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What You Need To Know About Medibles


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    Intro to The Wonderful World of Medibles

    Medibles are any type of food (Candy and Baked Goods are the most common types) that are infused with marijuana. (AKA “Edibles) Your first introduction to medibles was probably either hearing or trying pot brownies. But, they are much more, nowadays the following have been used for Scooby Snacks:

    ● Gummy Candy

    ● Beer

    ● Soda

    ● Chocolate

    ● Baked Goods (Snickerdoodles, Red Velvet are quite common)

    ● Energy Drinks

    ● Rice Crispy Treats

    This article will do the following concerning medibles, give a brief history of its use, tips for use, and also go over the pros and cons of eating cannabis foods. Of the above, medibles gummies are arguably the most popular.

    Medibles Inc

    Medibles Inc. is an industry leader edible, food product company, that was founded in 2008. They are also a This concerns generic cannaibis foods and not the company Medibles Inc.

    History of Medibles

    Upper Paleolithic

    The first known use was an estimated 50,000 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic Era. In those early days, like many things, their discovery came by accident as they were looking for something nutritious while foraging and ended up finding cannabis, and when they cooked with it they found out that it had “extra” benefits.

    Islamic Golden Age and Ancient India

    Cannabis-infused foods first started gaining prominence in recorded history with ancient Indian and during the Islamic golden age, which was around 800 AD. It started out in the middle east in Persian and in time made over to India at around 1100 AD. During that time the first users made majoun. Majoon was made from hash from different sweeteners, spices, and other common ingredients. Per Leafly, the Majoon is comparable to “Medjool Energy balls” that are popular on Pinterest.

    Medieval Era

    Per written documentation, medibles was used during medieval times from 500AD to 1500AD. One noticeable mention was a “cannabis nectar,” recipe that was made around 1474. However, other than that, little is know about the specific types that were most commonly used during that time period.

    The 1800s-“Hash Mania”

    In the 1800s, a hash concentrate was mainly consumed by the intellectual crowd of writers from Europe and Americ, and the most common types of infused food were made from variants of the middle-eastern Majoon and were often mixed in with opium.

    The early 1900s

    In the United States around 1910, a crackdown on cannabis started happening after it was found out that Mexicans enjoyed the recreational use of Cannabis. In the ’30s, cannabis and hemp were essentially outlawed, for recreational use, in the states, and in 1970 any use of marijuana was federally prohibited.

    Mid-19th Century to 1990

    Despite it being illegal, pot brownies and other types of food products became popular in the50s. Alice B. Toklas wrote one of the first popular Cannabis cookbook in the 50s, which featured a no-bake brownie recipe. During the ’60s pot brownies became trendy after they were used in the movie “I Love You Alice B. Toklas”, where pot brownies were consumed. Also, during the 70s and 80s space cakes became popular.

    Medibles in From 2018 to 2020 And Beyond

    With the state legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis, cooking with cannabis has almost become mainstream. For example, Netflix currently has two TV reality shows concerning cooking with Cannabis. The first one was in 2018, Cooking on High, which only had one season. The second show is 2020’s Cooked with Cannabis.

    Also, it isn’t just potted brownies any more as you everything from beer to vodka is infused with cannabis. This upsurge can be proven through industry studies. For example, from 2017 to 2019 legal sales in the US and Canada have increased from one billion to 2.2 billion, and in 2022 it is expected to go up to 4.1 billion in sales.

    Medibles Use
    Source: BDS Analytics/

    Advice For Use

    For the novice, medibles can definitely get you in trouble. That is why I would advise you to follow this below advice before you start eating your special food.

    Be Patient-Unlike smoking, it will take a while for you to feel the effects of your gummies, white chocolate bar, or other product. Medibles have to be digested, metabolized, and absorbed in your body. So, the time to feel the effects (exact time is affected by your metabolism, weight, tolerance, etc.) ranges from minutes to hours or more.

    Start Out Small-Many novice users get in trouble when they eat too much because they do not additionally feel that they are doing anything for them. Five milligrams of THC is considered a normal dose for an occasional user.

    Portion Control– Proper portion control is essential if you want to assure a good time with medibles. Therefore, medibles that are easily proportioned are the best for the novice. Examples of this would be gummy candy, drinks, and also chocolate bars that are separated by squares. For example, you just cut off a 5m square of white chocolate and you’ll be ready to go.

    PROS and CONS

    Medible PROS

    Lasts Longer-This can either be good or bad. If you don’t have any pressing commitments and you want to enjoy the rest of the day edibles will last longer than if you were to smoke as it can last from up to 10 hours.

    Sneakier-Medibles as they are not smoked are easier to consume without you being noticed.

    Easier on Body-No throat irritation, dry eyes, dry skin, or breathing problems when you eat instead of smoke.

    Insomnia-As stated, it takes longer for you to feel the effects of edibles; however, the effects last longer. Because the high lasts longer, you will be less likely to wake up during the night.

    Medibles Cons

    You should also be aware of the following disadvantages, which are listed are listed below:

    Lasts Too Long-Depending upon your situation this can either be a plus or a negative. But, if you take an average portion, you should expect that it will last for a long-time and that you may be screwed if you are called in to work or an emergency happens.

    Get Going-The active ingredients in cannabis take a while to metabolize and for you to feel the effect. So, it is very hard for you to know when you will begin to feel stoned.

    Easy To Over Indulge-As you won’t instantly get high from edibles, you may try to hurry up your high and eat or drink more, which can lead to overdoes of edibles. You won’t die from eating too many special goodies. However, if you consume too many edibles, you can encounter the following symptoms: paranoia, anxiety, nausea, sluggishness, cotton Mouth, and other negative side effects.

    Expensive-The cost is quite a bit more than flowers or even vape pens. However, as edible’s effects do last longer, the extra cost isn’t as bad as you think.


    I would recommend that all marijuana aficionados try them at least once. However, follow the guidelines that I gave you considering their use. For example, proper portion control is essential for you having a good time, after trying out some medibles. To make portion control easier, I would suggest that you either purchase gummy candy or charcoal that is separated in squares. Additionally, if you are planning on trying them out, you should write off the entire day as they can last up to ten hours.



    The following are links for edible companies, recipes, etc. It is evolving and I will add to it regularly.

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    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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