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     What Kind of Stoner Are You Quiz

    Stoner Types and Weed Quizzes

    Along with memes, fun, non-scientific, quizzes on the Internet (Facebook, especially) have always been popular. Surprisingly, they’re not too many stoner quizzes on the web.

    That’s why I felt it would be amusing to write a short guide on stoner personality types and also showcase a quiz or two that you might want to take.

    What Are The Most Common Weed Smokers?

    They’re countless articles that describe the various, so-called, “Stoner Personalities.” The following are the ones that I felt were the most realistic. Some of these are borrowed from various sources and others are from my own observations

    The Macgyver Smoker


    Macgyver was able to make tools from mundane objects. I.E. making a nuclear bomb out of a paper clip. 🙂

    McGuyver smokers have a Ph.D. in Stoner Engineering and make smoking weed an adventure. They are the type of person who is able to make a pipe or a bong from pretty much any everyday object-apples, milk cartons, bananas, etc. I even saw a video game controller converted into a pipe.

    Who needs a bong when you have an apple?

    A Mcguyvers is the most valuable stoner buddy to have around when you want your 420 fix; but, your bong or pipe broke and you can’t get a replacement anytime soon.


    These parasites smoke OP (“Other Peoples”) weed. They always seem to show up at a party when you are passing the bong around among your friends where they manage to take a hit or two. They’re like a dog, minus any endearing qualities, that show up when you get the munchies.

    Cannabis Afficiniodo

    Is what you could consider being a weed snob or a hipster. They know all there is to know about the various cannabis strains and they are not shy about telling you what they know. They are a lifetime cannabis student with an ongoing relationship with cannabis. They only smoke what they consider to be primo “bud” and look down on anything that does not meet their supposed high-standards. Additionally, they own the best and latest smoking paraphernalia.


    A Philosopher becomes Socrates once they start smoking and a conversation will be geared toward the meaning of life and other random information that may or may not be true. The Stoner Philosopher, depending upon your mood, is either annoying or fun to be around. This clip from the classic 1990s movie Dazed and confused is a prime example of stoner philosophy.


    The newbie, as I hoped you would have guessed, is a beginning smoker. They can be characterized by some or all of the following traits:

    • WaterWorks -Bongwater will likely be sure to spray out when they take that first hit.
    • No Tolerance -They often smoke too much and become a permanent part of the couch.
    • Can’t Handle Edibles -They OD on edibles as they proceed to eat and eat some more when they don’t at first feel high. Two hours later they are likely too stoned to enjoy the night and either pass out or get paranoid that people will find out that they are baked. The newbie is tolerated by most people because after all, we all were beginners at one point in our life also.


    They are likely vegetarian and live a natural, lifestyle. They only smoke organic, pesticide-free weed, buy organic rolling paper, and believe in the power of hemp.

    Raw Unrefined Organic 1.25 1 1/4 Size Cigarette Rolling Papers, 50 Count (Pack of 6)


    They are the first-adaptors when it comes to smoking gear. They have it all figured out, through tech, on the best way to get high. I.E. Dabbing, Vaporizers, etc. They are all for performance and have figured out how to choose the right tools for the right job. They are willing to learn, purchase, and do whatever is necessary for achieving the ultimate high.

    OG Hippy Smoker

    The Original Gangster Hippy likely started smoking herb way before you were even born, and after 50+years, they are still smoking. They prefer, old-school strains like Alcupolco Gold, they usually never dab, or vape and they can roll a joint with their eyes closed. A classic, pop-culture, example of an OG Smoker is the classic character the Big Lebowski or the Dude.


    The vast majority of pot users are able to keep a job and are productive members of society. Some though let weed control their every waking moment. For example, in college, a few friends of mine smoked their way into failing their classes. Burnout is an example of a stereotypical pothead whose main accomplishment is getting up to play video games, and watching TV. Floyd from True Romance is the perfect example of burnout.



    Those are just a few And many of these also overlap. For example, naturalists are also often Philosophers. If you are wondering what kind you are, take a look at the quizzes below.

    What Kind of Stoner Am I?

    There are surprisingly not a lot of weed quizzes available and the ones that I could find are listed on generic, quiz, websites. Here, are a few that I found.

    So, for an enjoyable time-waster take a look at these and give at least one quiz a try.

    Final Thoughts

    These quizzes, like almost all internet quizzes, are meant to be just for fun and are no to be taken seriously. If you did take a quiz was it accurate? Do you identify with a certain personality type? Share in the comments if so.



    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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