Cannabis Culture 101: What Does It Mean to Match Weed?

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Matching weed, like Chiefing, is another slang term that is used in the stoner community. It concerns the social rules of smoking weed in a group. Some of the aspects of the matching weed rule are common sense. Other aspects though could be a surprise to newbie weed smokers. Therefore, it is important that beginning cannabis smokers take a look at this short article.

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    Official Definition – “Match Weed”

    Don’t Bring Only This When Other’s Brought an Eighth

    Like with most slang terms, there isn’t an official definition for Matching Weed. So, to answer the question of “What Does It Mean to Match Weed?” I referenced a few websites and also used my observations.

    Urban Dictionary and were the primary sources for my “Match Weed definition”, which is:

    Supplying equal quantities and quality of weed when attending a smoking session.

    The quantity part of this definition is pretty much self-explanatory. I.E., If all of your friends bring an eighth of weed to a party, you must also bring an eighth. The quality part is based upon my observations, and it means that you need to bring with you similar and/or identical weed strains to a smoking session. This means that if you know your friend is bringing the dispensary purchased strain of the year-Runtz, you should not bring ditch weed to the party.

    Why Is Matching Weed Important?

    The “Match Weed” rule will most likely come up with recreational marijuana use, as medical marijuana smoking isn’t usually done in a group smoking session. You should attempt to match weed for both social and quality reasons, which are explained below.

    Social and Quality Reasons

    Mostly, the social reasons to match weed are quite evident and are pretty much common sense. It is simply polite (when you are expected) to bring the same quality and similar strain of weed to a social gathering.

    Exception To The Rule-You match weed when a party hosts or a group of friends expect you do so. So, if a party host says he’s supplying weed, and you do not need to, you can forget the above. But, bring weed to a smoking session if it is customary among your group.

    Concerning quality, matching means that you should only bring cannabis strains that are of the same quality and have similar effects. The reason for this is that a different strain has different effects on weed smokers. For example, some cannabis strains are bred for daytime use, while others are suitable for the night.

    Night Time Vs. Day Time Strains

    A prime example of a nighttime strain is Hindu Kush, which is a 100% indica strain that has 19% THC. Cannabis users have reported that Hindu Kush helps with pain relief, nausea symptoms, and stress relief. More importantly, for the purposes of this article, 51% of cannabis consumers reported that it makes them sleepy.

    The opposite of Hindu Kush’s sedative effect is Green Crack. Green Crack, as you might imagine, gets its name from its uplifting effects. The Green Crack strain is known to help smokers combat stress, fatigue and also enhance focus. The last thing you want to do at most parties is to have everyone fall asleep. So, common sense would say that for most social situations, you should not bring, to a party, the sleep-inducing Hindu kush.

    Just like a wine sommelier, choosing the correct weed strain is an art. As a result, if you plan to continue smoking cannabis, you should know the basics of the marijuana plant and its cannabinoid profile. If you are not familiar with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other related matters, I would recommend that you look at the appendix at the end of this article.


    The Importance of The Cannabinoid Profile

    The first thing that most cannabis smokers learn is the supposed difference between Indica and Sativa cannabis strains. If you do not know the difference, indica (AKA-“In the couch”) is thought to make you sleepy and mellow, and Sativa should give marijuana users a more uplifting, giggly, and active high. Terpenes though and not whether or not it is Indica or Sativa is the best indicator of a certain strain’s effects.

    Terpenes Matter More

    A cannabis plant is composed of hundreds of terpenes. Terpenes affect everything from a strain’s aroma, to treating a certain medical condition like chronic pain. Examples of terpenes that have medical purposes are myrcene, which makes most weed smokers sleepy. Click Here for a more thorough analysis of the above.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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