Dry Ice Hash vs Bubble Hash

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    DIY Hash Extract Battle: Dry ICE vs. Bubble Hash

    Cannabis concentrates (I.E., Hash) have become quite popular lately. This is understandable, as Hash is quite versatile as it can be used for everything from edibles and simply smoking.

    Learning to make hash though can be quite confusing. After all, just by doing a simple google search, you’ll see multiple acronyms, names, and techniques on how to make Hash and other marijuana concentrates. As a result, I decided to include this article in my series on DIY Hash.

    What Is HASH?Hash is simply a collection of extracted, cannabis, resin glands and trichomes. It could be described as only the “good stuff”. Therefore, it is stronger than straight cannabis flower.

    Industrial and DIY Hash

    Industrial Hash

    Industrial methods for making hash and other marijuana concentrates require specialized equipment. Some of this equipment is so complicated that a Ph.D. is required, in some organizations to be a Head Extraction agent.

    DIY Hash

    There are several popular DIY methods for making hash, so, a Ph.D. or an aptitude in chemistry is not needed. All that you need to be able to do is follow simple directions.

    Some of the more popular DIY traditional hash-making methods are QWISO and BHO. Both of these techniques use solvents (butane and rubbing alcohol”) to extract trichome glands, from cannabis bud or trim. Solvents like butane, and rubbing or isopropyl alcohol are though potentially dangerous.

    As a result, you might, with good reason, feel warry about trying either of these techniques. If that’s the case you should look into solventless extract methods.

    Solventless Extraction

    Solventless extraction does not use any volatile chemicals for extraction. Dry Ice Hash and Bubble Hash are two of the most common and well-known solventless extraction methods. Both are also newbie-friendly. Each will be evaluated further below.

    Dry Ice Hash

    Dry Ice

    As stated earlier, Dry Ice Hash, along with Bubble Hash is one of the two most popular solventless Hash-making methods. Between Dry Ice Hash and Bubble Hash, dry ice extraction is considered to be the easiest. Easiest isn’t always better. So, read on to find out more about dry ice extraction.

    Why is Dry Ice Extraction Popular?

    Dry ICE Hash, compared to most other popular types of Hash extraction methods, i.e. QWISO, BHO, Bubble, etc. is preferred as it is easier to make and also it takes considerably less time for it to be ready to be used. Additionally, other than using dry ice is also quite safe.

    Dry Ice Ice Precautions

    If handled and worked with properly dry ice is quite safe. However, due to its extremely cold temperatures, and potentially dangerous fumes dry ice can be dangerous. As a result, I have included these, dry ice safety handling measures.

    What is Dry Ice?

    When compared to butane, rubbing alcohol, and Everclear, and other extract solvents, dry ice extraction is quite safe. However, dry ice is solid, frozen, carbon dioxide, and is so cold that you can receive frostbite from mere skin content. Additionally, as it is frozen carbon dioxide when melted its fumes turn into gaseous and dangerous Co2 fumes.

    If you follow these safety precautions you should be perfectly safe.

    • Wear Gloves-To prevent damage from either intentionally or unintentionally touching it you need to wear gloves. Also, if you are going to be chipping or cutting the ice wear an industrial face shield and goggles.
    • Eat or Swallow-Remember that dry ice is NOT like regular, ice for your soda. So do not place chips in your mouth and start to chew.
    • Fumes-As you know carbon dioxide fumes can be deadly. So, when working with it, you need to be sure that your work area is well ventilated.
    • Disposal-The fumes can build up and cause issues if you try to dispose of dry ice via your garbage disposal, sewer, etc. So, dispose of it by simply placing it into a well-ventilated area or outside and allow it to evaporate.
    • Clothing-Wear a long-sleeve shirt, pants, etc., as you do not want your bare skin to be touched by any flying dry ice chips.

    How Does Dry Ice Extraction Work?

    The Dry Ice method separates the trichomes by freezing the cannabis plants’ resin glands. Once the glands are frozen they are able to be easily shaken off the plant, and sifted through a sieve, and then collected.

    Equipment Needed

    CASOLLY 5 Gallon 8 Bags 600D Bubble Hash Bag Herb Extractor Ice Bags W/Pollen Press

    A big advantage of Dry Ice solventless hash extraction is its low cost. The following is all that is needed for Dry Hash Extraction.


    • A minimum of one oz, of highly potent quality cannabis


    • Two to three ounces of chopped up dry ice pellets

    • 1-73-micron filter, 1-gallon bubble hash bag

    • 1-90-micron filter, 1-gallon bubble hash bag

    • 1-Gallon bucket

    • 1-Scraper, which is to be used for collecting resin glands after you empty the bubble/hash bags.

    • A pair of insulated safety gloves, face shield, and goggles


    All you do is the following:

    1. Pour an ounce or so of buds or trim into a bucket.
    2. Pour the dry ice into the bucket shake the bucket, and wait for it to chill.
    3. Place a 220 bag over the bucket.
    4. Turn the bucket over and then start spreading it.

    Bubble Hash

    Bubble Hash is also called Ice water Hash or simply Ice Hash. The reason that some call it Bubble Hash is that it bubbles because when the final product is hit by flames.


    Bubble Hash, is entirely safe, as it does not use any chemical solvents or potentially hazardous dry ice.

    Equipment Needed

    As with Dry Ice Hash, Bubble Hash needs minimal equipment. You will only need the following:

    • Two seven-pound ice bags

    • One-ounce minimum of cannabis flower or trim

    • Three bubble hash bags of various micron-screen sizes

    • Two, sanitary, five-gallon buckets

    • Stirring spoon or wooden dowel

    • Water

    Extraction Method

    Bubble Hash, instead of dry ice, uses ice-cold water, to remove the trichomes off of the plants.


    1. Place The Bags-Multiple bags, with different micron screen sizes are placed (place the smallest micron bag first, second smallest micron bag second, etc.) into a one-gallon or larger bucket.

    2. Pour-You then in this order, pour the weed, Ice, and water into the bag.

    3. Mix It-Agitate the bucket contents by stirring, for several minutes.

    After the agitation is completed the resin glands will be sifted. It will be ready for consumption after it is dried.

    For More Information

    I’ve just described the basic steps on how to make both Bubble and Dry Ice Hash. The goal was to inform you how easy the process can be to make either type and also help you recognize the differences between the two. It is not meant as an all-encompassing guide on how to make either type of hash.

    There are several Youtube videos that detail how you can make both Dry Ice Hash and Bubble Hash. Unfortunately, these videos have been flagged as aged restricted content. Therefore, they cannot be embedded. So, Click the next links to see precise, step-by-step instructional videos on how to make Dry Ice Hash and Bubble Hash.

    Dry Ice Hash Vs. Bubble Hash

    To further help you make the best decision on which method to try I have included the pros and cons of each method.

    Pros and Cons Of Each method

    These pros and cons are based upon the assumption that comparable quality weed and equipment are being used.

    Dry Ice Hash


    Taste-Taste is subjective but many users state that Dry Ice Hash tastes better than Bubble.

    Newbie Friendly-It is extremely easy to make as all you have to do is place weed and dry ice in the bucket, shake the bucket, filter out the cannabis concentrate, and then collect your product.

    Quick-The entire process can be finished in under a half-hour. And, once it is finished it can be used instantly.

    Cleaner-Their isn’t a wet mess, to deal with as dry ice is solid and when melts it turns into gas. And as a bonus, it is a lot easier to deal with if a spill happens.


    Dry Ice-As stated before, dry ice can be dangerous to handle. It also is harder to get than regular ice cubes.

    Potency-Bubble Hash is said to be more potent.

    Lesser Quality-Straight plant matter, and not kief or trichomes, have the tendency to slip its way past the sieve if you shake too much.

    Bubble Hash


    Potency– Bubble Hash is known for being more potent.

    Better Quality-With ice water extraction there is less chance of plant material and another inferior cannabis plant by-products making it through the sieve.


    Messy-The process involves stirring or agitating weed in ice water. As a result, it is easy for sticky weed residue to spill out and make a mess.

    Time-It takes a while to both make Bubble Hash and also once mixed for it to be ready for use. Stirring the weed only takes 15 minutes or more. However, you’ll need to wait from ten to 16 hours for it to be ready to be used.

    Labor Intensive-Bubble Hash is an intensive, and somewhat physically demanding process.

    Final Thoughts

    Dry Ice Hash is perfect for the hobbyist grower as it provides the following advantages over Bubble Hash:

    Effort-All you have to do is shake it, sift it and it will be ready to go.

    Time-Once you are finished making it you can almost immediately begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Taste-Taste is subjective. But, I saw very few complaints concerning the taste of Dry Ice Hash, and the taste is preferred by many.

    Cleanliness-With Dry Ice Hash you do not have to, worry about a wet, skunky mess, spilling on your floor.

    In summary, Dry Ice Hash is best, for most people, as it is simple to make, relatively clean, and also provides instant gratification.


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