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Kozo Grinders Review- Are They Worth Buying?

Kozo Herb Grinders

Kozo Grinders

Kozo makes mid-price, highly rated herb grinders that are likely affordable to most everyone.  Kozo seems to design their product for herb grinders for cannabis users, or at least they do not pretend that people will not use their herb grinders for marijuana, which is quite unique as many other, highly rated,  herb grinder companies, seem to pretend that their product will only be used for cooking herbs.  This is especially evident as they also sell the following:

● Stash Boxes-Stash boxes cost from approximately $30 to $60.

Kozo Smell Proof Stash Box Combo Kit with Aluminium 2.5" Herb Grinder, Rolling Tray, Odor Proof Container Jar and A Combination Lock. Airtight Locking Box Set with All The Accessories You Need!

● Smell Proof Jars-Their jars cost from between $22 to $30

KOZO Smell Proof Stash Jar - Stylish 1 oz Size (500 ml) - Made of Black Glass, with High UV Protection. Airtight Container with Humidity Pack. Discreet Accessory to keep your Herbs Fresh for Longer.

Granted, Kozo does not expressly state that their grinders were for cannabis and they can be sued for cooking herbs. However, they also did not pretend that their product would be used only for grinding up culinary herbs. Kozo’s honesty is refreshing, and also it indicates that their weed grinders may have been designed for cannabis smokers.

KOZO Company

Kozo herb grinders manufacturer is a mystery, which is unusual as they are a top-seller on Amazon. I could not find their website, and their only presence on the web (Other than Amazon) was their Facebook and Instagram page.
As for where they are made, I am confident that they are made in China as I saw Kozo Grinders on a wholesale Chinese website.

Is Aluminum Dangerous?

Aluminum is a toxic substance.    As a result, there is controversy concerning Aluminum being used for weed grinders.  In short, based on my research, you should not worry. Please go to the Appendix at the end for a further explanation.

Kozo Herb Grinders Review

The Kozo is very impressive at first glance. But does it work as good as it looks on paper? I will answer this question and more in this review.  Also, Kozo offers two herb grinder models. (2.5 and 4″ for each model) Each of these models has the same name, so it can be quite confusing. For lack of better terms, the cheap herb grinder (2.5″) costs less than $30, and the 4″ model cost less than $75.
I cannot find any difference between the higher and lower priced herb grinders. The more expensive models are not the newly designed ones as their economy grinders seem to be identical as their more costly grinders.

Cheap Herb Grinder

Kozo Best Herb Grinder (4 Pieces), 2.5″

Kozo 4″ Weed Grinder

Kozo’s  2.5″ and 4″ weed, economy, weed grinders have almost perfect ratings, and also they among the most reviews I have seen for any product on Amazon. Kozo also states their grinders have a “new and approved” design.  These new design, “improvements” are listed below:
Mesh Screen-The included, removable, mesh screen is now deeper, which makes it able to hold more cannabis and Kozo claims it is also more stable,
Magnetic Top– The lid is said to be so secure that you can turn it over, and the lid will stay on.

Kozo Grinder's Magnetic Top

KOZO (Four Piece) Weed Grinder Product Specifications

● Sizes: 2.5″, 4″
● Main Material: Anodized Aluminum
● Kief Catcher: Yes
● Color Options: Pink, Black, Blue, Dark Black, Green, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold
● Warranty: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. However, there is no mention of how long the guarantee lasts or if there are any limitations.

Customer Reviews


● Ratings-Nearly perfect rating at close to 10K reviews
● Top Seller-#2 Amazon Best Sellers Rating
● Perfect size-The deep compartments hold a lot of weed, yet it is compact and easy to take with you.
● Consistency-Sharp teeth that put out a consistent product. Also, cannabis doesn’ tend to stick to the product.
● Keif Catcher-The kief Catcher is removable, which some reviewers did not care for; but, this feature does make it easier to be cleaned. I also find it impressive that they include a screen brush with their grinders.
● Magnetic Top-The magnetic top is said to be very strong, which backs up Kozo’s claim.
● Blades-Blades are incredibly sharp, which makes for a consistent cut.
● Holes-The grinder holes are said to work well in making sure that the kief is correctly sifted through.
● Best Grinder For The Money-According to reviewers, Kozo, for its price, is the best weed grinder on the market.


● Keif Catcher-The catcher is not screwed in; as a result, it is easy for the catcher to slide out and kief to spill. This issue also seems to most often when grinding weed.
● Accessibility Problems- A reviewer who had arthritis mentioned that he had a tough time unscrewing the 3rd and four-compartment of the grinder because of the new design. (Bud Holder, and Keif Catcher)
● Not Enough Teeth-50 teeth for grinders is recommend, and Kozo’s has well below the recommended 50 teeth.


For the price, the Kozo 2.5″ weed grinder cannot be beaten. Their near-perfect rating for these grinders has the most reviews that I have seen for any cannabis-related product. (Or any Amazon product) I am especially impressed by how this grinder is praised for its sharp teeth and consistent cut.
I have no reason to think that the lousy review is not sincere. However, most of the complaints were based upon personal preference, and the poor reviews are few and far between. As a result of the following, I highly recommend Kozo weed grinders.

Buyer Beware: I cannot tell any difference (assuming they are different) between the two weed grinders models.   Even if there is a difference, the average person likely would not be able to tell the difference between the two. So, if you are interested in the Kozo, I  woud save yourself a few dollars and buy their lower cost grinder.


A Note On Aluminum

Aluminum can be a toxic substance, and there have been studies linking aluminum poisoning to dementia.  So, this fear of aluminum poisoning is reasonable.  As a result, many cannabis smokers are wary of using and buying an aluminum weed grinder because they are afraid that aluminum shavings from the grinder may fall off into the weed as it is being ground up.  The shavings will then be ingested into your lungs when you are smoking, which can cause neurological and other assorted health problems.

This fear is thankfully unfounded.  First of all, high quality (like the Kozo) aluminum grinders models are known for durability. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will ever encounter aluminum shavings mixed in with your weed. Also, it will not be harmful even if some aluminum shavings do fall into your weed because aluminum is only toxic when it reaches 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and 600 degrees is far higher than any lighter will reach. So, any fears of ingesting toxic aluminum into your lungs are baseless.


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