How Come Weed Edibles Have No Effect On Me?

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    Why Don’t Edibles Work For Me?

    It’s no fun when your friends are chowing down on space cakes, weed gummies, or consumingCannabis Edibles edibles in some other yummy form, and you feel nothing. It’s like drinking non-alcoholic beer when you thought it was real beer. What is the reason that consuming cannabis may not have any effect on you? Don’t worry, if you are having this problem, you are not alone.

    This article will tell you numerous possible reasons why this can happen. I also will tell you the difference between smoking and eating weed, tips for getting the most from consuming cannabis, and also tips that may help you be able to enjoy the cannabis infused product of your choice.

    THC and Smoking Cannabis-Know The Differences

    Your body reacts differently (compared to inhaled cannabis) when you are eating a cannabis infused edible. An explanation of these differences is summarized below.

    How Your Body Processes Infused Edibles

    When eaten an edible has to be digested first and then after digestion, you will begin to start feeling its desired effect. The process is more thoroughly explained below.

    1. Intestines-After it is eaten, cannabis is then is absorbed by your stomach intestines and then goes to the liver.

    2. Liver-The liver’s main job is to help with digestion and when cannabis ingested it goes through the same process as any food would go through. The THC through complicated biological action digests cannabis, which in turn gives weed its intoxicating effect.

    3. Blood Stream-After the liver does its job the remaining THC then goes into the bloodstream and that is when you will start feeling high.

    How You Get The Desired Effect With Inhaled Cannabis

    Bong Hit

    With smoking when you take a bong hit, putt, etc., the THC bypasses your digestive system, liver, etc, and goes straight to the brain and you will then start feeling high.

    What This Means

    It takes longer for THC to be digested first, go straight to your liver, and then finally into the bloodstream where you will soon after start feeling high. According to scientific studies it can from 30 to 90 minutes for THC edibles to kick in, and you will reach the peak of the high in approximately two to three hours. The intoxicating effect of edibles can last up to 24 hours.

    On the other hand, Weed’s effects from smoking are instantaneous. The high from smoking cannabis high will only usually last around one to three hours.

    Personally, most of the time when I take edibles it starts very quickly at around 30 minutes. However, I remember one time I took one and I did not feel anything until 3 or more hours after. So, at least for me, it is quite hard to predict how long it will take before I start feeling anything.

    What Are Some Reasons Why Edibles May Have No Effect On You?

    First of all, it is possible; but, unlikely that no matter much cannabis edibles you eat, you still may feel nothing. Generally, the personal reason that edibles will not work for you are the following:

    • Your Metabolism
    • Body Weight
    • Gender

    Below are some of the common reasons why edibles may not work for you.

    Not Enough Cannabis

    Before legalized weed became commonplace, this was the biggest reason for people saying that edibles have no effect on them. Personally, I fell for this at a party when I tried weed cupcakes (at least I thought I did) and never felt a thing.

    Nowadays, most professional edible manufacturers scientifically test their recipes for THC percentage accuracy. Some states even required that edible products be lab tested for THC percentages. And, even if the state does not require testing, as legalized cannabis is highly competitive, the commercial product is likely to be tested as that makes good business sense.

    Additionally, professional cannabis kitchens also make sure to religiously follow the recipe, which means that you can be reasonably assured that the edible product will remain consistent each and every time you buy it. Because of this, not having enough THC will likely only come up if you are trying homemade products

    Cannabis Tolerance

    Your cannabis tolerance may just mean that you have to eat more of the product than the average person would need to take in order to feel the results. Heavy cannabis users can correct this issue by trying edibles several times with different amounts until they find the sweet spot that works.


    Decarbing happens to weed after weed is cured and dried and treated to activate its psychoactive properties. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO All you need to know here though is that you will not get any results eating even dried and cured weed if it is not correctly decarbed. This will, almost definitely not happen with commercial kitchens. However, it can easily happen to inexperienced, cannabis cooks.


    As I stated earlier, edibles travel through your digestive system to be metabolized by the liver. When it hits the liver, the cannabis‘s THC will metabolize. And when the THC is metabolized it then travels to your bloodstream and you will eventually start feeling high. CYP enzymes, in your liver, play a major role in you metabolizing THC. So, too few or too many CYP enzymes can result in you not getting high from eating weed.

    Digestion Problems

    Some individuals with various digestive or GI problems are not able to get anything from THC. This will most likely happen when your digestive system has problems absorbing fats.


    Your body may just not be genetically able to metabolize cannabis. In that case, no matter how many space cakes you eat, you will still not feel a thing. If this is the case, and if you do not want to vape or smoke, a cannabis infused drink may work, and a sublingual tincture will likely work even better.

    Tips To Get Edibles To Work For You

    First of all, to beat a dead horse, you should know that because of genetic or your DNA, no matter how much you take, it may just not work for you. However, this is relatively rare. So, before giving up, if you want to try THC gummies, and other cannabis edibles try the following first:

    • Sublingual Absorption-This is when you take cannabis under your tongue and is said to be able to bypass your digestive system and go straight to your bloodstream. As a result, you will get a quicker high. A common way to do this is through lollipops.
    • Try Different Edibles-It is possible that your digestive system is just not cut out for cannabis edibles. However, with cannabis-infused drinks, you still might be able to enjoy them without having to smoke. A cannabis drink will give you the best of both worlds: sublingual absorption and also digestion. So, if the digestion doesn’t work you will likely get some effects with the sublingual effect as it goes to your brain.
    • Cannabis Oil Tincture-This may also work as it is taken under your tongue.
    • Buy From A Dispensary-The most likely reason that edibles do not do anything for you is that a homemade edible was cooked by an amateur cannabis chef who made a mistake. For example, they did not put enough coconut oil or cannabis butter in their recipe, which can result in your cannabis treats not having enough or any potency.
    • Eat Fatty Food- Studies have shown that eating fatty foods before consuming edibles can
      Hamburger and Fries
      This Can Be Your Ticket To Enjoying Your THC Gummies

      help you get higher quicker.


    Final Thoughts

    Edibles can be a fun way to enjoy cannabis. And if you want to avoid smoking, they can be a Godsend. So, if they don’t work for you, don’t give up and try the above methods for getting the most out of your edible high. However, if you still have problems, you should then try talking to a friendly budtender that you trust or if it is medical cannabis talk to your doctor.


    Cannabis Edibles Best Practices

    If you are new to edibles or want a refresher you should take a look at this advice to help you make the most out of them. Most of this info pertains to the general cannabis consumer and not someone who isn’t affected by edibles. That’s why it was placed in the appendix. So, for your reference, here is what you should know before you take edibles.

    Portion Control

    SMALL PORTIONS AT FIRST-The golden rule of edibles is that you start out small and then if you do not feel anything wait for at least an hour (two hours is the best) and then try some more. So, you don’t want to have a few squares and after not feeling things in thirty minutes gobble up the rest of the bar. It may two or three times trying to find that edible dosage that will work for or you. Remember, just like alcohol, you can always take more to feel the results; but there is nothing you can do (other than wait) for cannabis overconsumption.

    Edible Cannabis Dose Recommendations

    Edible manufacturers and most cannabis experts state you should start out with just a 10 mg THC dosage. This is easy with THC gummies as one gummy almost always measures 10 mg. Other experts recommend lower quantities to start out. The California Cannabis Manufacturers Association (“CMA”) president recommended that newbie edible consumers start out with only 5 mg or even less THC for their first try.

    This advice was from the state of California cannabis regulatory blog, and he is also a spokesman for the cannabis industry. The CMA president’s recommendations are most likely quite cautious as he wants cannabis users to enjoy their experience, and cannabis overconsumption, particularly from a cannabis product, does support this goal. However, as you should always start out low, for your first time, you may want to take his advice and go for the low dose of only 5 milligrams.

    Try an Easy Dosage Cannabis Product

    Toffee candy (I.E. Cheeba Chew), weed gummies, and also cannabis drink beverages are all proportioned to the recommended dosage. For example, example one weed gummy is usually (at least where I live) a 10-milligram product. Cannabis infused drinks also have a measuring unit right on the bottle.

    Do Not Eat THC Edibles On An Empty Stomach

    This is not a reason for you not feeling the effect. However, not eating or eating too little before consumption may result in an upset stomach and an overall crappy experience.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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