Doxycycline and Marijuana

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    Doxycycline and Marijuana

    Should You Be Taking Antibiotics if You Smoke Marijuana?

    Marijuana can have unwanted interactions with certain types of prescription drugs. For example, you should not use marijuana while taking blood thinners, like Warfarin,   and refrain from smoking weed either before or after wisdom tooth removal or other types of oral surgery.

    I’m not a Doctor, and I don’t even play one TV. So, this is not medical advice. The information in this article is, however, taken from reputable sources. I.E, WebMD, Ph.D, and other reputable sources.

    Doxycycline and Weed

    First, I will go over what can happen if you are smoking marijuana while taking antibiotics. Next, I will list any negative side effects concerning weed and, the anti-biotic Doxycline’.

    The United States Government States Marijuana Has No Medical Purpose

    Marijuana may be legal in some states; the US Government though classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug. (Same as Peyote, Meth, and LSD ) which means that the US federal government has deemed that cannabis has no medicinal use.

    Because marijuana is labeled as having no medical use, in the United States it is next to impossible to legally perform medical studies concerning medical marijuana, let alone get a scientific grant. This results in it being largely unknown how marijuana can help with certain medical conditions and also whether or not cannabis causes adverse reactions with certain prescriptions.

    Hopefully, in the United States, cannabis legalization will happen sooner than later. But, until that time comes, studies concerning the adverse reactions with marijuana and medical uses for weed will be severely limited.

    Antibiotics: What Are They Good For?!

    Antibiotics are used to kill a bacterial infection. Some common bacterial infections are urinary tract infections, strep throat, and bacterial pneumonia. (Only bacterial pneumonia and not viral pneumonia) Antibiotics do not work for viruses. So, antibiotics will not cure the common cold or viral pneumonia.

    That is one of the reasons why there isn’t a cure for the common cold, which is caused by a virus. This was just a brief description of Antibiotics. If you want a more in-depth description, CLICK HERE.

    Adverse Reactions When You Mix Cannabis With Antiboic Medication?

    Antibiotics and Cannabis

    It is well known that alcohol and opiates should not be mixed. Do you know that common food can have negative side effects when they are combined with antibiotics?

    Negative drug interactions caused by marijuana is illustrated by Terry Roycroft. Roycroft is not a Doctor. However, he was the founder of the MCRCI, an institute founded in 2010 to help provide patient education and guidance for patients who are thinking about using medical cannabis. patients. He is also a valued consultant in Medical Marijuana.

    Roycroft noted that even a healthy grapefruit can, in some instances, have a harmful reaction with common antibiotics. So, just because cannabis may theoretically hurt Antibiotics’ effectiveness, it does not mean that cannabis is dangerous or harmful under normal circumstances.

    Bet you didn’t know a grapefruit could be a  killer?

    As stated, because of federal law, there have been very few studies concerning the medicinal use of marijuana. This means that studies concerning cannabis interactions with drugs like doxycycline are either non-existent or very sparse.

    There are a few doctors that feel that cannabis use can actually either help antibiotics do their job or even be a substitute for marijuana:

    There have been no reports that I know of interactions between antibiotics and cannabis. There has been some evidence that cannabis itself has some anti-bacterial properties itself. With more reports of bacteria resistance to common antibiotics, cannabis may be a viable substitute for traditional medication. More research needs to be done, however, before I would suggest abandoning the traditional treatments.

    Perry Solomon, MD

    Additionally, marijuana has also been found to affect an enzyme that is your liver, (Cytochrome p450)., that is a component of

    The Problem With Overusing Antibiotics

    Microscopic Bacterial Staph Infection
    Staphylococcus Aureus MRSA bacteria

    The overuse of antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance. And when this happens, antibiotics that treated an illness for decades may eventually no longer work. Therefore, the less you take, the better you will be, and only use them when you have to use them.

    Because of resistance, Doctors welcome anything that could boost the efficiency of various antibiotic drugs. Cannabis is one such item that may help increase the efficiency of these antibiotics; so, you will be able to use fewer of them as you normally would use.


    Staph infections are one form of bacterial infection that has been negatively affected by this resistance problem. For more information on the superbug problem, you should check out the Centre For Superbug Solutions website.

    Also, check out this video below for an excellent overview of the “SuperBug Apocolypse”

    Medical Studies

    So far, no studies have been done concerning whether THC could aid or even be used as a substitute for antibacterial medicine.   However, a couple of studies have shown that two non-psychoactive components of marijuana, CBD, and CBG can be beneficial by increasing antibiotic efficiency.


    CBD Oil and Weed



    Janne Kudsk Klitgaard, at the University of Southern Denmark, analyzed CBD  and antibiotics. Per that study, it was found that CBD use may mean fewer antibiotics will be needed, which will help curtail antibiotic resistance.

    Cannabigerol Cannabichromene (“CBG”) and MRSA

    CBG does not have any psychoactive (will not get you high)  properties.    One scientific study has inferred that CBG may actually have antibacterial properties that can fight off the deadly Superbug, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. (”MRSA”)

    MRSA is serious and very deadly as in advanced cases it will kill, on average 50%, of its victims.  Many commercial anti-biotics were found not to be effective against MRSA. A study was done in Canada at Mcmaster University, found that using CBG and Mice as the test subject discovered that CBG has anti-biotic properties, which were able to fight off the MRSA bacteria. It has been said that if CBG turns out to be useful for humans, it can save thousands of lives yearly.

    CBD, CBG

    CBD and CBG, unlike THC, are no not psychoactive. (This means that they will not get you high). However, as Cannabis contains both of these properties and THC. This could mean that prior cannabis use will not likely have a negative interaction with doxycycline and other drugs of the same class.

    What Is Doxycycline?

    Doxycycline (“Doxy”) is a tetracycline antibiotic, which means it is designed to kill noxious bacteria. Some of the many types of infections (bacterial) that Doxy can treat are UTIs, acne, eye infections, respiratory system infections, STDs, periodontitis, and much more.

    Doxy is not recommended in certain situations.  For example (this is just a sample), Doxy is not a good choice if you have a kidney problem, liver disease or asthma.  Also, those on blood thinners shouldn’t take Doxy.


    Doxycycline and Weed

    As stated, because of federal law, cannabis studies are severely limited. Also, normally harmless substances can have harmful interactions with any drug. So, no one can be sure that Doxy and weed are entirely safe. But, here is what I have found concerning Doxy and Weed.

    Not Listed’s database lists all of the known interactions concerning weed and prescription drugs. It has a rating system that will tell you if a certain drug is harmful to cannabis or whether studies have shown it to be safe. For example, weed and opiate pain medication is considered to be a dangerous combo.

    Along with other antibiotics, no studies concerning Doxy and weed have been done, which means they are not rated.  Therefore, technically, you cannot be sure it is safe to mix weed and Doxy because it is not shown on any contraindicator list. (List stating that certain medical procedures, drugs, should not be mixed.) Many Doctors and scientists do mention that there isn’t a negative relation between Doxy or antibacterial medicines. If you want more in-depth info on this, you should review my previous section on Antibiotics and Weed interactions

    Final Thoughts

    Normally, I would give you recommendations. I am not a medical doctor, I do not even have a medical background. So, I am not going to tell you what even I would do. I will tell you, though, that no studies are saying that marijuana and Doxycycline are harmful. However, any reputable studies concerning marijuana are antibiotics that are quite sparse. I only recommend that you listen to your doctor’s advice and get better!


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