Kozo Grinders Review- Are They Worth Buying? (2021 Update)

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    A Warts and All Kozo Grinder Review

    The Kozo Grinder

    Kozo right now only sells a single grinder on Amazon, which is their 2.5″, 4 piece herb grinder. This grinder, at first glance, with over 900 Amazon reviews and a nearly five-star rating, appears to be well made an excellent deal. However, I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to extremely high ratings. So, I am decided to buy the Kozo and review it.

    KOZO Grinders Company

    The Kozo company is a mystery. They do not have a website. Not having a website is most unusual as they are a top-seller on Amazon and are not a generic brand. In fact, Kozo’s only web presence, other than Amazon, is their Facebook and Instagram pages.

    As for where they are made, I am confident that they are made in China as I saw them selling on a wholesale Chinese website.

    Kozo-Designed For The Cannabis Smoker

    Kozo does not pretend that their Grinders will be used as a coffee grinder or a culinary spice grinder, which is refreshing. Kozo also offers marijuana-friendly products like the following:

    Stash Boxes

    Kozo Tree of Life Wood Stash Box
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    Smell Proof Jars

    KOZO Airtight Smell Proof Storage Jar
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    Kozo even offers a free-rolling case with every purchase. So, the Kozo Ginder is definitely designed for grinding up weed.

    Background and Rating Criteria

    I purchased Kozo’s Upgraded 4 pieces, 2.5 inches, herb grinder in Sept 2021. This is the first Kozo Grinder and first Kozo product I have purchased. So, I don’t have any good or bad expectations concerning their products.

    Of course, this grinder was tested on ground weed and not spices, and I used dispensary purchased cannabis. (Runtz strain). I only buy dispensary weed. Therefore, I do not know how the Kozo would work on cheap, schwag weed that is full of seed, stems, and other impurities.

    Review Expectations

    This review is based upon the expectation that Kozo specializes in, low-cost, herb grinders. Therefore, I am not expecting Kozo to perform like a Cali Crusher or a Kannastor Grinder.

    I expect the Kozo to perform comparably or better than a similar,low-price spice herb grinder. I.E. Chromium Crusher Grinder, Sharpstone Grinder, Golden Gate Grinder, etc.

    Ultimate Criteria

    No matter how cheap the price is, the Kozo needs to do what it was designed to do; give you ground weed with minimal hassle.

    Therefore, the Kozo Grinder ratings will be based upon the following criteria:

    • Ease of Use
    • Cleanability
    • Durability
    • Value

    Ease of use, cleanability, and value ratings will be judged upon my observations. I have not had this grinder for that long, the value rating will be based upon other reviews, and if necessary It will be updated in the future.

    Is Aluminum Dangerous?-The grinders are made from aluminum, which is a toxic substance. As a result, there is some controversy concerning aluminum being used in weed grinders. (Specifically, aluminum shavings coming apart from grinders) Based on my research, you should not worry as the melting point of aluminum is far higher than a lighters temperature.

    Kozo Grinders Review

    Kozo Herb Grinder [Upgraded Version], Large 4 Piece, 2.5 Inches
    Check It Out Now!
    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    I will now review, based upon the above, the Kozo weed grinder.

    Weed Grinder Models

    Previously, Kozo sold a four-inch, four-piece grinder. Currently, at least on Amazon, they now only sell a single model, which is the 2 and 1/2 inch, four-piece herb grinder, which is the one that I am reviewing today.

    Kozo 2.5″, 4 Piece Grinder

    Weed Grinder Review

    Kozo boasts that their current grinder is an upgraded version that has a “new and approved” design. I haven’t used their ole34 version. So, I am unable to tell you if these improvements are real or just fluff. There new design, “improvements” though are listed below:

    • Mesh Screen -The included, removable, mesh screen is now deeper, which makes it able to hold more cannabis, more stable, and also will clean easier.
    • Strong Magnetic Lid– The lid is said to be so secure that you can turn it over, and the lid will stay on.
    • Improved Design -The well-designed, aluminum chambers make it easy to clean.

    Product Specifications

    • Size: 2.5″
    • Pieces: 4
    • Main Material: Anodized Aluminum
    • Kief Catcher: Yes (Pollen Scraper Is Also Included)
    • Color Options: Black, and Green
    • Warranty: No Warranty Listed
    • Weight: 5.6 Ounces

    My Findings

    First Impressions

    Based upon the fact that this isn’t a $50 herb grinder, my first impressions of the grinder I bought were generally favorable. It smoothly grounded up buds into a smokeable product with minimal effort. I did notice though that the grounded-up weed wasn’t consistent or fluffy. But, It was far better than un-grinded ganja.

    Below is a more in-depth summary of what is Good and Bad about the Kozo Grinder.

    Advantages and Disadvantages


    • Product Ratings-Nearly perfect rating at close to 1,000 reviews
    • Top Seller- At the time of this review it was the #1 Amazon Best Sellers Rating in the Seasoning & Spice Mincer’s category. (This rating may be suspect though as most grinders are rated under Herb and Spice Mills category)
    • Quality Build-The Kozo is a cheap marijuana grinder. It is not however made with cheap material. Everything about this grinder indicates that it was made well. For example, its outer shell is made from a heavy duty aluminum alloy, the wire mesh is firm, and the lid magnet is strong.
    • Discreet Packaging-The Kozo box does not signal that it is designed for weed.
    • Smooth Grind-All you do is place a bud on the grinder, slightly press down, grind away, and you’re ready to go.
    • Affordable Price– It is quite affordable and is listed at a price that pretty much anyone can afford.
    • Keif Catcher-It has a removable kief or pollen catcher that is firmly attached to the grinder.
    Wire Mesh Pollen Catcher
    • Stong Magnetic Top-The magnetic top strongly fastens to the grinder and is so strong that it even stays fastened when it is turned upside down.
    • Compact Size– At 2.5″, Its small size (please look at the below picture to get an idea of how small this grinder actually is) means that it can easily fit into a small purse, coat, or pants pockets.
    Grinder Size Perspective
    • User Experience-The Kozo has several indentations or grooves on the side of the lid, which makes it easy to grind away. These indentations on the grinder’s side mean that the Kozo works well with wet hands, which could be a godsend if you are hiking, camping, etc.
    • Easy To Clean-The Removeable pollen catcher and open design make this grinder quite easy to clean.


    • False Advertising-Kozo, in multiple areas of their listing, False Advertising-Kozo Intouts that their 2.5″ grinder holds large quantities of weed. This is not true as the grinder compartment was noticeably full after only grinding up an average-sized to smaller bud. See, the picture below for proof.
    This is from only from an average to small bud
    • Home Use-Contrary to what Kozo claims, their 2.5-inch grinder has limited home use. Unless you are a very casual smoker, this grinder is only suitable for grinding and not storing weed.
    • Warranty-The only mention that “Satisfaction Is Guaranteed”, and do not say what is under warranty or how long any warranty lasts.
    • Teeth Design-Kozo does not have diamond shaped teeth (it has square teeth) or enough teeth. A high quality grinder will have up to 50 teeth, and Kozo grinder only has 20 teeth. The shape of the teeth and lack of teeth are likely the reason for the Kozo not producing a consistent or particularly fluffy end-product.
    Kozo’s Square Teeth
    • Transparency-In this day and age only having a Facebook page and Instagram is not acceptable.
    • Waste-A small amount of weed is left over after grinding. This may seem nitpicky, but, over time the small amount of weed can turn into quite a bit of wasted marijuana.
    Not Exactly Clean

    Who Is The Kozo Grinder For?

    The Kozo Grinder is perfect for either the casual smoker, traveler, or single smoker who wants to grind cannabis. Its compact size makes it perfect for storing in a pocket or small purse. And although it is doesn’t carry much, it does carry enough ground-up weed for a night or so for a single person.

    Granted, the cut wasn’t that consistent. However, it should work just fine for prepping your weed for a bong, pipe, etc., or roll a joint. However, you’ll be disappointed with the Kozo if you expect it to churn out finely grounded cannabis that is ready for your vaporizer.

    Rating Summary

    Ease of Use

    Rating: 5 out of 5.


    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Cleaning Ease

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Final Product (I.E. How was the final ground bud?)

    Rating: 3 out of 5.

    Overall Product

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Final Thoughts

    Kozo Grinders 2.5″ weed grinder is an excellent deal for cannabis smokers who want a no-frills, compact herb grinder that gets the job done. Another reason that I might recommend this Kozo is that their 4 piece grinder is well made and quite solid. So, I am confident that It’ll last a long time. (It’s steller Amazon reviews support this assumption) In summary, if you have realistic expectations, the Kozo grinder may very well suit your needs.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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