Are Pill Bottles Good for Storing Weed?

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    The Best Way To Store Weed

    A pill container is a popular and effective weed storage container. But there are several other cannabis containers that you should know about. Above all, proper weed storage is essential if you want to ensure that your stash maintains its quality (with a bad environment the trichomes, terpenes, and the cannabinoid will prematurely degrade) and, in some cases, even remains smokable. This article will evaluate signals of weed going bad, what to look for in a stash jar, and DIY methods for cannabis storage.

    When you are done reading this article you will be able to select a commercial cannabis stash box and also learn ordinary items that work in weed storage.

    How to Know When Your Stash Has Seen Better Days

    On average, properly stored weed, per High Times Magazine, can last up to a year. (Some studiesAre Pill Bottles Good For Storing Weed say two years. But, that would be highly unusual) However, even when properly stored, mistakes happen. So, you need to be able to know the signs of when your herb has gone bad.

    These signals of damaged weed will also help you realize what is prevented when proper cannabis storage methods are used.

    So, here are the signs when GOOD WEED HAS GONE BAD! Some of these are obvious, and others less apparent. Here is the list:

    • Mildewy or Moldy Weed– Duh!!
    • Product Looks Different– An example of this would be cannabis oil being turning solid or semi-solid.
    • Condensation In Storage– Moisture brings about mold and even if mold isn’t yet present the terpenes and cannabinoids could have still been negatively affected.
    • Buds Feel Differently-Buds feels brittle, crunchy, dry, and has an overall odd appearance.
    • Different Color– Weed looks different from what it is supposed to look like. I.E. Purple Kush strain, when it previously, did now does not show any purple.

    What Makes Good Weed Go Bad?

    To get the maximum storage (or to simply ensure that your bud’s quality does not degrade when it is smoked) you need to make sure that the container is airtight, humidity is properly controlled, and temperature is at the proper levels. I will go over each of these in more detail below.

    What to Look for In a Weed Container

    • Light Exposure– Light is the number one reason why terpenes and cannabinoids will degrade in storage. However, as you can easily store weed in a dark area, an opaque jar isn’t absolutely necessary. But, an opaque container is necessary if you store your weed near any type of light.
    • AirTight– An air-tight container is necessary for maximum storage and product quality. A Mason Jar or other canning jar is a perfect example of an airtight, glass jar.

    Tip- To prevent excess air in the container, there should be little or no open space in your jar. The reason is that the extra space in the jar can easily be filed with oxygen.

    • Humidity– Humidity is a prime mold carrier. So, you need to ensure that the container is kept dry. However, your stored cannabis should not be too dry, or you will be at risk of losing essential terpenes and cannabinoids. Strive to keep your stored weed at an RH between 59 and 63. The best way to do this is to by humidity products like a Boveda pack in the container.

    If you are serious about keeping your top-shelf weed, top-shelf you need to regularaly measure the container’s humidity via a hygrometer.

    • Temperature-Other than the condensation levels, the temperature is the largest factor in your cannabis turning moldy. The optimum temperature is 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and should never be more than 77-degrees Fahrenheit.

    What Are the Recommended Options For Weed Storage

    As stated earlier, light exposure, oxygen levels, moisture, and temperature can result in your cannabis degrading during storage or you having a great smoking experience. Of these four factors, light exposure, oxygen levels, and to an extent moisture can be controlled via the container. Therefore, your container needs to meet each of the above criteria. Once you have a proper container all you have to do then is make sure that the weed is stored at the correct room temperature.

    Below are the main, recommended, weed storage options.

    Commercial Stash Boxes

    There are many specialized, store-bought stash boxes that you can buy. And like with all products; some are good, and some are bad. Examples of one, non-reviewed, container is shown below:

    Herb Guard - 1 Oz Stash Jar and Smell Proof Container (500 ml) Comes with Humidity Pack to Keep Goods Fresh for Months

    DIY Weed Storage

    A store-bought stash box can be costly and you may want to save your money for WEED. So, this article will concentrate on makeshift or DIY weed storage containers. In other words, containers that weren’t originally designed to hold weed.

    I will examine the following popular, DIY containers in order of how best they preserve weed:

    1.      Vacuum Sealed Bag

    2.      Mason Jar

    3.      Prescription Pill Bottle

    Each of these weed containers will be evaluated using the following criteria.

    • Light-Are they good at shielding weed from indoor lights and sun rays?
    • Air Tight– Does it work well in providing an air-tight environment?
    • Moisture-Can the container keep moisture out so it can be kept at the correct RH?
    • Convenience– Are these containers convenient to carry around and work with?

    Vacuum Pack (The Only Smell Proof Bag)

     Vacuum Sealer For Weed
    Vacuum Sealer-Good Option For Long Term, Large Quantities Of Weed

    A vacuum pack is considered by many to be the best way to preserve cannabis. Because if done correctly it can safely preserve large quantities of weed. However, to get the most benefits, you need to correctly seal up your weed. Some of the correct procedures are the following:

    • Plastic Choice-The plastic bag for vacuum sealing should not be made from BPA, which is a known hazard.
    • Minimum Air-You’ll want to fill up the bag so there is little space available for air to occupy. Otherwise, you will vacuum seal oxygen in your bag, which can result in a moldy surprise.

    Why Would You Choose a Vacuum Pack?

    • Light Exposure-Depending upon the bag’s color it can be lightproof.
    • Air Tight-The vacuum seal is by definition airtight and it is among the most air-tight DIY weed storage options.
    • Moisture-Unless there is a lot of room left in the bag there will likely not be little or no moisture.
    • Smell Proof-As it is air-tight, it definitely a smell proof container.
    • Convenience-A vacuum sealer is only convenient for long-term storage of large amounts of weed. Because, unlike a glass canning jar or plastic prescription bottle, the air-tight seal is useless once it is opened.

    Air Tight JAR (I.E. Mason Jar)

    Overall, the best storage for weed is an air-tight glass jar. Mason or other canning jars are the best for storage for many reasons:

    • Light Proof-Canning jars can be purchase in numerous colors, as opaque brown.
    • Air Tight-All canning have air-tight lids. These lids will of course work for cannabis.
    • Moisture-Compared to plastic, a glass jar will not hold as much moisture.
    • Smell Proof-Mason Jars are used for the long-term storage of food. And when storing food for a long time you do not want to deal with the smell. The mason jar will accomplish this.
    • Convenience-The only downside to the canning glass weed storage is that glass is breakable and bulky. I.E., You do not want to, or cannot carry a mason jar full of weed when you are traveling. Also, glass, unlike plastic, is breakable. (It would really suck having to pick out shattered pieces of glass from your weed because you dropped your stash jar.)

    Prescription Pill Bottles

    Weed In Pill Bottle
    Are Pill Bottles Good For Storing Weed? Yes

    Prescription pill bottle is an excellent solution for holding weed. And, for most users, it should work fine. They are the perfect DIY weed storage for on-the-go purposes as they are designed for preventing prescription medicine from losing its potency. Please note, if you do not have enough pill bottles on hand you can purchase pill bottles on Amazon.

    • Light-Orange, which is the most common pill bottle, will keep harmful UV rays from damaging its contents.
    • Air Tight-Most prescription bottles are made with an air-tight lid and as an added bonus, a child-proof seal
    • Moisture-Plastic tends to hold moisture more, which results in more chances for mold. As a result, this is the one down point that, if you are just looking at storing ability.
    • Smell Proof-As the bottle is air-tight it will also mask weed’s smell from the humans. However, your weed still can be detected by canine drug dogs.
    • Convenience-For portability a medicine bottle is without question the best option as a pill bottle can fit almost anywhere on a person or in pretty much any small confined area.

    What About The Timeless Plastic Baggie?

    The only good thing about using plastic bags is that they are easy to take with you and nonbreakable. A plain, non-vacuum sealed bag though should never be used for long-term storage because a plastic bag is not an airtight container, (this includes the Ziploc bag),moisture-proof, and in most situations light proof.

    Joint or Pre-Roll Storage

    As I stated, you need to fill up any weed container, as much as you can. This can be a challenge if you want to store pre-rolls long-term. There aren’t many DIY solutions for joint storage. So, for this, I would recommend several, relatively, cheap store-brand joint storage solutions. Some of which are the doob tube, Torpedo Cone Tube, and cigar tube.

    The Doob Tube is available on Amazon and is marketed as being air-tight, smell proof and water-proof. Another similar product, not on Amazon is the Torpedo Cone Tube. At least according to their claims, they are the same product. A cigar tube will also do wonders in preserving your pre-rolls.

    Doob Tube-Smell Proof Weed Container
    The Doob Tube

    The cigar tube also can be useful to use if drug paraphernalia possession is illegal where you live.

    Final Thoughts

    First of all, you should never use a plain plastic bag (especially a Ziploc bag or its equivalent) to store pot. The only, long-term, weed storage options that you should consider are vacuum sealing, mason jars, and prescription medication pill bottles. Of these three choices, if you only care about storing, a vacuum-sealed bag is the best. (Assuming the proper plastic and vacuum sealing procedures are applied.)

    A vacuum seal though is not practical if you are going to want to smoke your weed soon, as once the bag is opened your weed will no longer be stored in an air-tight environment. It is also a hassle to vacuum pack small amounts of weed. So, the second-best option for long-term cannabis storage is to use a mason jar as your primary weed storage container. And, take the weed pill bottle with you when you are traveling.



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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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