How To Do A knife hit-Are Knife hits Bad For You?

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    Knife Hits-Good, Bad, or It Depends?

    Hot Knife Hit

    Knife Hits is an alternative method of smoking cannabis that is known by many names, some of which are:

    • Blades
    • Bladers
    • Knifers
    • Spotting, Spots
    • Dots
    • And probably others that I have not yet heard about

    It is an old-school method of smoking all cannabis forms from good old ganja to wax, dabs, and shatter. It is said to be quite potent. Also, as you use common objects found in your house, a knife hit can replace rolling paper, bong, pipe, and even a lighter.

    However, it also is thought by many of being potentially dangerous.

    This article will examine the pros and cons of knife hits, tell you how to do one, and also give you a general overview of the knife hit method of getting stoned.

    What Are Knife Hits?

    Knife hits are a way to smoke weed with minimum equipment that can be used for weed, wax, and DABS. It is done by heating up two butter knives or the equivalent and placing weed, wax, etc., in between the two red hot knives. A container is then placed over the burning hot weed and you proceed to smoke through the tube.

    Hot knifing has its pros and cons, which I will examine below.

    Pros and Cons of Hot-Knifing

    Why would you want to try hot knifing? Is it just a fun thing to do every once in a while? Or should you stay away from it? To find out more continue reading.


    • Potency-When you take a knife hit you are not technically burning cannabis like taking a bong hit or smoking weed. As a result, less product is burned which means less weed is needed for you to start having a good time. So, a knife hit, at least compared to smoking cannabis, means more bang for the buck, and also a stronger high.
    • Saves Money-You’ll save money with knife hits on both equipment and product. A knife hit does not even require a lighter and everything needed for doing one comes from everyday material.
    • Dab Rig Substitute-It works well for when your dab rig goes kaput or your local dispensary doesn’t have a rig stocked and you want to enjoy the shatter you just bought.
    • Better For You-Knife hits are comparable to a DIY vape pen. And a vape pen is a safer way to smoke both tobacco and cannabis.
    • Waste Not, Want Not –A knife hits take less weed. So, they are quite popular for those who are wanting to conserve cannabis, do not have enough weed, or looking for a way to make the most out of their leftover resin.


    A hot knife hit isn’t for everyone and they do have a few disadvantages. Some of the major ones are the following.

    • Best With Two People– Holding two knives and a bottle can be a bit challenging for one person. So, unless you are experienced it is best done with two people.
    • Hot Burner-Any hot surface will work. However, a stove burner is most frequently used, which of course can be dangerous. And being stoned and near a hot surface (like a burner) is often not the best combo.
    • Too Much-A knife hit can really kick your A$%! This is true not only for the newbie weed smoker but also for the experienced user. For example, I have no way to verify this; one forum user on Grass City stated that he saw people at parties, literally, fall over and pass out after taking a single hit.
    • Toxic Substance– This is not an issue if you are using average quality, run-of-the-mill, butter knives, or the equivalent that are made from even average quality steel. However, you can unintentionally smoke contaminants if your burning hot knife or knives touch the side of the plastic bottle or another container that may be made of toxic material.
    • Harsh Taste-It is known for giving off a nasty, and harsh taste.

    How To Do A Knife Hit

    Weed knife hits sound tricky. But, they can be done in six easy steps and with little equipment needed.

    What Do You Need For Knife Hits?

    Butter Knife For Weed
    A basic butter knife is all that is needed

    A knife hit does not require any special equipment and you likely already have everything that is needed in your house. So, if you are curious, check out the list below.

    • Scissors-Scissors are needed to cut a hole into the plastic bottle.
    • Smoking Tube Or Funnell-Plastic bottle, or another type of burn-resistant container.
    • Knives- Butter knives were only mentioned because everyone has one in their kitchen. So, unless you are going to use a sharp knife to cut the plastic bottle, a sharp edge is not needed. So any type of metal that can be heated will work. I.E., Any kitchen knife with a flat blade can do the job. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, you may want to try hot knifing with a throwing knife.

    The only knife you should not use is knives with a narrow surface. Also, a short pocket knife, that can be tough to handle, or its equivalent should not be used.

    • Burner/Heat Source-You need a heat source that is hot enough for you to get your knives red hot. The obvious choices are stove burners. However, a hot plate or even a campfire may also work. (A propane torch will also work. Most people do not have one on hand though)
    • Weed Or Wax-Obviously, you’ll need flower, wax, or shatter. However, less weed will be needed.
    Throwing Knife
    A throwing knife will even work. Just need a flat blade.

    How To Do A Knife Hit?

    It can be a bit tricky to do a knife hit. It however only takes six steps and you should be able to master it after a few tries.

    1. Cut Plastic Bottle-Cut the end off of the plastic bottle; so, the end is wide enough to comfortably and safely cover the knives.
    2. Light Er Up!-Light Up your heating source so it will be hot enough to get your knifes red hot.
    3. Heat Up The Knives-Place the knives over the burner until they are red hot.
    4. One Knife On Top Or Another- Take one hot knife and place it somewhere safe like a cutting board. Place a small bud, wax/dab, or shatter, on the knife blade that is directly on the board. Then quickly place your other red hot knife blade over whatever you are wanting to smoke and on top of the other knife.
    5. Wait For Smoke– As soon as the smoke starts place your bottle over the two knives.
    6. Start Puffing– Start smoking!!!!

    Final Thoughts

    A hot knife hit is a decent alternative for when you are down to resin, have no dabbing rig, (and you have wax that you are wanting to use), and also if you want to try something different. However, for those lucky to live in a legalized state, lack of weed isn’t usually an issue. And, for a change of pace, a knife hit is fun; but, it does take a bit of work. So, personally, I’ll stick to my bong. But, I plan on trying one occasionally.


    To answer the Questions:

    Are knife hits bad for you? No, provided you apply common-sense precautions when doing one.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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