Cheeba Chews Reviews-(Green Hornet Edibles)

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    Cheeba Chews’ Green Hornet Edibles Review

    Cheeba Chews was founded in 2009 in Colorado. What is impressive about Cheeba is that they are one of the fewest companies in the Cannabis industry that have managed to branch out to several states to sell their product through California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Nevada.  Below is their official video:


    They are primarily known for cannabis-infused chocolate taffy. However, they also carry other edibles, which are the following:

    ● Mint Chocolate Taffy
    ● Caramel Taff
    ● Gummies

    Cheeba Chews are known for making a solid product that is known for providing the following:

    ● Portion Control-Each portion is wrapped individually.
    ● Consistency-Their chews provide consistent levels of THC and CBD for all of their products.
    ● Variety-They have a wide variety of products. I.E., Hybrid, Sativa, Indica, high THC, and High CBD options for their taffy products.

    Their gummies are sold under the brand “Green Hornet,” a product that I will do an in-depth review.

    Green Hornet

    Green Hornet Edibles


    Green Hornet is the brand name for Cheeba’s gummy candies where they offer the following gummies Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa in the following flavors:
    ● Mixed Fruit
    ● Green Apple
    ● Watermelon
    ● Grape

    Each of their packages contains 10 gummy candies, which total 100mg.

    Their gummy’s contain the following ingredients along with cannabis oil.  The only real difference is artificial or  natural flavors that differ between the different flavored candies:

    ● Carnuba Wax
    ● Artificial and natural flavoring
    ● Mineral Oil
    ● Malic Acid
    ● Sorbitol
    ● Corn Syrup
    ● Gelatin

    Pros and Cons


    Portion Control and Packaging– One of the significant problems that I have found is that cannabis gummies tend to stick together, making precise portion control impossible. Green Hornet has solved this issue as each package contains one gummy that is divided in half, which makes it easier to get the exact dose.
    Quick Acting– Medical Jane noted that they felt the effects within 20 minutes.
    Consistency-With these gummies, you’ll get a consistency in the amounts of THC each time you buy a package.


    Unhealthy Ingredients– Gummy candies are not healthy snacks as they are full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Green Hornet’s gummies product is not an exception to this rule. As a result, their gummies are full of artificial and other unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup and sorbitol.
    Taste-For even the positive ratings, the taste is not high-point. Many users noted an unpleasant cannabis oil after taste. One reviewer particularly hated the taste of the “Mixed Fruit” gummies.
    Packaging-A few complaints came up stating that it was quite hard to open up the package.

    Final Thoughts

    Cheeba Chew has been in business since 2009, and in there, over 10 years of existence, they have become one of the few cannabis companies to cross state lines. Simply put, they know their stuff, and if they had a sub-quality product, they would likely not have been in existence for over ten years and expanded to five states. Cheeba Chew’s products also aren’t fancy. They simply give consumers a quality product that you can be assured will get the job done. Cheeba Chews company could be compared to the Denny’s of cannabis edibles. If you decide to buy a Cheeba Chews edibles, you can be assured that you will get your values worth.

    Green Hornet Gummies

    Personally, when I desire edibles, gummy candies are my number one go-to. And when I buy cannabis-infused gummies, the last thing I think about is if they are unhealthy. After all, gummy candy, by its very nature, isn’t designed to be healthy. And, when they try to make it more healthy, they often fail spectacularly. (For a laugh, click below for a review on these sugar-free gummies)

    Sugar Free Gummy Bear 1LB Bag


    For cannabis-infused gummies, the number one factor is the results. So, complaints concerning the corn syrup and sorbitol in the gummies are a bit silly. First of all, the gummies are so small. So, unless you have an underlying health problem, eating corn syrup and artificially flavored cannabis, gummy edibles will not hurt you.

    If you don’t want to eat edibles containing artificial flavors, corn syrup, sorbitol, etc., you should consume another edible type. (Organic, gluten-free, etc.)

    Green Hornet gummies fulfill the number one goal: they consistently get the job done. These gummies aren’t fancy. However, assuming it is used correctly, their gummy candy will give you a tremendous high and have very few adverse side effects.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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