Comprehensive Jellas PH Meter Review

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    Is The Jellas Hydroponic PH Meter (Pocket Size) Worth Buying?

    The Jellas meter is another discount, pocket size, PH meter that is highly rated on Amazon. However, there are numerous highly-rated Ph meters, that test water quality.  So, it is hard to choose the correct one.
    This meter can be used in multiple ways. It’s suitable for household drinking water, laboratory use, aquariums, wine  and beer making, and of course, for growing marijuana. It does have great reviews; however, it may not be suited for you in your particular situation. So, like always, I’m going to evaluate this meter and tell you whether I think it is a good buy.

    How I Will Review This Meter

    This pH meter is a discount meter and is made for the general public. As a result, it would be unreasonable to expect this meter to be as accurate as a professional lab model. However, this meter needs to be as precise as possible. So, my review will be based upon Ph meters that are of similar quality and price.

    Jellas (Pocket Size) PH MeterReview

    Jellas Pocket Size pH Meter for Cannabis
    Jellas Pocket Size PH   Meter


    Jellas Product specifications

    • Measuring Range: 0 dash 14.0 pH
    • Accuracy: plus-minus 0.1 pH resolution
    • Weight: 1.76 ounces
    • Screen: LCD Display
    • Warranty- One year, hassle-free money back or replacement for defective products

    Included In Package

    • One tester
    • One carrying case
    • One screwdriver for calibration
    • Two powder buffers for calibration
    • One user manual
    • One set of batteries


    • Ratings: Multiple reviews and an overall high rating.
    • Ease of use: A high percentage, of positive reviews, stated that this is easy to use
    • Accurate- this meter is quite accurate and has an impressive measuring range. (One reviewer mentioned that it has a pH resolution to a 10th of a point.)
    • Price- very reasonably priced, and you get a lot for the low price.
    • Versatile- this is marketed for hydroponic. Its use though is not limited to checking your drinking water quality or for cannabis. For example, one user noted that it could be used for almost any liquid. You can even test the pH level of ketchup.. this may not matter too much for cannabis growers or other gardeners. However, I think this does indicate quality.
    • Excellent customer service- I was very impressed with their customer service. They have a 12-month warranty. However, just because a company has a warranty does not mean that a company will back up that warranty. Reading the reviews, though, it seems very apparent that JELLAS does back up their warranty. For example, I found that it was impressive because they refunded someone’s money after they complained on Amazon about having a problem. Per the review, this was voluntary as the customer did not even ask for a refund. Many reviewers who gave it a poor review changed their review after getting a refund.
    • Easy to calibrate- many users stated that it was even calibrated when they received it from Amazon.
    • Good entry priced Ph meter- this meter is reasonably priced, so you cannot expect it to measure is accurate as $100 plus meter. However, for the average gardener, the accuracy will be just sufficient.
    • Portable- Yes, is as it claims as pocket size Ph meter.
    • Use-The Jellas is suitable for both home and laboratory uses.


    • Quality control issues- There were quite a few reviews were stating that this meter did not hold up well.  Also, a common trend was that they receive a faulty product. However, even readers who received a defective product raved about Jellas customer service. Please note, the reviews are almost overwhelmingly positive,  and Jellas honors their warranty. So, I do not think there is a risk of buying this product.
    • Measuring Probe-A common complaint about even, high-end, PH meters is that the measuring probes are fragile. In reading the Jellas reviews, it seems that the bulb here may be a little more fragile than usual. For example, a reviewer stated that the measuring bowl broke even after he only dropped it three feet.
    • Calibration issues- There are mixed reviews on this issue. As stated earlier, many reviewers raved about the ease of calibration. Some even noted that it was calibrated when received. But, many users also indicated that it is tough to calibrate and that it must be calibrated every time it is used. Due to the mixed reviews during calibration, I feel that potential buyers could be warned that you may have trouble with calibration.
    • Instructions are lacking- many reviewers noted that this PH meter should be stored in the liquid when not used. The instructions, though, did not state this, Which would cause many new users to not know that they had to do this.
    • Screen- a few reviewers noted that the LCD display is relatively small, and you cannot freeze the pH measurement readings.  The small screen size and the fact that the measurement reading cannot be frozen means that the Jellas may not work for those that have poor eyesight.


    For its price and who it is designed for, the Jellas is a good buy. The things I was impressed most about this were the following:

    • Customer service- customer service was highly praised by everyone. I found it incredibly impressive that they even refunded or gave someone a new product without being asked after hearing a complaint on the Amazon reviews.
    • Accuracy. There were a few complaints considering accuracy. Those complaints, though, compared to other meters we’re few and far between. Also, there were quite a few praises on the accuracy of this pH meter. This meter is overall high reviews. As a result, I doubt that any alleged inaccuracy of this product Indicates a trend because of the comprehensive high reviews. Because I highly doubt it would have excellent ratings with the majority of people using this couldn’t get good readings.
    • Wellmade- this pH meter seems to be quite well made. Granted, a few complaints were stating that this pH meter was faulty when they received it. However, again based upon the overall good reviews, I think these individuals were just unlucky, which does not indicate a trend. Also, even if you did get a damaged, JELLAS would refund your money without any questions.

    Final Recommendation

    In conclusion, I would recommend this Ph meter to the average grower who does not need exact lab-quality accuracy. (If you do need lab-quality accuracy, you should get the reeds professionally done.)   Also, because it is a pocket size, PH meter; it is a suitable meter for professionals to carry in the field for a quick check-up on the water quality. In summary, for its price, it cannot be beaten, and this Ph meter will work well for the average hobbyist gardener.

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    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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