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Ultimate Golden Bell Grinder Review

Golden Bell Weed Grinder Review

Are Golden Bell Grinders Worth Buying?

Golden Bell only makes grinders, and other than Golden Bell Grinders being made in China, their company is somewhat of a mystery. They have a website; however, the website; doesn’t say anything about their company. All the website does is describe the weed grinders that they make. However, their grinders are very affordable, very popular (thousands of reviews), and on Amazon, they have very high ratings.

Popularity doesn’t always mean quality. So, I will evaluate all of the Golden Bell Grinders and tell you my opinion on whether or not you should purchase these grinders or pass on them.

Reviewing Criteria

Golden Bell makes four types of grinders, all of which cost less than $20. I will only be reviewing their most popular model.
Other than the price and the size, all of Golden Bells’ most weed grinders are essentially the same model. The only real difference between them is their looks. Their best selling weed grinders also are the only ones that have a high number of reviews. Therefore, at the end of this review, I will only mention Golden Bell’s other, less popular weed grinders in passing.

Golden Bell Weed Grinder Reviews

This is Golden Bells’ best-selling weed grinder and also Amazon’s top-selling herb grinder. It cost well under $20, and the only difference between this model and the more expensive model is the price.

Golden Bell Four Piece, 2 Inch Spice Herb Grinder

Product Specifications

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2" Spice Herb Grinder - Silver

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Size: 2X1.65 Inches
Primary Material: Zinc Alloy
Kief Catcher: Yes
Color Options: Black, Ancient Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Rose Gold, Silver
Warranty: Lifetime, No Questions Asked Warranty
Includes: 1-Herb Grinder and 1 Pollen or Kief Scraper


  • Very High Rating and Numerous Reviews-These grinders have 10k+ ratings that are predominately positive.
  • Best Selling-This is Golden Bell and Amazon’s number one selling herb grinder. It is not a rash assumption to make that being Amazon’s best selling grinder is a reliable indicator that these are quality grinders.
  • Excellent Customer Service-At first, I was a bit skeptical when seeing their “lifetime warranty,” which seemed good on paper. But, the warranty was lacking in detail. However, numerous positive reviews mentioned that they got a new grinder upon making a complaint in Amazon reviews. From what I read, it also seems that they didn’t even ask for a refund. Golden Bell even shipped someone a new grinder when the purchaser complained about purchasing a weed grinder that they complained was too small. Reviewers were so impressed at this customer service that they even changed their review to a five.
  • Kief Collector-The pollen or kief collector is said to work well and also large.
  • Size-It’s said to be compact and easy to take with you and work quickly and efficiently. One reviewer stated that this grinder took him only ten minutes to get the job done while another herb grinder took 15 minutes.


  • Bud Collector-Even positive reviewers mentioned that they were disappointed at the flower compartment’s small size that holds the weed or whatever you are grinding. The small size meant that the grinder tends to spill easier along it grinding less weed.
  • Paint Chips-The main complaint was that the paint tended to chip off. Even reviewers(who were given a new one)mentioned that this was a problem.
  • Screen-A reviewer complained that the kief mesh screen is too large, which results in too large material being sifted. To be fair, though, they did not mention what they were grinding, and it may have not even been weed.


Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Golden Bell’s are definitely are “Cheap Weed Grinders”. So, it is not reasonable to compare the Golden Bell weed grinder to $90 or more grinders. However, no matter how cheap something is, you need the product to get the job done. Granted, there are a few negative trends concerning (I.E., Chipped paint) with these weed grinders. However, based upon the over 10K reviews, high ratings, and the Golden Bell is a number one bestseller, I don’t believe that this the chipped paint or other issues indicates a trend. Those issues likely indicate that the specific grinder is faulty and not that Golden Bell grinder has an overall quality control issue.
Based on Golden Bell’s customer service, you can be confident that they will stand by their warranty. Golden Bell is the grinder for those looking for either a discount grinder or wants a convenient weed grinder to carry with them.  Also, if you are not satisfied, they will either ship you a new grinder or refund your money. In conclusion, as long as you have realistic expectations, Golden Bell weed grinders are recommended for a discount, reliable weed grinder.

If you are interested, either click the above images or click the image below.

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2" Spice Herb Grinder - Color:Black


Is Zinc Safe?

Golden Bell Grinders are made of zinc alloy. So, I felt it would help evaluate if Zinc alloy is a safe material for herb grinders.  I felt this information would be helpful as there is an ongoing controversy concerning whether or not aluminum grinder is safe for use as a weed grinder.


Why Zinc Alloy In The First Place?

Zinc alloy does have any excellent features, some of which are:

● Cheaper than stainless steel
● Resistant to corrosion
● Rust-Proof
● Alloys-Can mix Zinc with numerous other alloys

The disadvantages of zinc are minimal in that it is considered by some to be not as good looking as other common materials. Also, it is not as strong as some other metals.

Is Zinc Safe?

The big question, though, that needs to be addressed is zinc safe? The short answer is that it is even safer for weed grinders under almost all circumstances than even aluminum. Aluminum is a known toxin, and studies have even linked aluminum poisoning with dementia.

FYI-The scientific consensus is that aluminum is a perfectly safe material for weed grinders. CLICK HERE for further info.

Zinc, though, is a mineral that is essential for your health. For example, zinc helps heal wounds, immunity, reproductive health, and the synthesis of your DNA. Too much zinc, like any substance (even water), can be harmful. For example, too much zinc can lead to nausea, changes in your taste, and also cause you to have flue symptoms.

The chance of getting zinc poisoning though a weed grinder is meager. First of all, if you buy even a zinc-alloy grinder that is even of average quality, the chance of zinc allows fragments is minimal. Additionally, it takes tremendous amounts of zinc for you to be poisoned. So, a few zinc shavings would likely not do any harm. In conclusion, zinc alloy is a perfectly safe material to be used for a weed grinder.


Not Enough Reviews To Make An Accurate Recommendation

Golden Bell Four Piece, Barrel Shaped, Herb Grinder

Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder, 2-Inch - Rainbow Color

  • Size: 2.2 by 1.7″.
  • Primary Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Kief Catcher: Yes
  • Color Options: Rainbow
  • Warranty: Lifetime, No Questions Asked Warranty
  • Includes: 1-Herb Grinder and 1 Pollen or Kief Scraper

Other than it being slightly larger and the rainbow color, this is essentially that same herb grinder as their 2-inch model.

Golden Bell, Hand-Cranked, Weed Grinder

Golden Bell Hand Cranked Spice Herb Grinder, 2 Inch (Green)

  • Size: 2 by 2.”
  • Primary Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Kief Catcher: Yes
  • Color Options: Rainbow
  • Warranty: Lifetime, No Questions Asked Warranty
  • Includes: 1-Herb Grinder and 1 Pollen or Kief Scraper


Golden Bell, Skull, Bronze, Weed Grinder (Three Parts)

Golden Bell Upgraded Full Metal Spice Herb Skull Grinder - Bronze

  • Size: 3 by 1.45″.
  • Primary Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Kief Catcher: Yes
  • Color Options: Bronze
  • Warranty: Lifetime, No Questions Asked Warranty
  • Includes: 1-Herb Grinder



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