What You Need To Know About Cannabutter and Edibles

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Cooking With Cannabutter

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    What is cannabutter? Cannabutter is short for cannabis butter, and it is also known as weed butter, pot butter, or any other name for cannabis and butter. Cannabutter is cannabis, infused (“mixed”) with butter, and is used to make edibles.Olive oil, coconut oil, and other popular fatty cooking oils are also used as a substitute or in addition to cannabutterAs it is butter, it is used frequently for edible baked goods. However, you can substitute cannabutter for pretty much any recipe that uses butter as an ingredient. 

    How do you make cannabutter?  There are hundreds of ways to make cannabis-infused butter, and you’ll find these recipes via a quick Google search. The most common and easiest way is a crockpot. Also, do not forget to decarb your weed before you start making your weed butter. For further info, check out this video and link to the article that is listed below.

    Can you eat cannabutter on toast, bagels, or other baked goods? Yes, you sure can. Cannabutter is just cannabis-infused butter, which means it can be used for anything like cannabis-infused baked goods ranging from the classic brownie to even an apple pie.  So, enjoy your weed toast!

    Does cannabutter need to be refrigerated?  The only difference between cannabutter and regular butter is that it is infused with cannabis.  So, just like you would need to do with regular non-weed butter, you will need to also freeze leftover cannabutter.

    Can you microwave cannabutter? Yes, you can, and it is a decent solution if you want to quickly use the infused butter or cannabis edible. Nuking it, as microwaves generally do not go past 220 degrees, will also not decrease your THC percentage. (Assuming you do not cook it for too long) However, just like with regular food, nuking your edibles might result in dried-out and less tasty food.    In summary, as long as you do not overdo it, using a microwave on edibles should be okay if your only concern is potency. However, for the best result, you should soften up cannabis butter at room temperature. 

    Can you smoke cannabutter? Weed butter is meant for food and not smoking. Unless it is the only option, I would not see why you would want to do it.  Redditors and other forums have tried it and had mixed results.   

    For those who tried, though, it is said that weed butter is best used as an addition to dry bud and that you should not smoke it straight up. A few people complained, though, that it smells, literally, like feces.  

    How long does cannabutter last in the fridge and refrigerator? If stored in an airtight container or wrapping, you can store weed butter in the fridge for a few weeks and the refrigerator for up to six months. Please note, the storage time is significantly less than regular butter, which can safely be kept in the fridge for one to three months and up to a year frozen.   

    Does cannabutter lose potency over time? Weed butter and edibles made from it will not lose their potency over time, even when frozen. The issue with cannabutter is that it should only be used within six months when frozen. 

    Does freezing cannabutter make it more potent? Freezing will not make weed butter either more or less potent. It will, however, allow it to be kept for up to a half year. 

    Does making cannabutter smell terrible? Whether or not something smells terrible is subjective.  Both decarbing and making edibles, though, will result in a very distinctive weed smell that is said to linger for a few hours to a couple of days. 

    What color should cannabutter be when completed? For best taste, finished cannabis butter should have a light green color. A brown color indicates that it may have been overheated. 

    Do you use salted or unsalted butter for cannabutter?  There is not a consensus when it comes to salted or unsalted butter.   A writer from High Times stated that, because it has a higher smoke point, salted butter should be used.  While Leafly’s recipe just mentions butter.  Heavy though states that salted butter should be used. of course, the only way to surely find out which is better is to try all three recipes.   As that is likely not practical, salted butter may be preferred as the recipe author is from High Times and the Heavy author is unknown.

    Unsalted Butter

    Where can I buy cannabis butter? If you live where cannabis is legalized, you may be able to get cannabutter at your local dispensary. For example, WeedMaps lists multiple dispensaries that offer cannabutter for sale in Los Angeles and Denver.

     Surprisingly, WeedMaps does not show it is for sale in either Portland or Eugene, Oregon. Also, in my hometown, Las Vegas, at least on WeedMaps, you cannot purchase a cannabuter in a dispensary.  

    How much does cannabutter cost? For Los Angeles, the prices range from $44/1,000 milligrams to $60/1,000 milligrams. 1,000 mg is said to equate to 100 doses. In Colorado, it costs around $20 per 100mg.

    Where do you find cannabutter prices in your area? First, look at Weedmaps or Leafly and search for cannabis. Afterward, if you have any questions, call or check out the dispensary’s website. 

    Does decarbing weed smell? Yes, decarbing weed gives a recognizable and pungent smell that can last for hours if nothing is done. 


    How long does cannabutter take to kick in?   Most people will start to feel the effects of cannabutter in around 30 to 90 minutes. However, it varies among the user, strain, etc.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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