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mason Jar Weed Curing Method

Mason Jar Full Of Weed Curing Method

Mason Jar Method For Curing Weed

Arguably, curing cannabis is one of the most underappreciated; yet essential steps in getting your weed ready for smoking. Not properly or, god forbid, not curing your weed is a mistake though. Granted, you can smoke uncured weed. But, smoking uncured weed is a far less satisfying experience than taking a hit from properly cured weed.  Learn how to cure weed!

Mason Jar Curing Method

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This article is a how-to guide on curing weed using a Mason or canning jar. The canning jar curing method is the most popular and proven method for curing bud. It is also among the easiest and cheapest ways to cure. First, though, I will go into the basics of drying before I explain the glass jar curing method.

Drying Process

Drying is the third step that occurs after the cannabis plant is harvested and trimmed. Proper drying is essential to preserve trichomes, terpenoids and to simply allow you to smoke newly cultivated buds. The weed drying process is an article on its own as there are several methods commonly used. So, I will only briefly go over the three most common cannabis drying methods, which are the paper bag drying method, upside-down hanging method, and drying rack method.

  • Brown Paper Bag Drying Method-I wrote an extensive article on this method, which can be accessed here. This method is, as you hopefully guessed, is simply drying weed in a paper bag (Cardboard box also). For the home grower, with limited space, or those valuing privacy, it is an excellent solution.
  • Hanging Buds Upside Down-You hang your plants upside to dry, which is the preferred way for many growers. However, it takes more space and also not as private as paper bags.
  • Drying Rack– A commercial drying rack is a preferred choice for commercial growers. A drying rack has advantages or organization, and less risk of mold and other contaminations than with other ways to dry. The disadvantages are mostly the same as with the “Hanging Buds Upside Down” method,” of more space being needed, and privacy concerns. A drying rack can also be quite costly.
Cannabis Drying Rack
Cannabis Drying Rack

Quick Drying Methods-Quick-drying buds are not recommended. But, it can be done if you just can’t wait for your bud to be dried and cured. Some of the common methods for quickly drying buds are the microwave, oven, and a food dehydrator.

When Are You Ready To Start The Curing Process?

On average, drying takes between five to 15 days. If your buds are too moist you will have mold problems. On the other hand, if they are too dry your bud will burn way too fast. A relative humidity level of between 45 to 55% is recommended.

The number of days and the moisture levels are just rough guidelines, and should never be solely relied upon. Instead, you should do a simple test of simply taking off a small branch and bend it. If the branch breaks they are ready to be cured, and if it bends you will need to be a bit more patient and let them dry more.

Can You Smoke Uncured Weed?

Uncured cannabis is smokeable. However, it will leave you with an overall unsatisfying experience. A property cured buds will do the following:

●  Provide An Overall Better Smoking Experience– Uncured buds have bacteria that when smoked give off an unpleasant, nasty taste. Curing eliminates this bacteria, which means an overall smoother smoking experience.

●  Better Taste-Properly cured will preserve the delicate terpenes. The terps in weed help determine its take when smoked. So, curing will helps your buds taste better.

●  Potency- Uncured bud will be less potent.

●  Preservation– Properly cured buds increases how long buds can be stored. Per Weed Maps, if buds are cured and stored correctly your stash will be more likely to be protected from mold and can even last up to two years with little or no change in the THC% or the flavor.

What Is The Optimum Curing Environment?

The Mason Jar curing method should have the following environmental conditions inside the jar.

● Room Temperature– 70 degrees Fahrenheit

●  Relative Humidity-60 to 65%

●  Light-Room should be dark or an opaque jar can be used

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How Do You Keep The Humidity Levels Between 60 to 65%?

Humidity packs allow, you to easily set the RH inside your curing jar. Boveda Packs are the most popular humidity packs and depending upon how much weed is being cured, they are quite cheap.

The Boveda pack is made from pure water and salt and can last up to two to four months when placed in an air-tight container. All you do is put them in the jar and let them do their job and when they become stiff you take it out and put in a fresh one. What is especially impressive about the Boveda pack is that you are able to set the RPH between 58 to 68 relative humidity.

Oranges-Curing cannabis with fruit is a DIY way to alsocontrol the relative humidity levels.  All you do is place an orange peel placed in the jar. Personally, I would just stick to Boveda Packs.

Mason Jar Cannabis Curing Method

Please, note, even though a Mason or canning jar is referenced in this method, almost any airtight container will work.

Equipment Needed

●  Glass Mason Jar-Buy an opaque jar if you cannot place your curing cannabis in a dark area.

  Humidity Packs-They will help make sure that the jar is kept at the optimum RH levels.

●  Hygrometer-Used for the daily measurement of RH inside the jar


A simple Mason or a sealable glass jar is the most common glass container. All you need though is an airtight jar and weed. To begin you simply place trimmed and dried cannabis flower into the container around 2/3rds full. Alternatively, if you do not have any dark areas available, an opaque jar will do the trick. (Assuming the weed inside the jar is at the correct curing temperature) After you get the jars filled up you then, while performing simple burping, wait for the curing to finish.

Cannabis Storage- The glass jar also provides a convient way to store weed, and a glass jar, is the preferred way to store cannabis. The reason is that over time a plastic bag, metal container, and even a tobacco humidor will negatively affect the cannabis flower’s taste.

What in the Heck is Burping Cannabis?

Burping allows moisture and oxygen to escape from the curing jar. Burping both removes potentially harmful gas pressure from the jar and also moisture.

How To Burp Weed

If you can take a lid off of a jar and put it back (and give it a light shake) you can burp cannabis. Alternatively, with a bit more work, you can pour your buds out of the jar onto a paper towel to air them out, and after a few minutes, put them back into the jar.

How Long And When Should I Burp The Buds?

This rule varies between growers. Newbies though should stick to these industry-standard rules until they feel confident to experiment. The rule of thumb is that the jars should be “burped” or opened at least once a day for at least ten seconds.

Time May Vary

The time and how much to burp will vary greatly. But, factors such as the RH levels could mean that you will need to either open the lid for between 30 minutes daily. Some growers state that burping is only needed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. On the extreme, one book published in 2001 that said (they were using a can) you should remove the lid for six hours a day!

How Long To Cure?

The amount of time to burp depends greatly upon who you ask. Some growers, treat bud curing like a fine wine in that they believe the longer the cure the better the buds will be. However, the “fine wine theory” for bud curing is not proven. If you use the once per day for around ten seconds curing method, your weed should be ready to be smoke in around three weeks to a month.

Final Thoughts

The curing process is a skill that will take time. But, this skill is well worth learning. As I’ve stated much time in my previous articles, first learn the basic or industry standards to cure weed. Then, after you’ve been successful you can try to experiment with a few jars. For example, try to cure your weed for a long time than a month. Try the six-hour, burping method, etc. Eventually, with time you will be able to find a way to cure that works well for you.


Cvault-A Metal Container Specifically Designed For Curing Pot

The Cvault is a metal container, resembling a pressure cooker that is specifically designed for curing weed. It has the advantage of durability (it will not break as easily as glass) and also it is lightproof. (This problem can be solved with a Mason Jar by simply buying an opaque curing jar)They are pricey though, and a beginning grower would be wise to spend their money elsewhere.



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