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    Grow Tent vs Grow Room, Which is Better For Average Home Grower?

    If you are wanting to start growing cannabis indoors; you may be wondering if you should use either an indoor grow tent or a grow room. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, choosing between the two can be a bit confusing. That’s why I decided that this article will cover the pros and cons of both grow tents and rooms.

    Grow Tents

    Gorilla Grow Tent
    Gorilla Grow Tent– A Premium Tent

    Pros and Cons

    Like with most things, grow tents have their advantages and few disadvantages. I will now go over a grow tent‘s pros and cons for the hobbyist that uses a grow tent.

    Definitions/Guide Lines

    You probably already know what grow tents are. However, it can mean different things to different people. So, for the purpose of this article, I felt it was appropriate to explain how I define grow tents.

    What is a Grow Tent?-It is is a portable structure that is usually made of a canvas that typically has four walls that is used to grow plants. (It is different from a grow box, which is most likely wooden or glass) The tents are not necessarily, top-of-the-line models, like the Gorilla Grow Tent. They may be cheaper tents, (like the Vivosun Tent Kit) that are considered average quality. Also, the size of the grow tent does not matter. So, as long as it is of reasonable quality, it can be a small grow tent.


    • Costs-Getting a grow room up to the standards of the average tent will cost more. For example, setting up an exhaust fan in a room will require ducting, which can cause thousands of dollars.
    • Use of Grow Space-This allows for more efficient use of growing space as you can use as little or as much space as you wish and also set them up in an area where you either would not be able to or would not want to solely dedicate to growing cannabis.  Fore example, you can have a grow tent in a garage or even a grow tent in your bedroom.
    • Versatility-A grow tent can be set up in pretty much any area that you want to be. For example, as a grow tent is closed off, you can put your tent in a garage, attic, or basement. Also, depending upon the size of your tent, you still could have use of the area where it is set up.
    • On The Go– It can be moved when you desire with significantly less effort than a dedicated grow room.
    • Pest Control-An enclosed tent is more likely to keep pests out of your grow tent. Also, pests are less likely to invade your living areas.
    • Odor Control-With proper CO2 Filters, a grow tent is better able to control the also common skunk smell from growing weed. This can be done with a grow room. However, it is quite harder and would cost more.
    • Ventilation– A quality indoor growing tent is able to be better ventilated at less cost than a grow room.
    • Beginner-Friendly– As your area is smaller, with a grow tent you are able to more easily control the growing environment.
    • Hydroponics– For the average grower tents are better suited for hydroponic indoor gardening For example, most tents have a removable floor tray, which means that if you are having a leak the water will likely be confined to a tray and will not spill on to the floor.


    • Space– An average home cannabis grower who sets up a grow room in a dedicated space will likely never run out of room. However, with a grow tent you are limited to your tent size, and when you run out of space your only option is to purchase a new tent.
    • Accessibility-Personally, I am over 6’4″ and have a bad back, which means that it can be very painful for me to be stooped over for even ten minutes. With an average-sized room or closet, I would not have this problem as I would be able to freely move around.

    Grow Room

    Grow Light for Grow Room
    LED Grow Lights Setup for Grow Rooms


    Pros and Cons

    For this article a grow room is a stand-alone room that is unable to be moved. A grow room can be set up in the following areas-attached garage, closet, attic, basement, etc. For the purpose of this article, a grow room is not a greenhouse or a backyard shed that is separated from a building.

    The grow room that I am using for this article for example is a growing room of average size and quality that a hobbyist grower would be able to afford. For example, if you had the money you could spend thousands on a grow room with perfect temperature control, the best reflective walls, ventilation, carbon control, etc. However, the average home grower could not and would not though be able to afford to spend thousands on an ideal grow room setup that would be used in corporate cannabis cultivation.

    Provided you have the money a grow room can be made to meet and even exceed a grow tent‘s growing environment. However, to do that, it will be very expensive.


    • More Room-The larger the grow tent the more it will cost. Therefore, it will be quite expensive if you decide to either buy a larger grow tent or more grow tents when you want to grow more cannabis. So, assuming your grow room is an average size room, you’ll have more space for growing.
    • More Sturdy-No matter how sturdy it is a grow room, in almost all circumstances, will be sturdier than a tent. This is common sense as canvas no matter how strong it is, rips easier than any solid walls in rooms. For example, even the top of the line grow tents have issues of a pinhole light leak.
    • Lighting-A well, setup grow room will likely be more reliable than a grow tent. For example with LED grow lights, proper light reflectivity is essential for a cannabis plant to reach its full potential. Granted, flat white pain is less reflective than a reflective mylar foil of a grow tent. However, mylar foil can get wrinkled and can tear. White paint on the other hand will not crease or wrinkle and can be easily cleaned.
    • Versatility– With a  normal room, assuming you can afford it, you can do more in a grow room.  For example, you can purchase a top of the line air conditioner and ventilation for your room. You are though limited to the type of tent that you purchase.


    • Costs More-For optimum yield, your growing environment needs to be finely controlled. This means humidity, ventilation, lighting, temperature, etc., need to be at the recommended levels. You can do this with a grow room. However, it will cost more to set up a grow room to be up to the correct growing standards. For example, it is harder and more costly to make a larger room light-proof in comparison to a grow tent.
    • Maintenance-Since a grow room will be larger it will take longer to keep up.
    • Pest Control-Grow tents, as your cannabis plants are enclosed, are in a controlled growing area surrounded by walls. As a result, with a grow tent of decent quality, you are less likely to suffer a pest infestation. Also, also, to many, this is perhaps even better, with a tent it is easier to stop pests from invading your living area.
    • Light Reflectivity-As they are compact a ten can use the best reflective material available. And with quality tents, the material will likely be crease-free and reasonably tear-proof. Granted, you can do the same thing with a grow room. However, for ease of use, you will be limited in your reflectivity options. For example, flat white paint only has reflectivity of around 75 to 85%. Mylar, which is the foil of choice for most tents is at 92-97% reflectivity. You can set up mylar foil for your grow room. However, applying mylar and also keeping creases and tears would definitely be tiresome.
    • Permits-This is an issue if you are living in an area that has legalized cannabis growing. A proper, grow room will need to be retrofitted to be used as a growing room. This means that you may have to add ventilation, plumbing, etc., to the room. The plumbing and HVAC, etc., may require a professional and require you to get the required permits. (If you decide not to get a permit, you may have an issue if you ever want to sell your house or rent it out)

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to the battle of grow room vs grow tent, the average person will do better if they use a grow tent. The reason for this is because of the overall superb versatility of grow tent. With a grow tent you are able to move room to room relatively easily. Also, a grow tent can take down and hidden easier than a room. Therefore, at when you are starting out, you should first try a tent for your indoor garden.



    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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