Kannastor Gr8tr V2 Review

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    Is The Kannastor Herb Grinder Worth the Extra Money?

    I have reviewed a few cheap herb grinders on Ganjashark. (Kozo, and Golden Bell) Another example of these types of weed grinders is a lower-end Cali Crusher, which I am going to review, in the near future. These grinders are acceptable and, for what you are paying, an excellent deal. However, just as you can’t accept a Toyota Camry to get up to 60 mph as fast as a Porsche, you should also not expect the Kozo to perform like a $50+ weed grinder.

    To further my grinder reviews, I felt it would be helpful to review, high quality, Kannastor grinders, which are affordable, but not cheap. So, here you will find out all you need to know about the Kannastor and if it is for you.

    Ryot Company

    Ryot’s Website

    Before going into, the review, I thought It would be helpful first to introduce the Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder’s designer-RYOT. Specifically, I will introduce you to their business philosophy and who they are manufacturing their products for.

    Ryot began In 2003s, which was when medical marijuana was only legal in a few states, and recreational marijuana use was banned throughout the USA. As a result, Ryot purposely downplayed that their accessories were made for weed smokers. As a result, Ryot stands from “Roll Your Own Tobacco.” But, do not be confused. Ryot designed its products for cannabis smokers.

    Ryot-By Cannabis Smoker’s For Smokers

    Check Out RYOT and The Kannastor
    For More Info
    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    Ryot’s goal is to offer smoking accessories and related products that easily store, hide and carry weed. And, they’ve stuck to this goal as they specialize in discreet marijuana paraphernalia like:

    • Rolling Papers
    • Rolling Trays
    • Stash Boxes
    • Pipes
    • Dugouts

    And of course, herb grinders.

    Kannastor GR8RE V2 Review

    Model Reviewed -Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder

    Kannastor Grinder V2

    I will be reviewing Ryot’s most popular grinder, the Kannastor G8TR V2, with the Glass Jar Body. Kannastor GR8TR is a four-piece grinder that converts into two pieces if needed.

    What You Should Expect From Your Kannastor V2 Grinder

    The Kannastor is a premium, weed grinder, that costs between $75 to $90. This isn’t a cheap grinder. As a result, a consumer should expect more. I.e., Better performance, more storage, versatility, durability, etc. So, the question that I am going to ask in this review is:

    • Is paying an extra $40 or more for the Kannastor GR8Tr V2 Grinder worth it?

    Stick around to find out.

    What You Can Expect

    As you can find on Ryot’s website, I will only briefly go over the features and what’s included with your purchase. This review will be based upon Kannastor’s claims and how well Kannastor fulfills those claims. My findings will be based upon personal experience and also Kannastor reviews from two top websites, Wire Cutter, and High Times.

    What Does Ryot Claim About The Kannastor?

    Kannastor, like most companies, has bold claims considering their product. Some of their claims are a bit exaggerated, which is to be expected and can’t be tested. (After all, how can you grade a “Perfect Grind”) The following are what Ryot touts as being their best features, and next to it is how a feature might help you.

    1. Anodized Food Grade Aluminum (Durability)
    2. Anti Friction Grind (Ease of Use)
    3. Micro Teeth Design (Grinding Quality)
    4. Residue Rings (Keith Catcher)
    5. Modular Design (Versatility)
    6. Easy Change Screen (Cleaning Ease)
    7. Extra Deep Grinding Chamber( Storage)
    8. Polished Puck Base (Concealability)
    9. Mesh Screen (Keif Collection)

    Does Kannastor GR8TR Fulfill Its Promise?

    Durability-6160 Anodized Food Grade Aluminum

    Kannastor grinders, to prove their durability, tout that they are made of anodized food grade aluminum. (6061 Aluminum) That sounds impressive. But, what does this mean? Is food grade 6061 aluminum durable?

    First of all, food-grade aluminum is not an official industry term, which means aluminum can not officially be certified as food grade. So, is 6061 aluminum quality? The short answer is yes. 6061 aluminum is an excellent and durable aluminum type known for its corrosion, stress, and cracking resistance. Also, by simply handling and using the Kannastor you can tell that it is quite a durable tool. Kannastor’s *Lifetime warranty on their grinders also indicates that their herb grinders are built to last.

    *Limited Lifetime Warranty-Ryot offers a life time warranty, for the original purchaser, on their herb grinders. The only limitation is that the easy change screen chamber’s warranty only lasts for a month.

    Anti Friction Grind-Ease of Use

    How Easy Does Is It Grind? Grinding Test

    Kannastor claims to use an anti friction grinder plate, which makes it easy to grind. With my first grind, and I am not exaggerating, I didn’t feel any friction or pressure at all. The grind was very smooth and effortless. However, this (See Figure 1,) was a small amount.

    Figure 1-Minimal Weed

    So, I decided to put this claim to the test by seeing how easily the Kannastor grinds different amounts of weed. To test I increasingly placed more bud on the grinder and ground away. The only time I felt a little bit of friction or pressure was when the grinder was filled up to its limit. (See Figure 2)

    Figure 2-Max Amount of Weed

    ) The resistance though, was minimal and nothing to worry about. So, I am assured that you’ll have no problem grinding away, and you might even forget that you are using it!

    Micro Teeth Desing-Grinding Quality

    Kannastor claims that its grinder plates will give you a perfect grind. Everything in life has needs improvement. The Kannastor’s grinding results though are close to perfect. Below are its results, and as you see below, the Kannistor herb grinder results in a very fine, fluffy grind. This grind will give you weed perfect for vaping, your rolling papers, and pretty much any of your smoking desires.

    Residue Rings-Kief Catcher

    The Kannastor pollen or kief collector is impressive, as it comes with a very durable, stainless steel 60 mesh, pollen scraper, and residue rings. This steel mesh screen is very high quality and also easy to remove. (All you do is twist it off) With the screen and the easy grinding, the pollen quickly sifts on down to the bottom chamber.

    Versatile-Modular Design

    With traditional style grinders, you can only buy models with two, three, or four pieces. A two-piece herb grinder is excellent if you want to grind a bit of weed for personal use or traveling. If you want to collect kief, you’ll want a four-piece. However, the problem is that the more pieces the grinder has, the bulkier it will be.

    The Kannastor’s modular build though provides the best of both worlds in that it can be made into either a four or two-piece grinder. Below is when the Kannastor is converted into a two-piece grinder.

    Kannastor’s Modular Design
    Best of Both Worlds- 2 and 4 Pieces

    Easy Change Screen-Cleaning Ease

    The Kannastor’s screen is easy to change, which results in you being able to clean in all the nooks and crannies of this grinder.

    Extra Deep Grinding Chamber-Plenty of Storage

    The Kannastor is designed for the house and also traveling. As a result, the Kannastor should be able to hold a significant amount of weed. And the Kannastor does just that and more. Below is an eighth of ground-up weed, and as you can see it also can handle much more. So, the grinding chamber is defiantly impressive

    Concealability-Polished Puck Base (Lid)

    The Polished Puck Base is what Kannastor calls the two-piece, matte black grinder that was converted from their full-size GR8TR grinder. A two piece grinder is definitely more concealable than a full four-piece grinder. So, Kannastor passes that test with flying colors.

    Other Reviews-High Times and More

    To show that it is just not my opinion that the GR8TR is good, I’d like to show you two reviews that gave the Kannastor top ratings. These were the New York Times-Wire Cutter, and High Times.

    Wire Cutter

    It would not be a stretch to believe that Wire Cutter is not as well known as High Times in the stoner community. However, Wire Cutter, which was purchased by New York Times for 30 million, in 2016 is a powerhouse review website. To my surprise, on June 21, 2018, they reviewed the “Best Cannabis Grinder.” The Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder was rated as being the “Best Up Grade Pick”, which meant that was the best grinder that you could purchase.

    Specifically, among the grinders tested, they stated that the GR8TR ” . . . produced the fluffiest and most satisfactory result in our tests.” They mentioned that fine and fluffy grounded-up buds are a plus when prepping weed for a vaporizer.

    The reason that Kannastor wasn’t their top choice was only that extras like a bonus storage container, extra plates might not be worth the extra price for every smoker.

    High Times

    Unless you’re a youngster, you’ve most likely heard of the world-famous “High Times,” a cannabis magazine that printed its first edition in 1974. In other words, High Times knows weed, and you should respect their reviews. This article is a bit old in 2017; so, it DID NOT cover their V2 model. But, their review is still valid as it covers the classic Kannastor GR8TR.

    In summary, out of ten weed grinders, Kannastor was rated number one. High times specifically praised the following:

    • Micro Teeth and Dish Press– Results in an excellent grinding experience.
    • Interchangeable Plates– Allows the Ganja connoisseur to smoke their weed the way they want to smoke it.
    • Deep Storage Compartments– “Unmatched Bud Storage”

    Who Is The Kannastor For?

    The Kannastor is a top-of-the-line metal herb grinder and is considered to be among the best on the market. (After trying it, I will not argue about this at all). I would recommend, Kannastor to pretty much any cannabis smoker that desires a reliable, all-in-one herb grinder that they will be able to keep secure. I.E. As a home grinder, trusted friend’s house.

    Who Should Not Buy One?

    The Kannastor is not for everyone. It is the best grinder that I’ve used. But, you may not need all of its features, or it may not suit your lifestyle. For example, an “Easy Change GR8TR plate is only useful for those that can appreciate the difference between various weed grinds. (Course and Fine Grind)Ask the below questions, and you’ll be better able to determine if the Kannastor is for you.

    • Can you afford it? The Kannastor is reasonably priced and will last you for many years. But, it does cost up to five times or more than a cheap Amazon herb grinder.
    • Where are you going to use it? Are you going to take it with you to parties where it’ll be easy to forget and lose it or primarily keep it at home for your smoking? If you want a party grinder, you should look into a cheaper one that you’ll not mind losing.
    • How much and how do you smoke weed? If you are a casual smoker who does not smoke much or any cannabis flower, the Kannastor or any grinder is likely not needed.
    • Will you take care of it? The Kannastor is durable, with its removable screen, it is easy to clean. However, you will have to clean it. So, if you hate cleaning your smoking accessories, you should purchase a cheap grinder that you can replace for $10 or less.

    Where Can I Buy The Kannastor Grinder?

    Check Out RYOT and The Kannastor
    For More Info
    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    Final Thoughts

    As you might tell, I have very few complaints about the Kannastor weed grinder. This is a top-grinder, and I would not be surprised if it were the last one that I bought. The only issue that I have is that the instructions are a bit lacking. As a result, it took me a while to understand how to use the unique features of this grinder like the interchangeable grinder plates that allow you to grind weed either somewhat coarsely or fine. For newbie smokers, this could be incredibly frustrating. However, If you want a weed grinder that’ll get the job done with flying colors, last for years, and is versatile, get the Kannastor GR8TR V2, in either the Jar Body or the solid body grinder style


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