has a bong’s advantages of filtration, yet, it’s portable as some pipes. Additionally, a bubbler will also get you higher. So, in theory, with a bubbler, you will get the best of both worlds.

    Theory and the real world though are not always the same thing. As such, a bubbler does have a few disadvantages. One of the biggest cons is even harder to clean than a typical bong. And cleaning anything on the road is almost always harder. Also, a bubbler is more complicated than a pipe, which means that it also more likely to break in transit.

    Final Thoughts

    Pipe vs. Bong: Do Bongs Get You Higher?

    Now, we’ll finally answer the question that you’ve been waiting for, which is yes.

    The reason for this answer is explained fully below:

    Fruity Drinks

    During my college days, Everclear jello and Jungle juice were favorites among many students. Everclear is consumable 190 proof grain alcohol. Along, it was nasty as hell. However, Everclear Jello, and also using Everclear in a punch made this paint thinner drinkable. And the jello actually did not taste that bad. And when alcohol tastes good you tend to drink more, which leads to you getting drunker quicker.

    Do Bongs Give You More THC? -Some people have theorized that the reason bongs get you higher is that a bong results in more of the cannabinoids and THC from weed. However, this is incorrect and pipe smokers might actually inhale more THC as the bong water actually filters out THC, cannabinoids, and valuable terpenes.

    So, Why Do Bongs Get You Higher?

    The above Everclear Jello, jungle juice story is similar to a bong. The bong water, after taking a bong rip, cools down the hot cannabis smoke before it reaches your lungs. As a result, with a smoother bong hit, you will inhale more smoke and hold it in longer. This results in you getting more stoned.

    This theory, of the easier is to smoke the more stoned you’ll get is also backed up by science. Mitch Earlywine, a Ph.D., in Psychology, confirmed the above that the smoother the smoking experience, the more likely you will be to take a bigger hit than you would if you were using a pipe.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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