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Phlizon 2000W LED Grow Light Review


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    Phlizon 2000w LED

    Phlizon 2000W LED (COB) Cree Grow Light Review

    Phlizon 2000W LED, COB grow light has impressive specification even for higher-priced grow lights. For example, COB LED technology is usually only seen on high-end grow lights made by companies like California LightWorks and Timber Grow Lights.

    Excellent specifications aren’t worth anything if the product doesn’t work well or is not durable. So, in my review, I will address the following question: Is the Philzon LED grow light as good as it looks, or is it a case of you get what you pay for? Find out below.

    As usual, for those that are familiar with COB LED grow lights technology and Philzon, I will go straight to the reviews. If you unfamiliar with either of the above please go down the appendix of this article for further information.

    Philzon LED COB, CREE Series Grow Light

    Click to the above image to go to the listing.

    Product Specifications

    Phlizon 2000W LED, COB, Plant Grow Light

    • Actual Power: 400 Watts
    • Listed Power: 2000 Wats
    • Coverage Area: 3.9×3.9′ to reported maximum coverage area at 4.1’X 4.1
    • Light Bulb life Span: Estimated 50,000 ours
    • Dimension: 21.3×12.2X3.1”
    • Weight: 14 Pounds
    • Includes: Monitor, Adjustable Hanging Rope, and Grow Light
    • Daisy Chain Ability: Yes
    • Warranty: 30 days money-back guarantee with a 2 years warranty for any defects.
    • Full Spectrum: Double Chips
    • UV/IR Lighting: Yes
    • Other Wattages Available: 1000,1500,2500,3000
    • Amazon Prime Eligible: Yes

    Philzon 2000w LED COB Grow Light Review


    • Great Reviews-2000W COB LED has a very high rating with over 700 reviews.
    • Bang For The Buck-Impressive Specifications-2000W LED COB has features that are usually only seen on higher-priced, professional, LED grow lights.
    • Impressive Specification- A prime example of this is COB LED technology, which is usually reserved only for professional grow lights that are far more expensive.
    • CREE COBs-Arguably, CREE is the best type of COB LEDs available on the market.
    • Truly A Full Spectrum Grow Light- One of the common complaints among full spectrum grow lights, LED grow lights is that they only excel in the Veg or flowering growth stage. Here, I saw very few complaints concerning that the 2000W only worked well in either the veg, seedling, or vegetative cannabis growing stage.
    • Well, Built-Many reviewers noted that the 2000W is very well built and quite sturdy.
    • High PPFD-When you are just starting, the only thing you need to know is that the higher the PPFD, the better, and Philzon’s PPFD output is quite impressive. As a result, Philzon’s maximum coverage area is quite impressive.
    • No Penetration Issues-On of the biggest complaints concerning even for high-end LED grow lights is poor light penetration. It was common to complain about light penetration even among highly rated grow lights. In reading all of the poor reviews, I saw only a single complaint mentioning that poor light penetration.
    • Truly All-In-One-The 2000W LED has everything you’ll need for growing. For example, not only does it have top-rated technology, but it also has UV/IR lights with glasses, it also includes a hygrometer and a hanger for ratchets.


    • Customer Service- A few customer service complaints. A common claim, which was countered by a few positive mentions, among the one and two-star reviews was that they were either ignored or treated indifferently by Phlizon customer service.
    • No US or European Head Quarters-I was unable to find any Phlizon headquarters in either the US or Europe. As a result, it could take a while for you to receive any replacement products.
    • Quality-The majority of one and two-star complaints consisted of quality issues, with the biggest complaint being that the LED light prematurely burned out. Because of Pilzones excellent overall reviews, I don’t think poor quality LED lights are a trend for their 2000W COB LED grow lights. However, as they are in China, it can take a long time for you to get a replacement if you are dealing directly with them in China.
    • Hanger-Reviewers mentioned that the clips holding up the light hanger are flimsy. If true, this is a significant issue as light falling down and breaking in your grow area could be disastrous.
    • Can’t Be Dimmed- The lights aren’t dimmable. No dim switch on these lights is surprising because of all the other advanced features that Pihlzon has on their other COB lights.
    • Runs Hot-A few reviewers complained that the COB LEDs run quite hot. So, you will need to be extra careful if you use these lights on full power.
    • Warranty- Philzon’s 30 days return and 2 years allowed return for a defective product is not that impressive.


    The Pilhzon LED 2000W Cree COB is impressive for any grow light and not just that it is a good deal. For example, the CREE COB LEDs (Which Are Among The Best Cob LEDs Available) and the double chips usually are only seen on a higher-end grow light like Advanced Platinum or Timber Grow Lights.

    The Philzon 2000W LED grow light not only has impressive product specifications; it also is a well built grow light. Therefore, based upon the numerous positive reviews, few mentions of growth coverage area problems, complaints that this LED light works well in either veg or flower mode, the Philzon LED grow light is recommended.

    If you are interested, click the image below and it will take you straight to the listing.


    Phlizon Company

    Phlizon is a Chinese company that manufactures everything that a professional grower or home cannabis grower will need for indoor growing.

    Consumer Indoor Growing Products

    For the consumer side, they make grow tents, seedling mats, and of course, LED grow lights. ( They offer both the COB and SMD Grow light) Some of their more popular product is the: Phlizon Linear Series PH-2000 SMD LED grow light, which can be seen below.

    Additionally, Phlizon also makes very affordable grow tents that have comparable specifications for ones that cost twice as much. The Phlizon 43 “x43″ x80” grow Tent, which can be seen below, is a top-seller on Amazon:

    Professional Indoor Growing Products

    What’s impressive about Phlizon is that their “Professional” product price range is not out of reach for the average US consumer. For example, the Phlizon Cob, which is the subject of this review, has features that usually only seen on a grow light that costs twice as much.

    Phlizon Website

    One valid complaint about Phlizon is that I am unable to find a Philzon website address. This is troubling. However, they are among the top-selling plant lights on Amazon. So, consumers should be able to feel reasonably confident about purchasing a Philzon LED grow light or any one of their other products.


    COB LED Grow Lights Technology

    COB (AKA “Chip on Board” technology is a relatively new form of LED light tech that is an upgrade over the SMD and DIPPhilzon Grow Light LED grow light. With COB lights, numerous LED chips are wired into a board (ceramic or copper)and function as one light source instead of individual lights.

    Why COB LED Grow Lights?

    COB led lights are the latest and most advanced technology. COB lights are better than both SMD and DIP in the following ways:

    • Chip is more compact.
    • High Power-COB is known for having a higher power.
    • More Energy Efficient–Depending upon your use, because of increased energy efficiency, you could make up the extra cost that you will pay for COB, LEDs.
    • Light is more intense.
    • Growth Coverage Area-A COB led light spreads out more evenly, even at close distance, on your cannabis plants.I.E., COB LED lights on a 10MM by 10mm square will have 38 times more power than DIP technology and 8 1/2 times more power than SMD LED tech. This means, if used correctly, you’ll have better plant growth with COB LEDs.
    • Longer life, better stability, and reliability than an SMD or LED grow light.

    Bridgelux Vs. Cree Cob Technology

    When shopping for COB LEDs you will likely see both Bridgelux and CREE Cobs. .Both CREE and Bridgelux COBs are superior to DIP and SMD LEDs, and, compared to DIP and SMD, using either will result in superior plant growth. However, between Bridgelux and CREE, CREE cobs are considerer to be the better one for the following reasons:

    • Better Output
    • More Energy Efficient-CREE, on average, is 10 to 15% less energy efficient than the Bridgelux COB.

    CREEs do cost significantly more than CREE. However, home cannabis growers may not see recognize much of a difference between these two grow lights. So, if you are on a strict budget, Bridgelux works just fine for you. However, if you can afford the extra price or get a good deal for CREE COBS the only reason that you would choose Bridgelux over CREE is because of price.

    SMD and DIP LED

    You may find it useful to know a bit about older LED tech. As a result, I will briefly explain the older SMD (” Surface Mounted Device”) and DIP (” Dual In-line Package”) lighting tech.

    • SMD LED lights-This is the most common form of led lighting. With SMD, a LED chip is fuse into an individual circuit board. (” PCB”) Three diodes can be placed on the PCB (” RED, Green, Blue”), which makes the SMD full spectrum grow light. One advantage that SMD lights have over COB is their versatility as SMD lights can be strung up, and also they even are used in electronics.
    • DIP LED Lights-This is the oldest form of LED lighting tech and is what you would likely recognize as being LEDs. With DIP LED grow lights, every light bulb is separate. (Red, Blue, and Green bulbs) from one another. A DIP LED grow light is significantly less efficient than either SMD or COB.

    The disadvantage of COB grow lights

    Other than they cost more, the only downside of COB grow lights are that your color choice is limited in that COB lights only come in the following colors: Green, Blue, pink, red, and the subsequent white bulbs-cool, warm, and neutral)


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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