How to Mask The Smell Of Weed In A Bag

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    How to Transport Weed Without it Smelling

    There are many reasons why you might want the distinctive weed odor to be eliminated. For those who live in a state where cannabis is still illegal, the reason is obvious. Also, if you live where weed is legal, you might just want to hide your stash from nosy neighbors, family members, roommates, etc. Whatever your reason is though, you’ll have to do your homework, in order to make sure that the weed smell is controlled.

    What This Article Covers

    I have already written several articles on how to best store either dried or cured, cannabis. I also have an article on hiding the weed smell from your car, house, hair, etc. So, cannabis smoke, weed smoke residue, and how to best discreetly store drying and curing weed will not be addressed.

    Humans and Dogs-A dog’s sense of smell are 1,000 to 10,000 times greater than a human. As an example, a canine’s smelling ability is so advanced that they are able to even detect cancer cells. As a result, a bag that might be smell proof concerning humans will not be for canines.

    Best Way To Mask Weed Smell Is The Bag

    There are many tips on how best to hide the distinctive marijuana smell. Some of which, that you might be familiar with is baking soda and vinegar. Or, even a scented candle, and incense. The above measures are helpful in masking weed. However, they are not reliable when you are traveling with your stash. As a result, the number one factor is the bag, or container, which will be evaluated below.

    Disposable and Reusable Weed Bag

    There are numerous types of smell proof weed bags that come in different styles. As a result, to prevent confusion, I am going to classify a weed bag as being either disposable, semi-disposable, or reusable.


    BOS Amazing Odor Sealing Disposable Bags for Diapers, Pet Waste or any Sanitary Product Disposal -Durable and Unscented (90 Bags) [Size: S, Color: White]

    An example of disposable, scent-proof, bags is the BOS bag. These bags are only designed to, TEMPORARILY hide smells like soiled diapers or pet waste. Notice that I bolded and highlighted “temporarily”. The reason for that was that disposable scent-proof bags should never be used for long-term, odor-proof, weed storage.

    Beware the ZIploc Bag-As a plastic bag has numerous, microscopic holes, the Ziploc bag is not suitable for hiding smells from dogs or humans. And it is not just a Ziploc plastic bag as vacuum-sealed baggies also, with time, will emit the recognizable cannabis smell.


    SMELLY PROOF - Reusable Heavy-Duty Odor-Proof Storage Bags - Freshness Barrier Technology - Made in the USA (LARGE - 10"x8.5" - 5 Pack, Clear)

    Some of the cheaper plastic weed, smell-proof bags are also touted as being “Re-Usable.” These bags are made of heavy-duty plastic or vinyl. Depending upon the quality of the bag they might be able to be re-used a few times. But, they are not as durable as reusable bags.


    Skunk Sling Smell Proof Bag w/Combo Lock (Black)

    Reusable bags come in all sizes and the best ones resemble a normal backpack, toiletry kit, purse, duffel bag, etc. Two of the best companies that make these bags are Skunk Bags and Ryot.

    What To Look For When Buying an Odor Proof Bag

    There are numerous types of bags on the market, which can make buying one a bit confusing. The following though are general characteristics that you should look for when you are looking to buy either a reusable or a semi-disposable bag.


    Smelly Proof semi-disposable tops out at 7.5 by 6.5 inches. And the largest reusable bags are 13.4″ backpacks to a 16.5″ duffel bag.


    Heavy-duty, thick plastic is the most common semi-disposable bag material. On the other hand, reusable odor-proof bags are often made of heavy-duty cloth or fabric.


    Carbon filters, which capture and remove lingering odors, are the standard odor neutralizer for many reusable bags.


    The air-tight seal varies greatly between bags. Semi-disposable bags tend to have a Ziploc type of enclosure, and the reusable bags have single or double zippers. A double zipper might be more air-tight. However, an additional zipper means that the zipper is more likely to break or get stuck.


    A lock is a common feature for many reusable bags.


    Reusable bags, like a regular backpack or duffel bag, might have a pocket or two on the outside, which may or not be that odor-proof. Therefore, you should only use the outer pocket for gear that you do not mind anyone discovering.


    Style varies greatly for reusable bags. However, most smell proof weed bags, by design, are understated. A few bags, like Firedog, though do have vivid colors.

    FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock (Red Camo, 8x4x2.75 Inch)

    You can also purchase a Green Cross, MMJ, backpack, or cannabis-themed bags. If you are wanting to hide your weed, buying a cannabis-themed bag is obviously not recommended.

    GREEN CROSS Smell Proof Bag Smell Proof Stash Box w/Combination Lock Medical Bag Smell Proof Containers Medicine Bag Smell Proof Bags Smell Proof Case Stash Bag Stash Box with Lock Odorless Stash Bag

    Weed Bag Buying Guidelines Summary

    It seems obvious, but the top priority for buying an odor-proof weed container is that it should control the recognizable cannabis flower smell. Or, in other words:

    • Does X bag hide smells?

    If your bag hides a smell you should then go on to the next question.

    • Does “X” bag serve your particular needs and purposes?

    For example, you do not need to buy a pricey Skunk duffle bag if you are only traveling with, at most, an eighth of weed. Also, avoid a flashy smell proof bag if you are not wanting to bring attention to yourself. And, it should go without saying you should not purchase any pot-themed backpack such as the one shown below.

    Commercial Smell Proof Bags

    There are many types of commercially made smell proof bags. Some of the more popular reusable ones are the semi-disposable “Smelly Bag” and the reusable “Skunk Bag.” I will go over each of these now.

    Smelly Bag

    SMELLY PROOF - Reusable Black Odor-Proof Storage Bags - Barrier Technology - Made in the USA

    The smelly bag is a perfect example of a semi-disposable weed bag that is highly rated. The Smelly Bag has the following features:

    • Zipper-It features an air-tight zipper to help hide smells.
    • Heavy Duty– They are made from heavy-duty, four-millimeter, medical-grade plastic.
    • Environmentally Friendly– These bags are BPA-free and all you have to do to reuse them is to wash and dry.
    • Dimensions-They come in three sizes 7.5″ by 6.5″, 7″ by 6″, and 4″ by 6″

    Do Smelly Proof Bags Hide The Marijuana Odor?

    Campers, hikers, hunters, etc., use the Smelly Proof Bag for hiding food smells from woodland creatures like deer, and even bears. Based upon this below video, and also various reviews, the Smelly Bag is able to mask food smells from bears, and bears are known as having the best smell scent of any animal.

    What Are The Disadvantages Of The Smelly Bag?

    The Smelly Bag has numerous reviews and overall high ratings. So, based upon reviews, I saw very few poor reviews. The only issues that I saw were that a few users stated that the seal or zipper unattached itself after a few uses and another consumer stated that these bags are not very durable.

    These accusations are serious and I believe that did happen to these two reviewers. But, since there are very few poor reviews, I feel that zipper and poor quality complaints are not a trend. In summary, based upon the numerous reviews the smelly bag does work well to hide cannabis smells.

    Skunk Bag

    Skunk Elite Backpack - Smell Proof (Black Leather)

    Skunk Bags manufacture top-selling, medium-priced, smell-proof, backpacks, duffel bags, and other discreet-looking bags. The skunk bag has the following features:

    • Combo Lock
    • Double Zippers
    • Nylon, Odor Containing, Outer Shell
    • Smell Controlling Foam Padding with an Activated Charcoal Filter


    Below are examples of a few types of Skunk Bags

    • Skunk Elite Black Leather Back Pack
    • Skunk Duffel Bag

    Do Skunk Bags Hide The Cannabis Smell?

    Skunk bags claim that their products, carbon filter, and unique design hide all types of smells. Skunk Bags activated charcoal filter is designed to neutralize odor molecules that touch the filter. According to the numerous positive reviews, the odor eliminator filter gets the job done.

    What Are The Common, Skunk Bag Complaints?

    The most common complaints have to do with straps falling off, zippers jamming, etc. However, based upon these complaints being few and far between, you likely should not have to worry too much about that happening.


    If you do not place the weed into the weed container correctly, it does not matter how, air-tight, or expensive your weed container or stash jar is. A drug dog or, depending on how bad it is, even law enforcement can detect weed residue on the outside of the container. So, be sure that the outside container is clear of any cannabis residue.

    Final Thoughts

    You should never rely on any bags to hide weed or any other smell. However, the above solutions will likely work to hide smaller amounts of weed. Your best defense though against being stopped and arrested for weed possession is to be a discreet smoker, by not smoking weed in your car. To be extra safe though do not travel with stinky cannabis flower. Instead, take edible gummies, tinctures, etc., or use a vape pen.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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